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P5 AU where the Phantom Thieves start a boy band

*spits out tea* Why I don’t see a lot of this AU?! IT’S SO GOOD??? LIKE??? WHY??


- Akira is in charge of the vocals and bass guitar, Ryuji the drums, Goro the eletric guitar (often participate as back vocal) and Yusuke plays the keyboard.

- Even if Akira is the main face of the group and the singer, he is very self councious at how his voice sounds.

- Ryuji proposed to create the band when he got to know Akira and saw him singing in secret, making him realize that the brunet had an awesome voice and had a lot of potential to be used.

- Goro and Yusuke joined later when Ryuji discovered that there was two talented artists in the other school and he really needed them as quickly as possible to join in a competition (that they won later after a lot of exaustive practice and improvisation).

- Akira likes to use black clothes and a lot of acessories (including his usual mask) in stage and doesn’t wear his glasses, so when someone sees him in real life they often don’t recognize him at all.

- Akira finds rather useful for him in the end when people don’t recognize that he’s the leader of the popular Phantom Thieves band.

- Ryuji likes to play the drums, but he’s very skillful in the eletric guitar too and helped Goro by giving him really useful tips in the beggining. This in the end made them really close as friends and improved their relantionship.

- Goro is the member that receives most of the fan letters and gifts and when he participates in the back vocal the screaming of the fans grow insane.

- Yusuke doesn’t know how to respond when a fan is flirting with him, what can make him often give them a charming smile that melts their hearts and make him confused to no end.

- Goro likes to do a lot of fanservice and usually can guide a fan to the stage to sing/play for them.

- Ryuji is the member who loves to take pictures of everyone else and post them in their weak moment, being them sleeping in an embarassing position or messing up something. What makes him the most active member in social media and the main source for embarassing/intimate information of the other members.

- Goro is usually seen with his hair tied up in practice since he finds it a bother when his hair gets in the way when he’s playing his guitar.

- Yusuke is very talented with his hands and can play all sorts of genres of music easily.

- The later fact made Yusuke the main lead in the process of creating new songs since he and Ryuji have a really good taste in music and are extremely skillful with that. What can make them sometimes have a long discussion when their tastes don’t match or they prefer other types of arrangements to the song.

This is pretty much what I could come up with~! But let’s be real, Akira is already hot enough to be in a boy band. It’s about time.

So I went to listen to the character songs from the mini album vol. 3 with Chuuya, Akutagawa and lemon dude.
And all I could think of while listening to them, chuuya and lemon dude going apeshit on a guitar and drums and Akutagawa just standing there with no idea wat he is doing but kinda nailing it
I’m sold
Need the CD of that beauty

Dance Dance (Minus Bass and Drums)
  • Dance Dance (Minus Bass and Drums)
  • Fall Out Boy
  • From Under the Cork Tree

Just to give people a perspective on why each band member is equally important in a band.

credit to piercethetrench for the original post

(EDIT: There’s a long silence before you hear anything because the INTRO CONSISTS OF ONLY DRUMS AND BASS.)

Instruments as sayings from our band director
  • Flute: if I kill you, will you be more in tune?
  • Clarinet: If I had a dollar for every time the second chair clarinet squeaks in rehearsal, I would be God
  • Saxophone: Do you know what a C# is? I feel like I'm talking to a hedgehog
  • Trombone: Oh, you messed up that chord. What if I messed up your grade for this class?
  • Trumpet: If only our band was as big as a trumpet's ego
  • French Horn: Why can't you just pay attention? I'm a pretty person, that should be enough
  • Percussion: I could replace you with monkeys and I would get the same quality of music, but more entertainment
  • Guitar: You belong in a baguette shop