New instrumental solo LP by REL (Drums & Ammo), Out of Vision, to be released later this summer.

Music video by REL.

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Public Transit- REL

“The song and video were made to express the feelings of confusion, hurt, and anger in our community as a result of three Police officer-involved shootings that have taken place on Bay Area public transit lines, ” explains REL, who self-directed the video shot the footage video using his iPhone while riding the BART. He later added civilian-captured clips of the recent murders, bringing the video a sense of power and urgency. “The hardest part,” explains REL, “was being able to get across all of these emotions without any words at all.”


Since the release of Vol. 1, the instrumental album from Drums & Ammo, the Bay Area producer collective, comprised of 6Fingers, Al Jieh, Ammbush, and REL, have kept fans fed, first with the release of an array of innovative video releases, and then with last week’s release of Extra Clip, a supplemental EP featuring a variety of collaborative efforts with some of the West Coast’s finest up-and-coming emcees.

The full-length Vol. 1 compilation video kicks off with Ammbush demonstrating his talents as both producer and rapper with “Speak Up,” and rolls on with REL’s “Go In,” a collaborative effort with newcomer C-Plus, shot in the rapper’s hometown of Sacramento. As “Go In” fades to a close, 6Fingers’ cartoonish yet heavy “U Funnystyle” takes over, featuring Los Angeles wordsmith Bambu. REL stepped out from behind the boards to direct this one, with a video that features a psychedelic fisheye lens to capture 6Fingers in the studio and Bam exploring the Bay. Finally, Al Jieh brings it home with “Round Me,” arguably the darkest single in the series. DaVinci’s whispery rasp plays off the haunting instrumentation, while visuals from San Francisco’s Chinatown and Financial District parallel the song’s gritty feel.


The virtuoso producers behind Drums & Ammo are happy to announce the release of their latest video, this one for the song “‘Round Me.” The fourth music video from their instrumental debut album, Vol. 1, which was released for free last month, displays the talents of the collective’s fourth member, Al Jieh. Listeners might remmeber this song from DaVinci’s debut album last year, The Day The Turf Stood Still. “This beat was always one of my favorites–real straight-forward, hard shit–so I wanted to include the beat on the instrumental album. On top of that, I always wanted to do a video for this song when TDTTSS came out, but we never got a chance to,” explains Al Jieh, expanding on the Drums & Ammo video series, by adding, “We’re not content with just being beat-makers; we’re producers. That’s why all of the music videos for an insturmental album showcase the finished song.”

Arguably the darkest single in the series, ”'Round Me" is a dourly realistic visual. The video, directed by D&A’s REL (Ariel Nuñez), was shot partly in the middle of San Francisco’s Chinatown. “DaVinci always talks about 'hustling hard, like an immigrant,’” says Al Jieh. “Chinatown is all hustlers, and it’s a big part of San Francisco history. REL thought it would be fitting to also have him in front of a the US flag mural out there, because there’s no bigger hustlers than our government.” Adding to the theme, director REL also captured other iconic symbols of hustle, so he pieced in scenes of SF’s Financial District. Indeed, it was, as DaVinci’s whispery flow and the video’s shadowy slow-mo shots ultimately compliment Al Jieh’s haunted instrumental perfectly.

Next month, Drums & Ammo will be dropping an EP that will serve as a supplement to Vol. 1 and will include the songs that have been featured as a part of the instrumental album’s music video series, and more.



Earlier this summer, the Drums & Ammo production crew released their debut instrumental album, Vol. 1, and have kept fans plenty busy since, with a collection of remixes and videos, even pairing a variety of the instrumentals with up-and-coming rappers for their Extra Clip EP release. And now, continuing to push the creative envelope, Drums & Ammo member Al Jieh has collaborated with artist and video director Max Capacity to shoot a video for the Vol. 1 track “Love Mind.” “Max Capacity is a dope pixel artist; we’re fans of each other’s work” explains Jieh on why the two decided to collaborate. “Max uses weird VHS gear to record and process it all for his pixel art. He’s one of my favorite artists right now.”

For a single called “Love Mind,” the video does well to provide a striking visual for the music, an instrumental that, to Al Jieh, “always sounded like an old porno song.” Max Capacity brings the vision to life, taking an old porno clip of two women kissing and enjoying each other’s company, turning the shots into a colorful, pixilated and hazy clip that compliments the music while giving a nod to psychedelic cinematography of yesteryear.

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Drums & Ammo are back with another hard-hitting track, this time teaming up once more with Los Angeles emcee Bambu for “U Funnystyle.” The song, produced by 6Fingers, is the third single off the group’s debut instrumental album, Vol. 1, and was created to sound like “the music you would hear in a old cartoon, with the shadow of a big ass dude lurking around looking to stomp on suckas,” says 6Fingers. “I had no idea what Bam was going to come with because the beat is a little out-there, but as usual he ripped it.” Drums & Ammo’s REL directed the video, a psychedelic, fish-eyed visual that captures 6Fingers beat-making in the studio and Bambu rhyming around the Bay.

At the end of the month, Drums & Ammo will be dropping an EP that will serve as a supplement to Vol. 1 and will include the songs that have been featured as a part of the instrumental album’s music video series. In addition to “U Funnystyle,” songs on the EP will include “Blame Game” featuring DaVinci and produced by Al Jieh, “We Mobb In That…” featuring Bambu and produced by REL, “Speak Up” featuring and produced by Ammbush, and more.


Drums & Ammo: REL - Go In [Ft. C-Plus] (Music Video)

The Drums & Ammo collective, comprised of 6Fingers, Al Jieh, Ammbush, and REL, are still fresh off the release of their new free instrumental album, Vol. 1, and are continuing to release new and exclusive material to accompany the release, including a series of special music videos, the latest of which, “Go In,” the Bay Area collective is excited to release today. While the first video, “Speak Up,” was produced and featured the rapping of Ammbush, this latest finds REL holding down production and features up-and-coming Sacramento, California rapper C-Plus.

Things kick off with a funky intro, but after just a few bars this sample slows down and you can feel the music taking a turn, as REL is seen chopping the sample and adding hard-hitting drums alongside a growling synth line before C-Plus drops in with a thoroughly impressive verse. “I’m used to working with people out from the Oakland/SF area,” explains the producer. “It was nice venturing out to Sac to work with new talent.” “With this video, we really wanted to capture Sacramento, since that’s C-Plus’ hometown,” adds fellow D&A producer Al Jieh. “So we shot the video in front of the Capitol Building and other Sac landmarks. Northern California is really bubbling right now, and people will take notice soon.”


Drums & Ammo, Vol. 1 debut album (instrumental) dropping on 04/14/11.

Drums & Ammo is a production crew composed of Ammbush, 6Fingers, REL, & Al Jieh. This is a series of videos that shows us making the beat, then transitioning to the actual finished song.

Song Produced & Performed by Ammbush

Music Video by Ariel Nunez

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Drums & Ammo, Vol. 1 - Video Collection


Drums & Ammo: Vol. I "Extra Clip"

In April, West Coast production collective Drums & Ammo released a free instrumental album, Vol. 1. The album saw D&A stepping from behind the scenes, putting names and faces behind all of the production work they’ve done, a collection of tracks old and new that have earned them the ear of artists including Raphael Saadiq to Keak Da Sneak, Del The Funky Homosapien to DaVinci, Moe Green, Messy Marv, Bambu, DaVinci, and more.

And now, the foursome comprised of 6Fingers, Al Jieh, Ammbush, and REL are releasing Vol. 1: Extra Clip, their new EP and a follow-up to their recent instrumental album.

Download “Extra Clip” here.

Drums & Ammo is a four-man production team featuring Ammbush, 6Fingers, REL & Al Jieh. Collectively, they have worked with the likes of Raphael Saadiq, Messy Marv, Bambu, DaVinci, Keak Da Sneak, Mistah FAB, The Jacka, Del the Funky Homosapien, Exile, and many more. Their diversity in experience and range in sound - from spacey to soulful psychedelic - allow their music to be so much more than just Hip Hop.  NOW INTRODUCING TO YOU…… DRUMSNAMMO!!!   DOWNLOAD