I’m literally sitting here going over the last bit of Chop Suey in my head.

So after the chorus repeats a second time it goes into the whole “Father! Father! Father! Father!….” thing and I’m breaking down the drums.

We have the bass keeping a steady beat of 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 and the hi hat keeping a beat of 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 the snare going ….2 …..4…..2…..4 but every time you get to the ’ 1’ you skip the hi hat and hit the crash cymball. This also happens to be on the first syllable of “Father” so if we had a diagram it would be like this:





#/ / / / /  //  #/ /  / / /  / /

Father…. Father….


    X       X      X      X

#/  / / / / //  #/ / /  /  / / /

0  0   0 0    0 0   0  0

Father…. Father…


    X       X      X      X

0  0   0  0   0 0   0  0

It’s crazy. It’s something I’m trying to practice. I may end up putting the whole song like this on here but it may take a while haha. And I dunno if people would actually be wanting to see it.


Alright. If you want me to post the entirety of Chop Suey on drums in my own made up sheet music here, leave a note.


Not that I’m asking for attention here, but it would literally take a several hours to do and I don’t want to spend all day doing something for you guys and no one care about it or want it.

If this gets 20 sepreate people leaving a note or more, I’ll do it. :) @therealjacksepticeye

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I miss my Pep-Band days of High School - playing music was the best part of my studies.

I’m really thrilled about @therealjacksepticeye recording sessions of playing the drums! Just another side of Jack that the community gets to fall in love with.

Keep Rockin’!


(Used screen shot From “I got a drum kit” as a reference)

(Apologies if drum kid anatomy is off - I play the trumpet, not the drums >.> )

  • person: what genre is twenty one pilots?
  • me: ...
  • me: ukulele screamo poetry rap save-your-life amazingness
  • me: and josh on the drums
“We’re sinking!”

Not-Freddy: “I’ve got to save the instruments!”

*immediately collects one drum, a cymbal stand, a giant mint, and a lawn chair*

*leaves guitar, tambourines, drumsticks & other drums to sink to the bottom*

At least he has his priorities straight.


Wow……this was fucking amazing……i have no words 🖤😍