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little things about the Dear Evan Hansen cast album

- evan’s “oh… ://// good… :////” in the opening

- the perfect teenage logic of connor’s (not word-for-word) “oh you don’t want me to go to school high, then i won’t go, glad we agree *leaves*”

- heidi and cynthia’s harmonies yas 

- okay but waving through a window is actually v sad especially when you know the storyline and it’s messing me up and ?

- the transition from “do you ever really crash or even make a sound” to “did I even make a sound” like!!!!

- the musical silence from “will i ever make a sound” to when the chorus starts again LoUDLy

- ben’s VibRaTooOOoOoOoOoO

- “i’m on the ground, my arm goes numb.” pause. “and i see him come to get me.”

- the desperation in evan’s voice when he repeats “he’s come to get me” like babe no

- evan calling connor “buddie” pls my heart can’t take this

- the implications of evan, when creating connor in his head, immediately imagined that connor had helped him after falling from the tree like frick

- “Why would you write that?” “I’m just trying to tell the truth” i love you jared

- jared’s sarcasm, “ s m oking d r u gs?”, “KINKY!”, “very specific”

- evan calling connor “dude” lol bro nice try

- even when evan and connor specifically do their “no homo” it’s still very gay 

- HEY HEY HEY HEY ***harmonies****

- cynthia can i hang out with you pls thx

- “that YoUUUU ARe NOt the MONSTER that I knewwww”

- the vibrato on the word “he” like

- ben’s voice so seamlessly transitions from low to high it’s

- “i’m just trying to remember the best ones” too precious

- “you looked really pretty–er–uh–*cough*–um–ah–it looked pretty cool”

- the progressions of the “I love you”s 

- mike’s voice is so pureeeee

- the little final whispered “disappear”

- the growth of YOU WILL BE FOUND to the full chorus just BLASTING their beautiful HARMONIES

- michael park is such a dad, i’m emotional

- can i fight evan’s actual father asap

- “you don’t have to be scared you’re not enough”

- BEN AND LAURA’s HARmonIEs Just!!!!!

- how quickly evan responds, like he’s just so excited, these two

- the hand-drums during “only us” yes 


- g u i t a r “I’m SORRY that I’m NOt EnouGH, THANk GOd They RESCuED You” like fuq let it out heidi

- alana and jared’s harmonies!!!!! their voices are so pretty!!! and strong!!!! petition for an alana and jared musical 

- how quietly ben starts until he’s absolutely BELTING “I gotta find a way to STOP it STop IT just let me OOOOOOOOOUt”

- someone nominate Rachel Bay Jones for a Tony

-ben’s breathing in “words fail” someone help him

- the throwback to “waving through a window” i’m not crying you’re crying

- actually now we’re both crying

- who the fuck approved evan going off his meds like dr. sherman wtf

- how ben emphasizes certain words and it’s so painful i can’t talk about it this song is just so–too-i

- “would they like what they saw…or would they hate it…too” 

- i cri

- hope at the end but i’m still crying

Dark Solas Theme (extended)
Trevor Morris
Dark Solas Theme (extended)

To me, the really intimidating part of Solas’ theme song is that the game introduces it so slowly - first you only hear these thrumming, oppressive war drums (and you didn’t know why - why are there drums? Why??). When you fight the Saarebas, strings come in to lead the drums. 

Only when you start fighting the last boss of the game, do you finally hear Solas’ real, complete theme song. Something like a metaphor for hunting down the pieces to the mystery behind the character himself.

I put the three versions of the song together to make a version where one builds up into the next, the way it does in the game. 6-minute panic attack.

Things you generally won’t find in Lukumi (Santeria):

1. Gemstones and crystals. The only time these really come up is when someone makes a very fancy and expensive mazo (beaded sash). But you won’t find gems and crystals used for their own sake, and we attach no spiritual meaning to them - except for coral. Coral is very important to us.

2. Dried herbs. We use fresh herbs. Dried herbs may be used in espiritismo but not in Lukumi, as we believe once they’re dry they’re dead.

3. Casting a circle. If you are at a ceremony and they start casting a circle, you are actually at a Pagan coven and not a Lukumi ilé. We have nothing even remotely resembling this practice.

4. Identifying as ‘witches’ (except as a joke). While North Americans have a Wiccan-influenced positive idea about witches and witchcraft, the traditional Lukumi view is actually very similar to medieval European ideas: that witches are a negative force on society, that witchcraft is harmful magic, that witchcraft is a selfish act and thus against our community-based mindset. We have a very specific kind of spirit referred to in English as “the Witches” known euphemistically as Iyami (”Our Mothers”), who are the negative ancestral female spirits, often in the form of birds, that rule over society. In Yorubaland they are a highly secretive all-female secret society of post-menopausal women, or so I’ve been told, and the impression I’ve gotten is that no one would openly state they are a part of it. We do not call on them and very, very rarely say their real name for fear of attracting their attention (Ajé is the proper name for them and you will see people outside Lukumi try to reclaim this a lot but let me tell you: if you say this during a ceremony you will get a reaction between either cut eye from every elder or fully being asked to leave the room - as an example, a Pagan godchild of mine was sitting around between ceremonies reading a book with witchcraft in the title and my elder kind of freaked out and told him to put it away and gave him a long lecture about it being inappropriate to bring it to ceremonies). Some Lukumi, particularly those who are also involved in Palo, reclaim the term “witch” as a joke and as a push back against the long history of Afro-Cuban religions being deemed witchcraft and outlawed (this has a very tragic and ongoing history in both Cuba and the United States). But in general, we bristle against having our religion compared to witchcraft.

5. Wearing all black clothing. This is highly unusual for Lukumi aleyos and priests as the colour black attracts negativity. If you turn up to a ceremony in all-black, you will not be let inside. The exception is for children of Warrior Orisha like Eleggua, Ogun, and Ochossi. They can wear whatever they want, though even most of these omo will not wear all-black to a ceremony. There’s one ebo we do in which wearing all-black is required, but that’s a different story.

6. Self initiations. They don’t exist in Lukumi or other Orisha-based religions.

7. Veves. If you arrive at a ceremony and there are chalk or cornmeal patterns on the ground, you are actually at either a Vodou ceremony or a Palo ceremony.

8. “Bring your own drum” drum circles. The drummers in Lukumi ceremonies are highly trained and drum with specific rhythms on specific kinds of drums in specific arrangements of drummers. The most important kind of drum is only played by people initiated to that drum.

9. Tarot cards. While many of us read tarot as part of espiritismo, tarot has no role in Lukumi. Our divination systems are Obí (which may only be cast by priests or with the guidance of a priest), diloggun, and Ifá. Both diloggun and Ifá may only be read by priests with specific kinds of initiations (Olochas read diloggun, Babalawos read Ifá) and with extensive training. More than a system of divination, these are the ‘mouths’ of the Orisha - they are the Orisha speaking directly.

10. Mojo bags. If you are using mojo bags, you’re actually doing Hoodoo not Lukumi. Our closest equivalent are niche Osain, but these are really quite different and look to be entirely beaded balls.

Bts rection you being a Drummer, Dancer and Rapper in a GG

Request: @xyourpinksky  Hi! please can you do a (possibly long) bts written reaction to their idol gf being a drummer, dancer and rapper in a girl group! :)

Of course my angel. For me it’s like my first real request so I’m really excited about it…I talk too much. Soooo…MTL, Long and short reactions (Smut, Fluff, Angst) are open.

Kim Seokjin

For Jin it will be a nighmare the fact that you do so many things. He’ll be constantly worried if you are okay. He’ll question if you have eaten, if you sleep enough and so on.For him dancing was a really tiring activity,the thought that you are not only a dancer, but also a drummer, for which you need strong hands, but also a freaking rapper, which requires stamina, is scary. For him, you were his little angel, that eats everything he cooks, and a delicate creature that shouldn’t be tired at any cost.

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Min Yoongi

Min Yoongi will see himself in you. You are hardworking believer in your dreams. When you two first meet you had a gag close to BigHit entertainment. People on the streets really liked you and the variety of talents you had. So he hid in the audience and listened and after that everything was a blur. The way to the top. Yoongi is so proud to see that his girl can do so many things. It also reduces his band fees. Because he plays the piano himself, while you play the drums in almost all of bts songs, where they are needed. The only sad thing however is that because of many practises and shedules nowdays he can’t see you as often as he wishes.

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Just like Yoongi he sees himself in you. He is really proud to see you next to him on top, but sometimes he worries about your health and hyper activity. Drummer, dancer, rapper and now you wanted to be a vocal. He really loved you, but this was too much. 

One day,when by full coincidence you were both free, you were lying on Namjoon’s bed talking absolute nonsense in order to relax your minds. And then you decided to bring up the topic of being a vocal for the next album. Namjoon wasn’t all to pleased wihtt he idea. “Baby, I understand you want to be able to do eveything and to make the group even better, but you have to know when to stop. I’m not opposing of the idea. But leave things for the other members too. Also, you are already recording the drums, choreographing the title tracka and wrote all the rap by yourself. That’s enoug. You have to relax.”

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Boy is hype let’s be honest. He’ll love the fact that you are able to do so many things in the group. He’ll also love the positive feedback you get from the society. One day after the drum practice, he helped you write the rap for one of the upcoming songs that was produced by genius Min Yoongi himself. Suddenly his phone buzzed. It was an article suggestion. “Babyyyyyy…look look loook. It’s an article about you. “Meet, LaL the kpop GG, that takes the whole kpop world by storm.” That’s amazing. I’m so proud of you.” “Hoseok, baby, you say this every time an article about me pops up.” “Well, my girlfriend is really talented,what can I say?”

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Jiminie will be so fascinated by all the things you can do. Your dance was almost as powerful as his, so you two danced almost always. Drums were also something he finds absolutely woww. In the company there weren’t many people who could play the drums, so on some days in exchange of vocal lessons you were teaching him drums. And boy, did he enjoyed it. At some point, BigHit alowed you two to buy more drums, so now you were not only dancing together, but making drum sessions, vocal lessons. Jimin got a little jealous when he saw you taking rap lessons from Namjoon, but got quickly over it, when you asured him, he is the only one.

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Leave it to Kim Taehyung to praise the shit out of you. He is always in the V.I.P logue, waving around your groups lighstick while singing to all of the songs. When your drum solo came on, boy started shouting “THIS IS MY GIRL. SHE CAN ALSO RAP AND DANCE. SHE IS MINE. MINE I TELL YOU. THAT’S IT BABY. KILL THIS SOLO.” Shouts our Tae while using his lightstick as a drumstick.

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Jungkook is the one and only Golden maknae. So, when you told him all about your talents, he let his competitive side get the best of him. So in only a month, Junkookie was able to decently play the drums. It was the only thing he couldn’t do. Honestly, the whole nation took sides and bets when it came your realtionship, because both of you wanted to be able to do everything and that was the base of your love. And it all started because of them drums.

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Hope you like it :)

Request are open (SMUT,ANGST ANF FLUFF):





summary: Dan Howell is a regular teenager. He goes to high school, he hangs out with his best friends (PJ, Chris, and Phil), and he hates doing homework. He’s fairly attractive, enough so to attract the attention of a few girls and secretly Phil. What people don’t know about this average teen, is that he isn’t so average. Dan Howell is in a popular alternative band. He sings and plays keyboard for this band, known to many as ‘Ripping Ivory’. He wears a mask onstage as he sings and is known by his fanbase as Q, even though they know this isn’t his true identity.

warnings: panic attack type situation, worry, some sexual references. but all warnings are small this book is overall very nice i just need to warn bc warnings

words: 4100

a/n: this is my first fic so i edited this and read it over many times. please tell me if i have any grammar mistakes or anything. also, im really proud of this so please don’t let it flop!!

p.s.s: ik this is a bad title. i write i don’t come up with this crap.


“Dude did you guys hear about how Ripping Ivory is coming here in 2 weeks??” Chris asks as he sits down at the lunch table. Dan doesn’t even flinch at the name because of how much his friends talk about the band, but his heart does speed up and he is afraid that they may ask him something and Dan will end up telling them, that he is Q and that’s him behind the mask.

Phil nods, “I already got tickets! Are you guys going??” PJ and Chris both exclaim a form of 'yes!’ but Dan shakes his head and looks down. “Why can’t you go? I could probably get tickets for you if it has anything to do with money”

'Nope, definitely not money’ Dan thinks to himself, 'Just the fact that I’ll be the one singing at that concert.’ “I’m visiting my grandma the day of the concert” This wasn’t technically a lie, except for the fact that his grandma was coming to the concert to see him perform. As long as they never see her there then there will be no problems. Dan tries to make sure his family members come to the concerts at different times so no one will ever suspect it. All of his close relatives and his co-workers are the only people who know his secret.

“Oh man, that sucks” PJ whispers. They had all wanted to go together, and Dan had made sure to act excited with them about it weeks prior to get them pumped. Dan is actually very glad that they will be able to come to his band’s concert, only part of him wishes he could be in the crowd with them.

The thought of Ripping Ivory without Dan, or Q, makes Dan giggle. It would be David on the bass and Todd on the drums but only David’s back up vocals, or any vocals for that matter. Dan did most of the singing.

“We’ll take videos and pictures for you.” Phil comforts him and gives him a small hug before pulling away.

“Lester’s going to have /a lot/ of pictures and videos. We all know how much he loves Q,” Chris says and then makes his voice higher and clasps his hands together as he talks again, “Oh my Q! He’s so beautiful and his hair looks so soft! I’m going to marry him one day!” Phil shoves Chris from across the table.

“No, Phil talks more about his ass in those tight ass jeans. I wonder how that boy can even breathe in them,” PJ chuckles and dodges any attacks from a angry looking Phil. Phil can’t look angry so Dan would describe him as looking like an angry goldfish.

'Easy,’ Dan thinks, 'You get used to wearing them after a while. They’ve just shaped to fit my body perfectly.’

Dan then realizes what Phil has been thinking about Q. Q has the same body as Dan, so does Phil like Dan’s body too????? Dan’s cheeks heat up and his heart rate speeds up at the indirect compliment. Phil was definitely someone that he may or may not have a /tiny/ crush on. I mean, who wouldn’t fall for him?

“I mean, maybe you could come to another concert with us another time…” Chris says, trying to lighten the situation. “It’s okay, I will. I heard panic! is coming in November,” Dan says and smiles, suddenly changing the topic to that.


Dan and Phil both walk to Phil’s house together. Phil walks up the sidewalk to the front door and opens it up. “Thanks for coming over, I really needed someone to hang out with. My parents have been gone for 2 days and it’s lonely.”

“Not that I don’t want to be here, because I do, but why couldn’t Chris or PJ come??” Dan asks curiously.

“They’re probably having sex.”

“That’s true. Not a mental picture I needed though”

“Sorry.. but now I have it too so we’re even”

Dan’s phone buzzes in his pocket and he picks it up, checking the new message. It’s in his band’s group chat from their manager, Sara, to the band group chat. 'BAND STUFF’ was too obvious so they settled for the next best option.


meet at arena, they’re letting us go up early to practice / get some things done before the concert.

Dan sighs, “Phil, I’m really sorry but I have to go..”

“What, why?”

“Family emergency.”

Phil has been getting suspicious of a lot of these random having to leave things and family emergencies, but he doesn’t say anything because what if his mum was really in the hospital or dying?? Then Phil would be a terrible friend.

Phil just nods, “Go ahead. Text me if you can? Anything is better than being alone.”

Dan nods back, “Of course”




Dan slides on his mask, a plain black covering that went around his eyes and the top of his nose. Dan also pushes his hair up into a quiff for shows so no one will be able to tell him from his fringe.

Ripping Ivory’s shows are what Dan calls 'Literally the best thing you’ll ever go to’. There’s lights, smoke, audience participation (consensual of course), and wardrobe changes for different parts of the concert.

Dan wears his black skinny jeans most of the concert and changes his shirts mostly. Unless it’s an outdoor concert and halfway through the concert he may change into basketball shorts.

Dan and the rest of the members quickly skim through their songs and then all of them sneak off to decode the entire arena to find the best spots to stay and check out dressing rooms. It is a pre-concert tradition for them to memorize every corridor and backstage thing they can. They may or may not play hide and seek up until they literally call them to go onstage.

FROM PHIL (to Dan):

everything going good with your family??

FROM DAN (to Phil):

yeah sorry about having to leave..

FROM PHIL (to Dan):

it’s totally understandable.


“I’m not counting, that round was unfair!” Todd complains and crosses his arms.

Dan laughs and rolls his eyes, “I found you fair and square.”

“You didn’t tell us you were coming.”

“Fine! I’ll just count! We have 45 seconds so I’m giving you 15 seconds to run to a spot,” David says and puts his hands over his eyes, starting to count (rather quickly too). Dan runs as fast as he can into a closet and slams the door shut and he suddenly hears a small click.

Dan goes into panic mode when he finds the door locked. He starts banging on the door for someone to come open it. “HELP!!!!!” he screams and he waits for a good at least 30 seconds before David opens the door. “Dan we’re supposed to be out there! Hurry!”

Dan, Todd, and David all sprint to their spots when entering the stage.

Dan is lifted onto the stage from a middle spot. He runs his fingers through his already pushed up hair and fixes his mask. “Hello London!” he says happily and the crowd starts shouting. Dan walks up and starts high-fiving people from the front of the pit. “Sorry for starting so late” Dan giggles a bit, “I got trapped in a closet” He widens his eyes a bit and smiles.

“But no one here came to hear me complain about my life so lets start out with some 'Focus on her’!” The crowd shouts loudly and Dan smiles a very happy smile.

Dan walks forward to the front of the stage as he sings. For this song and the next two songs after he will be wearing this white button-up that is short sleeve and has small black dots on it. Most of his wardrobe is monochrome because of his mask and jeans but some parts he has more bright clothes.

Smoke rises up on both sides of Dan and around the rest of the band and lights flash in all directions.

The next three songs finish way faster than anyone wanted. Dan and the other members run backstage as they play a video for the crowd that is enough to keep them on their toes for the next song.

Dan runs out after the video just ends. He is now wearing a Kanye West 'Yeezus’ shirt that he just threw on because he’ll be doing the 'It Game’ after the next song.

The It Game is whenever he has one of his security guards pick a random girl or guy from the audience. Then he sings them one of their more lovey songs (as much as Dan doesn’t want to admit it, he wrote the song while thinking of him and Phil). He then asks them a few questions to entertain the audience and give the 'It’ a good experience to remember. The 'It’ is able to leave the stage with backstage passes for whoever they came with and a kiss on the cheek from Q.

Soon enough, Dan is waiting for the spotlight to land on whoever his main guard, Bob, chose to go on stage. “Okay guys, we’re now going to play a little game. One of my security guards, and good friends, will be choosing a person from the audience to come up here. If you’re asked and don’t want to, just say no because I know how bad that can be for someone. Like 'OMG Q why did you force me on stage and make me say my name in front of like a ton of people?!’, it’s okay because I won’t. So Bob, go and find the 'It’.”

The crowd cheers and several people jump and hold up signs to try and get onstage. Suddenly a spotlight stops in the middle. Dan can’t tell what the person looks like because of how bright everything is but he will whenever they get up on the stage.

Footsteps, the spotlight is put not only on Dan, but his guest. Dan looks up into the eyes and is filled with familiarity. Blue eyes that he could recognize in a sea of people. Out of everyone here, Bob chose Phil Lester. That bastard knew who he was to Dan and chose him on purpose.

Dan smiles and grabs a stool from the side of the stage for him to sit down. He grabs a microphone and hands it to Phil because Dan has a headset mic. “What’s your name?” Dan asks with a smile and suddenly /really/ hopes Phil won’t be able to recognize him even through a mask.


“Beautiful name for a beautiful man, huh?”

Phil’s cheeks go a dark shade of red, “Thank you” he almost whispers.

“I would compliment you more, but I guess singing you a song will work too” Dan smiles at him and Phil’s eyes crinkle up into that beautiful smile that Dan loves seeing. “Adorable” Dan says and starts with the song.

Dan finishes the song by walking up to Phil and swiftly pushing the little hairs that had fallen out of his fringe back with the others, giving him a small smile. “So, Phil, where are you from?”

“Here. Me and my friends got so excited whenever we found out you guys were coming, although one of them couldn’t make it, but there’s always next time”

“Of course, I’m glad you could make it though. Or else you’d never get to be sat on a bright stage with Q.”

“My one true dream, finally come true.”

Dan laughs and smiles, “Glad I could make it happen. Tell me Phil, is there anyone special in your life right now?”

Phil smiles a bit and looks down, “I would say you but I haven’t even taken you to dinner yet” Phil laughs and shakes his head, “No, but in all seriousness, there’s this guy I may or may not be on the verge of asking out.”

Both Dan and the crowd collectively go 'ooooo’ at the same time. Dan props his elbows on his legs and rests his head on his hands, watching Phil. “Tell me more, we have time”

“Well I’m not going to say anything specific because he always seems to know everything about this band but he’s really cute and bisexual, and I’m pretty sure that even if I wasn’t gay that I still would’ve fallen in love with him.”

“Awwww!! I wish you and your man, good luck” Dan says and he means it because 'oh my shithole, Phil just indirectly told him that he likes/loves Dan???!??!?!

“Thank you” Phil blushes more and smiles.

“Okay, before I so rudely kick you off my stage, how many people did you come here with?”

“Two of my friends and myself.”

“Would two of your friends and yourself like to come backstage after the show to hang out??”

“Yes please”

“Aw, such a gentleman. Okay so go see Bob when you exit the stage and he’ll get you those passes. See you later!” Dan smiles to himself and walks up to Phil, kissing his cheek.


“These are literally my best friends so don’t do stupid things okay?? I’ll be hearing all about this tomorrow at school,” Dan warns his band members. Todd laughs, “So don’t reveal you, show your dick pi-” “I don’t take dick pics!” Dan shouts and throws a bottle of water at him, causing it to spill all over Tom and the ground. At this same moment, PJ, Chris, and Phil are all ushered into the room.

David laughs loudly at the situation, “Looks like you have already failed your mission not to embarrass yourself.” “At least I don’t look like I pissed myself” Dan says and eyes Todd. Todd puts his middle finger up at Dan, “At least I’m not talking about my dick”

“I’ll have you know I have a very nice dick”

“No you don’t”

“You’ve seen me naked before you don’t have to lie”

“Nah mate, I say that /because/ I’ve seen you naked”

Dan throws another bottle of water at him and then turns to their guests. “I’m Q, this is David and Todd. Welcome to our humble abode…. er I mean my dressing room.”

Chris smiles and steps forward, shaking Dan’s hand, “Big fan of your music. Glad to be able to meet you in person.”

PJ smiles, “Same for me. I bet it’s even better for Phil to meet you, he likes you almost as much as he loves 'Daaaaannn’” Dan hopes no one can see the blush on his cheeks.

Todd walks up and pats Dan on the back, “You’ve always been popular with the ladies.. and guys too. We have a big LGBT+ audience. I’d say it’s a very good thing though, spreading gayness one song at a time.”


PJ, Chris, and Phil all leave after about 30 minutes because that’s the most amount of time that the guards would let them stay. As they leave, they spot Dan’s grandma walking around backstage and talking to Bob.

All three of them walk over to her. Chris decides to talk for them, “Mrs. April?? What are you doing here?” She turns around and smiles at the boys, “Oh boys! It’s so nice to see all of you! I just came to see the wonderful show!”

“I thought Dan was going to visit you today? He said that’s why he couldn’t make it to the concert..” Phil says, suddenly confused. PJ then steps up, “Also.. how did you get back here without a backstage pass?”

Mrs. April smiles at them without it wavering at all, “I have to go” she says and walks away, towards the dressing rooms where they can see Q step out and hug her. Just as he goes inside, he slips off his mask, and leaves the other boys at an angle where they couldn’t see his face"


They all sit in the car, left silent with their thoughts as PJ drives them back to Chris’ house. “What if Q is Dan?” Phil asks quietly and Chris laughs. Phil shakes his head at him, “It sounds idiotic but it’s possible. Dan’s grandma came and hugged Q, Dan told us he couldn’t come to see us because he was going to see his grandma, and we already know he can sing and play piano. I’m not reaching very far to conclude this- oh my god I admitted to Dan himself that I’m practically in love with him”

PJ smiles sympathetically, “It’s okay Phil. We’ll find out- plus anytime you said something about it Q got flustered so if it’s true maybe Dan likes you back. I think the best way to find out will be to not ask him about it and let it unfold. I have a plan.”


That night, the boys went over several plans until they got down the best one that they could think of that should trap Dan into telling them the truth. They decided to go with the plan at lunchtime.

“How was the concert?” Dan asks and Phil smiles. His experience at the concert could be put in the top 3 moments of his life. “Amazing! I got on stage and Q was so hot and cute and he kissed my cheek and I swear it’s still burning a hole where his lips touched and we got to go backstage to meet the band!” Phil says excitedly and sits down next to Dan.

PJ and Chris sit down after Phil. “What about you, how was your grandma?” PJ asks and Dan had already guessed that they would ask about her so he was prepared. “She was great actually. Her and my mum talked all night basically and I contributed to about 30% of their conversations. We left her house really late, like 1 or 2.”

Chris contorts his face a bit, “So that’s why she was at your concert last night? We got to speak to her.”

Dan’s heart suddenly starts racing really fast, worse than other times. His breathing quickens and the room starts getting smaller. The people talking around him is louder than usual. “I-I’ve go-tta go-o” he whispers and stands up. The room starts spinning, making it hard for Dan to move. Dan tries to grab onto Phil to break his fall but he completely misses and trips, banging his head against the ground. The last thing Dan remembers before everything going black is the sound of his own sobbing (he doesn’t remember crying but he knows it was himself crying), Phil quickly getting on the floor with him, and PJ yelling for a nurse.


Dan barely squints his eyes open. He has a cold washcloth on his forehead and he is in his bedroom. Phil is sitting at the end of his bed and Chris and PJ are on the love seat across from his bed. They haven’t noticed Dan woke up yet so he decides to listen to their conversation like the sneaky fuck he is, he shuts his eyes once more.

“Gotta say, that guy is really good at what he does. He’s gotten this entire thing past us for 3 years and we only just found out because we went to a concert.” The voice is definitely PJ.

“I can understand why he would keep it from us, this is a big deal. He obviously just wants to keep his identity a secret so he can live normally. This crossed a big barrier for him, bringing famous life into his normal life. That episode he had was understandable” Phil says and places his hand on Dan’s leg.

“I just want him to know that he can trust us, we’ve known him since we were all in our moms’ wombs. This isn’t something I would just go and tell someone,” Chris adds to the conversation.

Before anyone else speaks, Dan decides to make his way in. “That’s good to know” he whispers and sits up a bit in bed and opens his eyes. All three of the boys all snap their heads to look at Dan. “Don’t talk, I want to do this myself.” They nod and Dan rubs his hands over his face before starting.

“Hello, my name is Daniel James Howell. I am in my last year of schooling before I go to university, if I even do, and I’m also in a band. I am known as Q, the guy with the mask, or the guy with extremely tight jeans in the alternative band, Ripping Ivory. I sing songs and and play piano with my other best friends, Todd Harris and David York. Now, I may be best friends with them, but I have some even closer friends that I go to school with. I didn’t tell them about being in a band because I was scared of judgement or them turning on me. I now realize that I can tell them several things that should be told. Also including the fact that I’m in love with my best friend, who I have even written songs about. Which includes the song that I sang for him last night, in front of an arena of people.”

They’re quiet for a painful amount of time. Dan decides to add onto his speech, “Our first ever concert- it was in Reading at a small diner. Back then my mask was bright red and had black paint marks on it- I still have that one actually. But anyways, at that concert I had only known Todd and David for 2 weeks. Enough time to learn the songs I had made. At the beginning of the first song we song, I had the worst panic attack I’ve ever had. The diner was packed to the brim and everyone was watching us. Todd and I sat outside for 20 minutes before I could go back inside and we fucking rocked that show! That show was what bonded me and Todd closer and I still think of the things he told me then whenever I get nervous doing a show or even right now. I shouldn’t be scared of talking to you guys about anything, so there goes most of my secrets.”

“Most?” PJ asks curiously.

“Well do you want a full list of every person I’ve ever wanked to?”

PJ then shakes his head at the same time as Phil.

Chris smirks, “It’d only be two people. 1. Evan Peters 2. Phil Lester”

Phil shoots Chris a glare. PJ stands up, “Chris, lets give Dan and Phil some time to talk things out. We can go talk to Dan’s mum” Chris nods and him and PJ race out of the room and Chris shuts the door behind him.

“D-Did you really write that song about me?” Phil asks with a pink tint to his cheeks. Dan nods and smiles, sitting up all the way and letting Phil come sit next to him. “Who else would I write about having eyes you could swim in? And making my heart do that little flippy over thing” Phil smiles, “Well now you’ll have a new song to write about, about taking chances and finding love, a cliche song about the real life Hannah Montana who meets the love of his life. Dannah Montana.” They’re both silent for a moment, enjoying each other’s company.

Dan smiles at Phil and Phil smiles back, “I’m really proud of you Dan” Phil whispers, cuddling into Dan. “I wouldn’t of done it without my 3 best friends being the sneakiest shits ever. Now, lets get to the real stuff. You calling Q hot, and 'oh the things you would do if his jeans were off’.” Phil blushes and kisses Dan’s cheek, “You’ll find out those things in a matter of time, just a matter of time dear”

anonymous asked:

Drabble about Josh telling you how much he likes to see you ride his dick

i wrote this last night and forgot about it whoops

You lay across the sofa, eyes trained on the television as you focus on the game of Smash Bros. you’re playing alone. Josh had been playing beside you for a while, before he decided to go practice his drums some time before, leaving you to play against the AI. In the back of your mind, you know you hear him stop drumming in the distance, but it still makes you jump slightly when he returns to you.

“Sit on my lap.”

“Fuck off, I’m trying to play the game,” you mutter, pushing him with your foot when he tries to make you sit up. Josh chuckles, still trying to make you sit up. “Joshua, I swear to God,” you say, fighting to keep your eyes on the screen as he pulls you to a sitting position. “If I lose a fucking life–”

“Oh, shut up,” he laughs, sitting next to you and pulling you to sit on his lap. “You’re a fucking wizard at this game, you couldn’t lose if you were trying to.”

You huff softly, settling onto his lap as you continue to play the game. Josh’s hands hold your hip, fingers tightening around you to slowly begin dragging you down against him. At first, you ignore the action, knowing that Josh is simply trying to distract you; after a few moments, however, you feel him sit up higher, leaning in to whisper in your ear.

“I was back there playing the drums, and I could only think about one thing,” he mumbles. “You, on top of me, bouncing on my cock.” Your spine stiffens at his words, fumbling momentarily with the controller. “I love how you look when you’re on top of me like that,” he continues. “You think you’re in charge, but I’m really just letting you ride me.”

“Josh,” you warn.

“Your tits bouncing for me,” he presses on. “Head thrown back, moaning my name…it’s such a beautiful sight.” You begin to lose your focus on the game, nearly losing a life. “My name never sounded so good as when you’re riding my dick,” he whispers, bouncing his legs to jolt you on his lap. You gasp, dropping one hand from the controller, and setting your hand on his knee between your thighs.

“Josh,” you say again. Josh’s hands slip up your sides, coming around to grasp handfuls of your breasts and pulling you back against him.

“Mmm,” he hums. “And when you’re like this, where I get to hold onto your tits like this…I love how you feel. When I start thrusting into you, I know I’m hitting it right because your back is arched and you’re whining for me.” He reaches forward, smacking the controller out of your grasp and to the ground; you close your eyes and grind yourself down against Josh, finally giving in to his advances as you feel him getting hard. “I knew you wouldn’t last long,” he mutters, kissing your neck. “That’s okay, I won’t either.”

BTS reactions to a drummer girl joining the group

requested by @xyourpinksky

A/N: thank you for requesting! this is kind of a branch off of another request, BTS reactions to you being a drummer. It was no problem to do a similar request, reactions are always fun!~ If you ever want us to do something like this it’s no problem srsly! Even if it’s a little bit similar we can just do a little imagine or smth; enough ranting. amelia out~


He’s excited to have a girl join because he needs someone who’s more level headed. The rest of the hyungs are alright… but a girl drummer! That’ll put everyone in there place! He doesn’t want to be stereotypical but he thinks you’ll be hard core and knows your going to level them out even if you aren’t. They need a woman’s touch.

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There’s so much tension between you two at first because he’s not sure how to feel… In the end he’s happy to have someone knowledgeable join them. You only play drums so it’s your specialty. He really wants to learn from you to enhance your music. He’s hoping the beats will be even fresher now that your in bangtan!

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You have a feel for the beat. Perfect when it comes to dancing. Hoseok is excited to work with you. With your input the choreography will be out of this world. He’s also excited to write raps with you. He’s great at lyrics and if you can give him a beat… perfection!  Maybe ft. You on that mixtape?

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He’s the most obsessed with you. Lowkey attracted to you, but you know that’s never happened bc your in the same group. Is super friendly at the start Bc he’s the leader. Is super awkward around you sometimes Bc BONER ALERT. He loves working with you tho, and gets past his attraction so y'all are great pals and a good duo tbh.

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You’re a rare find. And being placed in BTS as a female really made chim !! He knows you’re special and tries to spend as much time as possible with you even goes to the recording studio more often then usual. He’s really shy at first but he gets louder and more confident as he learns more about you and knows you don’t have just a hard, cool, rock personality.

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He’s excited for sure. As our last reaction, Tae’s super enthusiastic about this. He doesn’t care that you’re a girl, and your joining he’s going to be as stupid with you as he is the rest. You’re super cool and he sees past your gender. He just wants to hear you play some sick beats.

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A girl!!!!?!?!! Joining them!!?! He’s crazy nervous when the news is revealed to him but my god this kid is your best friend in no time. Your super chill and he likes hanging out with you more because you tease him less than the other members and you’re just really COOL. He’s amazed by you.  

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Ladys and Gentelman,….Boys and Girls,…you´ve been waiting so long for this…and NOW the number ONE is here!!! *drum-roll*

The ONE and only……!!!!!! *drum-roll stop* 

Mr. Sparking Red! Ichiji Vinsmoke-Samaaa!!!~

Oh Lord Ichiji-sama! Show us and your subordinates mercy and answer our questions!! *bow*

You wanted it? You got it! x,D 

At first,…it was just a funny idea,..and now,..we did it.. xD This blog is a groupblog!! @snajey and @bibichwan are doing an askblog together and our muse is the Red Power Vinsmoke.~

Young God

Lucifer x Reader

A/n: I didn’t add the him questioning part in but it’s still (hopefully) what you wanted!

Warnings: like barley any blood, light Luce torture (for now), is the reader being sassy a warning? Language as always. Nothing bad.

Requested by Anon: Can I have an imagine where lucifer kidnaps the reader hoping to get information from her and kill her, but as he questions her he realizes he likes her a lot even when she’s covered in blood?

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @dean-baby-Winchester @straightasdeanwinchester@animexchocolate

He was so dead. It was all you could think about. Sooner or later the Winchester’s, also known as some of your closet friends, would have to come save the day. If they even realized you’d been kidnaped by the damn Devil. Why might you be kidnapped by the hotshot of Hell? Maybe because he’s got issues and thinks torturing you for information is the way to go. Logical right?

You were in some cracked out abandoned house. Same story, different kidnapping. This wasn’t your first rodeo either. The two asshat demons that had taken you from your totally peaceful and mundane dinner were standing by, guarding you before the man himself walked in.

His very presence dropped the temperature a good ten degrees at most. Instantly creating a visible path of goosebumps trailing along your exposed arms.

“What part of grab and go don’t you understand?” His decaying facial features were obviously not impressed with the wound on your head.

“Did you really think I would just go quietly?” You have no time for the black eyed bastards to answer him.

With a wave of his hand they were gone. Leaving you alone with the surprisingly cute Devil.

“What a peculiar thing you are…” with his right index finger, he trailed lightly along the lining of his lips as he pouted them slightly outward. “No wonder the wonder boys are so interested in you.”

Your eyes merely rolled at him, which you kind of sort of regretted. He was well, him.

“If you think you’re getting any information on where Joshua’s Horn is, you’re barking up the wrong vessel pal.” The words practically spat from your mouth.

A pleased yet amused smile was on his lips. “Right down to business then.”

“Why waste time making conversation when you just plan to dig into my mind anyways?” Where was all this courage coming from? Wherever it was, you liked it. The feeling it gave you.

Out of no where, a sharp vibrating noise began ringing throughout your ear drums. The sound only grew louder with each time you attempted to resist it from entering.

“Oops. You’ve got a little…” his hand motioned toward your nose which was obviously bleeding from the pain. “You know, we can just stop the fun where it’s starting if you spill the beans for me.”

Did he really expect you to give in so easily? “We’re just getting started. Besides, if a bad headache and a nose bleed is all you’ve got, I’ll be fine.” Leaning to the right with your head, you wiped away the blood on your old shirt. “I’ve had demons do a better job ‘torturing’ me than your doing.”

His facial expression dropped in a deadly serious way. “Are you comparing me to a demon? Of all the little rats that scurry the earth, that’s your go to?” Lifting his foot he took a step in your direction. Making your heart beat a little faster.

“I mean- if the shoe fits. Then lace that bitch up and wear it Cinderella.” Your mouth had no filter. Oh how you wished it did in this moment.

The powerful man before you just kept advancing in your direction. Until he was a hairs length away from you. The breathing filling your lungs was off and irregular. He noticed this instantly.

“Something wrong? Don’t tell me I’m making you nervous.” Both of his hands were resting on his bent knees.

Leaning forward until your noses were practically touching you spoke in an almost whisper.

“I’m not afraid of a pouting child with daddy issues.” The entire time your eyes remained at a deadlock with his.

Suddenly his back was turned to you, the restraints you had which were holding you to the chair were gone.

“You know kid,” there was a certain kind of pep in his talk. “I might just keep you around.”

In your mind you knew you should be scared. Terrified really. But for some reason- some God awful unknown reason, you loved the rush. The thrill of being around him. Thriving off of the powerful vibe he gave off made you feel alive.

“Better hope you can keep up with me, hot shot.”


Practice makes Better!!!
not only with drums but with make up too!

OFFICIALLY  SIX months HRT today!!! [ iwent back and did the math}
woot woot! i cant wait for the next six!

Rock Band AU
  • Their band name is The Last Glaives
  • you’re assigned to film the backstage documentary, so you get to see the real them while they’re touring
  • Noctis is the main vocalist, he writes the music and is the most popular member of the band
  • Prompto is the backup vocalist + plays the Bass
  • “Because nobody notices if u make mistakes on the Bass!”
  • he and Noct are always in interviews together because Noct is bad at public speaking and Prompto is AWESOME at it
  • they’re always memeing on their official profiles, it’s how the idea of the band started in the first place
  • the band first went viral because Prompto accidentally posted a backstage snapchat story publicly where his prank backfired and the black chocobo pecked him in the crotch
  • he’s always embarrassed about it, but it launched them into fame overnight so all is good!
  • Nyx is on the Guitar, a solo musician who uses a discontinued vintage model which he named Galahd, the gorgeous instrument is always with him in every publicity photo and is as famous as he is
  • “I’m a temporary member since the band changes guitarists every tour, are you sure you should be filming me?”
  • Gladio plays the drums and is the only one who can keep up with the messy way Noct writes the parts
  • sometimes dyes his mohawk flame red so when he whips his head around during his solos it looks like a phoenix coming alive onstage
  • “I just love pounding on the drums, you know? You don’t get to let loose and be yourself in a normal day job.”
  • Ignis used to be the permanent Guitarist but a terrible car accident injured his playing arm and left him with a face full of scars, he stopped playing on stage after that.
  • right now he’s focusing on being the manager of the group’s activities
  • He deals with the businessy side of the band, taking care of contracts and sponsorships, and the complicated reports to the agency about their activities and progress.
  • He’s the persistent voice in Noctis’ ear when it’s time to stop procrastinating and to start writing on that new song or album
  • “Sometimes I have to help him find inspiration in other works, or by showing him how happy he makes his fans with every new piece. Other times, it is straight up bullying him to put down that video game and get in the studio.”
  • Prompto’s favorite part is when the fans go crazy at the sight of him, the screaming and flustered chaos before a song is what gives him life
  • Noct’s favorite part is the singing, especially when the audience have memorized the lyrics and are singing it with him
  • Ignis is surprisingly popular considering he only showed up for a few early songs, he blames “the cliche character traits” he falls into with the glasses and suit
  • he’s not aware that he’s really attractive even outside the character trope and even with the scars on his face, he just can’t see it!
  • no pun intended
  • at first Gladio seems under appreciated musically, because nobody notices the importance of the drums in a live performance, but he’s okay with it
  • “it’s just fun to play a gig with my buddies and get it right every single time!”
  • he’s super popular on fanblogs though, so who cares what snobby magazines think!
  • Nyx is relatively older than the rest of them and actually belongs to a different agency, but the group has no permanent guitarist and his schedule was open
  • their music is always upbeat and intense and he liked it, but he was never one to stick with any one band for too long
  • The running theme of their music is the need to bring back the light to a gloomy world, and they’re the warriors who would do it if it cost them their lives
  • the fans don’t realize it, but Noct actually has a chronic illness that flares up one time while you’re filming and you catch the whole ordeal on tape
  • it starts off like a panic attack where he can’t breathe, which makes it difficult to actually sing his lines and they end up having an unscheduled intermission
  • but it continues to escalate to the point where he can’t hold himself upright without assistance, his knees buckle from under him and his headaches get really bad
  • you film Ignis trying to convince him to cancel the rest of the night’s show but he wouldn’t disappoint the fans like that, and pushes through with sheer willpower
  • Prompto is crying and worried for his friend’s life, even though “It happened before but it’s still hella scary!”
  • Gladio slaps Noct on the back in encouragement and helps him back to the stage to finish the night
  • “Noct’s stubborn, so I might as well support his dumb decisions. at least this way i’ll be there to catch him before he falls.” 
  • Nyx is concerned but entertained by the whole fiasco since nobody actually died “it’s like that time I toured with Libertus and he fell off stage but insisted on finishing the concert with his leg in a fresh cast.”
  • at the end of the show you ask Ignis if you should cut this part out of the documentary, and he considers your words for a while.
  • eventually he tells you to keep it in, the fans need to see how hard they’re is working for the world’s happiness
  • it started off as just another job but now you’re really in love with all these boys and their music is bomb!
  • somehow Noct gets you into filming a documentary about his fiance’s career: “The Heavenly Oracle”, an opera prodigy and her pianist brother.
A little bit of Horrortale Sans

*Sooooo, all this side-blog casual rp stuff has had me thinking of my past rps.  I might dig for some later on, but I clicked through my files and saw that I had a starter saved from when I roleplayed as HT!Sans.  It’s actually the first thing I had ever written for him, and I did it because I was planning on having an HT chapter in BPT and wanted to work on nailing his character.  

I figured I might share it with you guys before I go play some Overwatch for a bit.

They say that true madness comes from repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  

If that was the case, then they were all mad down here.

The days all seemed to fade and jumble together.  At this point, Sans wasn’t even getting paid for being a sentry, and his brother had finally made it into the Royal Guard–only to desperately want out.  Things had once been different, hadn’t they?  Sure, all the days had still been the same–the same japes, the same napping at a sentry post, the same burg and fries at Grillby’s–but the air had been lighter, lacking the heavy oppression and sense of hopelessness.

And he had once…

*i’m rootin’ for ya, kid.

Who?  What?  
No, he doesn’t have any kids.  He is a skeleton. 
He was mistaken.

Phalanges idly drummed along his sentry post, beside the hot dog he was ‘selling.’  He used to sell plenty of these in Hotland, right before he went on MTT–what?  he’d never been on MTT.  
The phalanges of his free hand scraped along the side of his face; a nervous habit he had picked up somewhere.  


A single blood-red eyelight shifted toward his brother as the incredibly-tall skeleton approached, clutching a bowl in his hands.  Sans tilted his skull slightly, noticing the way Papyrus struggled not to stare at the gaping, jagged hole on the side of Sans’s head.  He wasn’t exactly sure how he had gotten the injury, or how long he’d had it now, but it always seemed to make his brother uneasy when he asked–and the lie Papyrus had spun about Sans slipping and falling had been an obvious fabrication.  His brother may be Great, but he is not a Great liar.  

“yeah bro?”


The lankier skeleton was the single monster that Sans knew that still held onto his upbeat attitude.  It had been Sans’s idea to start adding that ingredient to Papyrus’s spaghetti, and after the first time Sans had helped his brother prepare it, the younger skelebro had been hooked.  Of course, the food seemed to mess with him a little, driving him slightly mad along with Sans, but at least they were well-fed as sentries.  Or… as well-fed as it got in a place with food as scarce as the Underground.  

“if we’re lucky.  maybe one will come through before they pasta way in the ruins this time.”

“THAT ISN’T FUNNY, SANS!”  Papyrus’s bone brows knit together slightly, and Sans stopped drumming his fingers against the wood, watching him.  His brother was bent over at the waist to regard him properly, his jagged, broken, permanently red-stained teeth moving as he spoke.  "M-MAYBE IF I GIVE ONE OF THE HUMANS WE CAPTURE OVER TO QUEEN UNDYNE, SHE’LL RELEASE ME FROM THE GUARD!“

Sans’s expression darkened, his eyelight becoming large enough to fill the entire socket, and he found his palm scraping further up his cheek, his phalange dipping into his unlit eyesocket.  It felt uncomfortable, almost painful even, and he dug his finger in deeper, hooking it around the edge of his skull.  

"no.  she won’t.  and giving someone like her the power of a soul?  don’t think so.  she doesn’t deserve to be a god.”  His fingers went back to drumming against the sentry station, a signal that the subject was closed.  He would sooner die here; it’s not as if getting to the Surface appealed to him anymore.  

There was no going back from this life.

“… YOU’RE RIGHT, BROTHER!  I’LL GO CHECK ON MY PUZZLES JUST IN CASE.  WANT ANY SPAGHETTI?”  Papyrus uncovered the lid, and Sans glanced down at the noodles.  It was true that his brother’s cooking had improved since he stopped taking lessons directly from Undyne and allowed Sans to help, but..

It’s not like Sans could take food from Papyrus.

“nah, i’m full.  had some fried snow earlier, so it’s all yours, bro.”

Papyrus sighed in exasperation, pulling his bowl to his chest.  "YOU ALWAYS HAVE FRIED SNOW.“

"well, it’s snow problem to make.”  His perma-grin widened.  Papyrus groaned as expected and shook his head.  

“WELL, IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND, YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME!”  And with that, Papyrus marched off further down the path, and Sans was left again in silence, with only the drumming of his fingers punctuating it.  

The silence–the waiting at that station–was the most difficult part.  

There were days when his thoughts wandered, and he wasn’t even sure what was real and what wasn’t.  Sometimes, he couldn’t remember what had happened two days ago, but he recalled in vivid detail the first day he had come to Snowdin.  Or there were days when he couldn’t remember why he was even sitting at the sentry station or recall who was beyond the door to the Ruins.

Then there were the pieces of his memory that were gone forever, like his role as a scientist in the Lab.  

He felt his eyesockets beginning to close, and he eased up on the pressure of his fingers inside one of them.  It was so tempting to just nap.. just a little rest.  For as long as he could remember, he had been slacking off at his station, sleeping on the job.  Once, he had been reprimanded without real fire behind the words, but now, there were so many rules.  Sleeping on the job was punishable by dusting, and well..

*all the more reason to sleep.

Just as he started to nod off, hoping to Asgore’s Ghost that it would be a dreamless slumber, he heard a commotion coming from the Ruins.  It sounded like Tori, and Sans leaned over slightly, hoping to be able to hear a little better.  He couldn’t make out anything, but his interest was definitely piqued; if Toriel had a guest, that could only mean that there was a human around.  He’d once made the mistake of letting just how bad the situation in the Underground was slip, and ever since then, Toriel had been a bit.. different.  One could say he’d ruined her life.

And she knew he no longer made promises.  

And she wanted to keep the humans with her forever–no matter the cost–as long as they weren’t captured or devoured.  Some humans managed to escape.  Others, not so much.  He hoped this time would be more like the former… and when he heard the Ruin doors open and shut, his grin widened. He leaned casually with his elbows on his post, fingers drumming a nameless beat he couldn’t remember, and his skull propped up by his other hand.  He stared out unseeingly as he waited, focused, listening for the tell-tale sound of snow crunching underfoot.

The definition of madness is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

But what was coming was different.

And Sans could use the break from the madness.

If only you allowed yourself to pause for a moment, and attuned to the tender cries of the beloved within, to caress you feather softly in the places you so long to be touched.

If only you paused for a moment to feel the pulsating desire in your veins to be made love to by breath itself.

If only you paused for just a moment to notice the undying promise for a felt sense of ever greater levels of sacred beloved communion within each and every cell of your body.

Leaving you surrendered in awe to the holy worlds opening within you in the wake of legendary heart quakes, dissolving all residual fear.

If only you paused for a moment, beloved, to merely reflect upon the magnificence of your existence.

And how immaculate your luminous glory is when you listen to the sacred sound of your soul song, playing in harmony with all of creation.

If only you paused for a moment to notice how deeply and completely Love loves to love and adore you.

If only you paused for a moment to notice the felt sense of your organs humming in devotion to your highest destiny.

If only you paused for a moment to give birth to the thought that perhaps it’s not only safe to meet yourself inside the sanctuary of your own heart, but it’s what offers the sacred invitation for complete fulfillment to pulse ceremoniously through your blood.

Ever held in the embrace of pure innocence.

If only you paused for a moment to become aware of the suppressed passion for your innermost dreams and divinely joyful inspiration bubbling up, like fierce lava upon the shore of your heart’s divine lust for aliveness.

If only you paused for a moment to live in the primal volcanic force wanting to create earth shattering ripples to move you into this moments greatest alignment.

Entering the sacred grounds of your soul’s blooming in human form. If only you paused for a moment and listened, truly listened, to the poetry of your body’s natural rhythm and intuitive flow.

If only you paused long enough to feel this subtle, sublime force that dwells inside, move you to the beat of your own primordial drum. If only you paused for a moment beloved, to notice how the deserted somatic landscape of your beauty.

If only you paused for a moment beloved, to notice how the deserted somatic landscape of your body temple is nourished into a sensational flowering garden in the light of your wanted presence.

And oh, if only you paused for a moment, to feel that the divine perfection within you is making music with everything around you, forever confirming your invaluable part and place in the divine orchestra of this ever unfolding human existence.
—  Angelica Jill Grace
Karamel Ultimate Wishlist

We’ve been blessed by Supergirl 2x13 for all of the Karamel sweetness we got. But as a hardcore and crazy (and probably obsessed) person when it comes to Karamel; meaning never fully satisfied about all things Karamel, so I made a Karamel wishlist consisted of scenes or act or dialogue or descriptions of simple gestures (literally everything) that I really hope to see on the next upcoming episodes.

There are things that us Karamel shippers - generally, and I - especially, wanted to see in the next upcoming episodes. So here’s to your review, I present to you the Karamel Ultimate Wishlist

*PS: it’s a long list, and I’ve tried to gather as many as I can from you, but if I missed something you are so welcome to reblog and add some of your own Karamel wishes. so we can checklist ‘em altogether!

What I* want to see happen next :

□ Set after 213, they’re waking up on the couch hugging each other
□ Cuddling on that couch!
□ Morning kiss(es)
□ Can I just wish they have a Karamel waking up on the bed scene - maybe with a shirtless Mon-El, that’d be AWESOME! 😍😍
□ Another Karamel breakfast with pancakes
□ Mon-El cooks breakfast for Kara - BONUS* : wearing an apron, and he is shirtless
□ Kara introduces Mon-El as her boyfriend, and vice versa
□ Mon-El bringing Kara flowers
□ Smitten Kara
□ Karamel “for good luck” like-in-the-comic kiss
□ Casual hello and goodbye kisses*
□ Make-out session on the couch
□ Make-out sesh on the bed
□ Heavy makeout session on the couch
□ Heavy makeout sesh on the bed
□ Heavy hot steamy sexy makeout sessh. Period. #ItllBeTheDeathOfMe #ButIMeanHowCanTheyNotHaveOneTheTensionsAreCrazy
□ Another hungry passionate kiss scene
□ A HUG - that is really tight, close, and comforting*
□ Intense eye contact their signature eyes-fucking-game
□ Heated communication through intense eye contact*
□ Silent communication between the two of them in a room with plenty of other people*
□ Alex reverse that “look at you, love ray!” to Kara 😍
□ They’re kissing and Mon-El was trying to open the door to her apartment with his lips attached to hers, they continue their hungry kiss, she started to discard his jacket and he took off hers, but they stopped immediately to be greeted with Alex *cough cough* who sits on the couch with this certain “wow” look on her face

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Alright, this is my second (my apology gift, really, it’s over 5000 words of fluff) for Shay, in which I attempt to tackle one of her favorite tropes (characters A and B have to stay at a hotel and there’s only one room with one bed)

once again - thanks to @the-musical-alchemist​ for listening to me flip out about how to write this, I appreciate it always, Gio ;-;

I said it already, but I’ll say it again - Shay, you’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, simply because of who you are - you’re always kind, passionate, thoughtful, and are extremely talented and witty.  In short, you’re just incredibly wonderful.  Thank you so much for being you, and have the happiest birthday possible.  Hey, now you can rent a car and come visit me!!!

“Are you kidding me,” Roy grumbles, tightening his grasp on his small bag as he stomps his snow-packed boots on the porch of the building.  “Of course Grumman sends us to the most remote town, in the dead of winter, splits up our team, and gets us reservations in what has to be the absolute filthiest looking place I’ve ever seen.”

“Relax, sir,” Riza responds.  She flexes her frozen hands to try to regain feeling in her numb fingertips as she switches her bag from left to right.  “You’ve seen the rest of this town; the entire place just doesn’t have a lot of money.  I’m sure the inside is nicer.”

“Whatever you say, Captain,” he retorts.  Riza sighs at his snarky-tone, but doesn’t challenge him, knowing that the last thing that she needed was to argue with her superior officer when they were both cold, hungry, and exhausted.

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