drums and ammo



Belt-fed firearm chambered in 7.62x39mm, this RPD has been modified into an SBR (Short Barreled Rifle), with an 11.5″ long barrel. Note the adapter in the first photo that allows for the use of M249 drums or ammo sacks. Second photo shows the traditional RPD drum with belt. The owner/seller also ditched the wooden handguards and added a forward grip using an AK pistol grip. (GRH)


here’s the first video…ammbush makes beat then raps. git it?

bay rap fans, you prob remember dudes name as producer/dj for psd tha drivah, da bidness (psd, keak da sneak, messy marv), young d boyz, chileeh powdah, davinci, member of the oakland faders, etc.  and for those who haven’t heard of him, dude’s resume is deep & diverse.  worked with everyone from raphael saadiq to aceyalone to the almighty nation of thizzlam. 



I think this started off as a Romanian Micro Draco Pistol but its been plated in 24K gold, engraved with custom carved furniture. Kind of a drug cartel look to it. Either have to doing a lot of drugs to want to buy this or selling a lot of drugs to buy this; price tag is $12,500. If only it had a gold plated drum with gold plated ammo…(GRH)