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You know what I love how fricken extra Green Day is at their concerts. They don’t just pull up one but three (maybe four) fans on stage for each song. And Tré Cool’s hidden drum sticks is an awesome touch. And they always give out guitars. The guys didn’t have to bring a fan on stage to play knowledge but they did. Tré didn’t have to throw drum sticks into random seats but he did. I’m over exaggerating but everyone should at least go to one Green Day concert in their life. Even if you’re not a fan someone needs to experience that.

25 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Beatles

1. 14 seconds into “Eleanor Rigby” you can hear Paul McCartney singing the title of the song.

2. Please Please Me is the title of an album (a collection of recordings issued as a single item on CD, record, or another medium) by The Beatles.

3. Ringo Starr was well aware that living in an octopus’s garden would cause him to drown, but he wrote a song about it anyway.

4. The George Harrison penned tune “I Me Mine” contains a word with one letter, a word with two letters, and a word with four letters.

5. A Gold-Dust Day Gecko named Thimple Jimtop found it’s way into my shirt pocket after falling from a hole in the ceiling of a shopping mall.

6. If you look very closely at the cover of Abbey Road you can see all four members of The Beatles using a crosswalk.

7. The song “Back In The U.S.S.R.” contains guitar, drums, electric bass and singing.

8. Thimple Jimtop came home with me and spent his first night sleeping next to me on my pillow.

9. John Lennon wore glasses a lot of times.

10. The Beatles used song titles in order to label and identify the songs they created.

11. The Beatles are not from America despite the fact that they are people and there are many, many people from America.

12. Steven Seagal was not a member of The Beatles.

13. Thimple Jimtop snuck into my refrigerator late at night and ate all of my lettuce.

14. Paul McCartney was 100% opaque.

15. When The Beatles famously played on a rooftop not a single one of them jumped off.

16. Thimple Jimtop was punished using a scaled down version of waterboarding.

17. All The Beatles had somewhat successful solo careers, except for Steven Seagal who was not a Beatle to begin with.

18. Each one of The Beatles had both a mother and a father.

19. The Beatles were real and existed in the same universe this Tumblr post exists in.

20. Thimple Jimtop became despondent and ate his way through a loaf of wheat bread. When I found him he was very upset and begged me to leave him in his “bread cave” until I learned how to be a more forgiving friend. He stayed in for too long and was forgotten about and his new home was wrapped in a bread bag. He suffocated to death. 

21. George Harrison was into some weird shit.

22. Ringo Starr held drum sticks but usually only when he was practicing, performing, or recording songs.

23. “Hey Jude” is the title of a song AND a lyric in that song,

24. A funeral will be held for Thimple Jimtop at the Gus Fogt Picnic Site in Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO on Sunday July 2, 2017 at 10 AM.

25. The Beatles is the name of the band The Beatles.

And so it was that The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour started with Larry No Fucks Given Mullen Jr strutting down the catwalk like a motherfucker. And so it also was that Larry No Fucks Given Mullen Jr ignored the crowd as he went, giving no fucks as he proceeded to slam out the intro to Sunday Bloody Sunday like the cool motherfucker that he is. I Love You, Larry No Fucks.

Who’s Not Worthy Now Asshat

Avengers x reader

(This story is a rewrite of the Mjonir scene in Age of Ultron)

Just some fun.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,040

In the after hours of the party at Avengers Tower, after all the guests had gone, the team all sat around the little living space drinking and laughing together.

You however had not even attended the party.

Not in the literal sense.

You’d hidden and observed from a safe distance.

It’s not like you weren’t invited. You just weren’t in the mood.

The night had been calm and happy. You’d first left your room and slinked your way to hide by the bar, watching a very cute exchange between Natasha and Bruce.

When the night wrapped up you decided to join the others in their little drunken huddle around the coffee table.

Everyone was having little conversations among themselves.

   “Ah! Lady Y/n!” Thor bellowed when you entered the room.

Less of entering the room and more like making the others aware of your presence since you’d been there most of the night.

   “What are you guys up to huh?” you smirk and jump onto the couch between Steve and the large Asgardian, who promptly wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

   “We were talking about Mjolnir,” he chuckled.

   “What about it?” You asked.

   “That it’s a trick,” Clint groaned, playing with a set of drum sticks.

   “Oh no it’s much more than that,” Thor laughed and leaned over you to pour some of his fancy alcohol for the super soldier.

   “Ah whosoever be he worthy shall haveth the power,” Clint said dramatically. “Whatever man it’s a trick!”

   “Please,” Thor laughed again, gesturing to his hammer on the table. “Be my guest,”

Everyone looked at Clint now.

   “C’mon,” Tony ushered him toward the hammer.

   “Really?” Clint looked so over this whole thing. “Yeah,”

He scoffed and got up from his spot on the floor.

   “Oh this is gonna be beautiful,” Rhodey mocked.

   “Now Clint, you’ve had a tough week,” Tony began with a smirk. “We won’t hold it against you if you can’ get it up.

   “Wow,” you laughed at Tony. “Get some better material Stark,”

   “Shuddup Y/n Clint needs to focus,” Tony tossed a scrunched up napkin at you.

The others all laughed as Clint stood before Mjolnir.

   “Y’know I’ve seen this before right?” he eyed Thor who nodded with a knowing grin.

Clint grunted as he tried to lift the hammer failing miserably.

Eventually he gave up with a laugh.

   “I still don’t know how you do it,” he chuckled and backed away.

   “Smell the silent judgement?” Tony sneered.

   “Please Stark,” Clint pointed from Tony to the hammer. “By all means,”

And with that the boys all took their turns trying to lift the hammer. Tony failed and went and got one of his gauntlets.

Rhodey got one of his too and they tried working together.

   “Are you even pulling?” Rhodey shouted over the whir of the gauntlets.

   “Are you on my team?” Tony asked him and they glared at each other.

   “Just represent, pull!” they both groaned as they struggled.

Next was Banner who mad a show of yelling and screaming as he stood on the table and pulled with all his might. He bared his teeth and stepped back roaring.

If you could call it roaring. He was faking a Hulk out and no one thought it was funny.

everyone just gave him a smile that said “nice try”

Steve stood next, rolling up his sleeves.

there were a few hoots and cheers from the team as he walked over to the hammer.

   “Go ahead Steve no pressure,” Tony mumbled. “Come on Cap,”

Steve positioned his grip and pulled. I thought maybe I saw Mjolnir budge a little.

Originally posted by whateverygirllove

Thor tensing by my side told me I was not seeing things.

Steve moved the hammer.

But he couldn’t lift it.

I was watching the fear in Thor’s eyes as he watched the slight movement Steve caused. 

When Steve gave up, the fear didn’t go away completely but Thor hid it well behind his big goofy smile.

   “Nothing,” he said between relived laughs.

Everyone turned to Nat and she just laughed and shook her head.

   “Oh no no that’s not a question I need answered,” she smiled before sipping her beer.

   “All deference to the Man Who Wouldn’t Be King, but it’s rigged,” Tony stated plainly.

   “Bet your ass,” Clint chuckled as he passed Tony.

   “Steve,” Maria called, pointing at Clint “He said a bad language word,”

   “Did you tell everyone about that?” Steve glared at Tony.

Tony didn’t look away from Thor however.

   “The handle’s imprinted right?” he suggested. “Like a security code. ‘Whosoever is carrying Thor’s fingerprints’ is I think the literal translation,”

   “Yes, well that’s a very, very, interesting theory,” Thor sighed as he stood up. “I have a simpler one,”

He picked up the hammer with ease and flipped it in his hand.

   “You’re all not worthy,” he finished.

   “Oh shut up,” you laughed standing up beside him. “Put it down,”

   “What?” he laughed at you as the others stared.

   “Put it down so I can lift it,” You instructed, crossing your arms.

   “Alright,” Thor half laughed half sighed as he placed Mjolnir back on the table.

The others and laughed at your attitude towards this.

   “Yeah sure she’ll get it,” Tony said in a mocking tone. “If Cap couldn’t do it, being the most righteous member of the team, I doubt you’re worthy Y/n,”

Without even responding to Tony’s stupid comment, you reached down, took a firm hold of Mjolnir’s handle, and gracefully lifted it from the table.

   “You were saying,” You looked straight at Tony with a proud smirk. “Who’s not worthy now asshat!”

You turned and handed the hammer to a very stunned looking Thor.

   “This mean’s I rule Asgard right?” you looked up at him.

He took the hammer from you and continued to stare at you in shock.

   “Uh-uhm-well,” he stammered. “Yes, that is how it works,”

   “Cool,” was all you said before walking away and leaving the room.

Before you were completely out of earshot you did hear the team talking about it.

   “How the hell did she do that?” Clint whined.

   “She’s clearly more worthy that you,” Bruce chuckled.

   “But Steve couldn’t either!”Clint protested.

They all began speaking over each other before Natasha’s voice broke the commotion.

   “Thor are you okay?”

Bang Me Like Those Drums

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3.3 k

Summary: Phil is the drummer of a band, but how will the lead singer, Kevin, feel when he walks in on Phil banging his younger brother Dan as hard as Phil bangs his drums?

Warnings!! There’s 2 smut scenes: Rimming, daddy kinks, hints of DD/LB (but not), wall sex, angry sex, rough sex, dirty talking, Dan is in a skirt, Dan in panties, blow jobs, slut! Dan (if you squint), etc.

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Using a few old drum sticks and £1 worth of wool from the charity shop I put together a peg loom. A primitive and very simple way to weave. This is my first attempt at making one and using one. Came out with this scarf that took me a total of 4hrs. What a wild Friday night that was haha 😂. Next Friday I’ll attempt a woolly hat.