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Instruments as Things overheard in my Band

Flutes: “If I go to all-state, do you think I can get a wider audience for my impromptu solos?”


Trombones: *taking our band photo* “QUICK! Somebody hold my leg!”

Saxophones: “D as in not bumble bee…”

Trumpets: *(when questioned by a section leader about locking himself in a practice room)*: “I was sick of your face, how is that MY fault?”

Tubas: “AP chem should count as self harm”

Drumline: “Which is bigger, Alpha or Beta?” “MY DICK”

Horns: “That band is good, look at their pit- I bet their chimes aren’t held together with zip-ties and tears, unlike some chimes I know.” *glares at percussion*

Tips To Surviving Band Camp

Hey everyone! So as the school year is coming to an end, marching season is beginning. This of course means band camp! Whether you’re a rookie or a returner, it’s always nice to know what you’re getting into and have some reminders.

1. WATER! Drink LOTS of water! This is probably the most important thing. Stay hydrated, drink water every chance you get, because you’re going to be out in the hot sun on the turf all day. Most people bring those big water jugs, make sure you drink AT LEAST one of those in a day, two would be even better. Drink a lot at night too so you’re hydrated in the morning too. 

2. Sleep! You’re gonna be exhausted at the end of each day, so make sure you take care of yourself and get the sleep you need to stay healthy during camp. I know I went to my drum major’s house and fell asleep during dinner break last year XD You want to have the energy you need, which is gonna be a lot, so don’t be staying up till 1 or 2 am watching netflix if you know you have vis block at 7 am.

3. For my trans and nonbinary friends, DO NOT bind during band camp! Trust me, I am in the same boat with this one. As much as I know you want to pass, it’s not safe or healthy to bind in those conditions. You’ll restrict your breathing at a time when it matters most. I know it’s gonna suck, but your health and safety is more important.

4. Don’t blow your chops out! Sometimes you really wanna practice, or over practice, but trust me if this happens you won’t be helping yourself. You wanna be able to come to camp every day ready to play your best, and you won’t be able to do that if you over played the day before. Know you’re limits and recovery time, especially for all you lead trumpets.

5. Eat. Whether you’re in drum corps or a high school band, you all need to eat. This goes along with sleep and water, but you need the energy. If you go jazz running around the field in 100 degrees whether with no food in your stomach, you’re gonna throw up or pass out. Stay healthy and take care of your body and make sure you’re getting the nutrients and protein your body needs for an activity like this.

6. When it comes to health and safety, just know your limits. If you’re not feeling great, sit out. You director will understand. Your health always comes first. And if something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to tell someone. Also, I know a lot of people have injuries. Make sure you don’t push those. Wear the knee brace or the elbow brace, wrap your ankle, do whatever you can to help yourself and sit out if it hurts. Don’t push yourself too far.

7. Now that the health and safety stuff has been addressed, social interaction! A lot of you rookies may go in not knowing people, and I understand how scary that can be. Take it from someone who couldn’t even talk to the two girls marching next to me for the entirety of band camp, it’s so much better if you just talk to them. Talk to other freshmen, talk to your section leaders and drum majors, talk to the upperclassmen! We want to get to know you too, and we know it’s hard at first. Band camp is the beginning of a great journey and you’ll make so many friends, you have nothing to be worried about.

8. DON’T LOSE YOUR DOT SHEETS OR MUSIC!!! Seriously. If you lose them, we have to go to the band room and make copies, then you’re behind because you didn’t have all the materials. It makes it easier on everyone if you keep track of everything. It’s also good to show that you’re responsible.

9. Listen to your techs, section leaders, and drum majors. They know what they’re talking and they were put into their positions for a reason. If they tell you you need to fix something or to stop messing around, listen. They’re doing what’s best for you and the band. You learn so much from them too, take every opportunity you get when they give you tips for improvement.

10. HAVE FUN! Like I said earlier, band camp is just the beginning. Do things with your friends! Go out for lunch or dinner together, get to know everyone, have a little fun with your rehearsals. A lot of schools do games at band camp and get into it! It’s so fun to just relax and goof around with people. Do things with your section, talk to people. Just have a good time! These people are gonna become your family and give you an amazing experience.

Bonus (11). A lot of people are reblogging this and adding SUNSCREEN! I cant believe I forgot that haha but yes! Sunscreen is super important! Even if you don’t burn easily, wear it! Reapply every 1-2 hours if I’m being honest. Getting burned sucks!
Great Ways to Ask Out a Girl

•Will you be in a duet with me?
•Will you be the harmony to my melody?
•Will you blow my horn?
•Wanna learn some new fingerings?
•Will you be the drum to my major?
•Wanna get picco-low?
•Will you be my first chair?

•Will you be the major to my minor?
Musical instruments for musician questions!
  • Guitar: How many instruments do you play?
  • Piano: What’s your favourite song to play?
  • Flute: How long have you been playing for?
  • Violin: Are you a soloist?
  • Clarinet: What made you want to play?
  • Cello: Who’s your favourite composer?
  • Oboe: Do you play in a city/town orchestra?
  • Trumpet: Did you take music classes in school?
  • Drums: Have you ever performed in front of a crowd?
  • Bass: What’s the best and worst thing about playing your instrument?
  • Harp: What’s your preferred style of playing?
  • Viola: Name one time you messed up while playing.
  • Trombone: What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you while playing?
  • French Horn: What’s the hardest thing about playing your instrument?
  • Recorder: What was the first instrument you learned to play?
  • Piccolo: Do you have friends in your orchestra?
  • Cymbals: What’s your favourite song to listen to?
  • Synthesizer: What’s your favourite genre to play?
  • Triangle: Free question!

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Do you have any Marching band AUs??

  • I basically live in the band hall during marching band season what are you doing here, this is my spot
  • you’re a newbie at band camp you look like you could use some wa-OH SHIT they fainted…and they handed me their instrument before they did it. I’m proud.
  • you almost nailed me with your flag during our program but oh hi you’re cute
  • the band director has turned the metronome all the way up. the clarinets are dying. birds are fleeing. babies are screaming. but hey you and i survived
  • “you light up my world like a piccolo lights up the sharp side of a tuner” …i play the piccolo, but i’ll let this one slide
  • we’re both drum majors and i’ve got to say the uniform looks great on you
  • shit i have a crush on my section leader
  • we’re comparing sock tans i think mine wins tbh
  • some fucker just said marching band was easy and wasn’t a sport COME FIGHT THEM WITH ME
  • impromptu dance parties when the drum line plays
  • we’re a band couple but no one knows YET. it’s only a matter of tim- oh shit how’d they find out???


My crazy experiences from school.

In band you are not allowed to yawn, if you’re caught yawning you would owe 30 pushups, or more if you talked back. One guy owed over 100.

We were talking about our ethnicities and I said the word Caucasian to describe someone with a light skin tone. This girl looked confused so I asked her what she though it meant. She said it was someone who doesn’t eat. 

I was in athletics once and we all had to be held back for about 30 minutes because someone stole another girls pants. We never found the pants or who did it.

My homeroom teacher did some magic trick once and I asked him to show me how to do it, but while he was showing me the bell rang. Instead of sending me to my next class he let me stay and learn the trick and just gave me a pass. I was almost 15 minutes late.

I play tuba and some guy in my section took the mouth piece of another dude and put it in his chair. When the dude sat down it ended up ripping his pants.

We were put in lockdown because some student while outside found a glass bottle, broke it, and then ran into the school with it screaming and trying to stab others.

During a choir trip after performing we got to go to Six Flags. There was a lot of us so we were separated into groups that had a chaperone then sent off. Our number one rule was to stay together and not leave our chaperone. My group’s chaperone was the choir director and the pianist. The pianist was with us because she wasn’t given a group. We went and got on one ride. When we got off the choir director and pianists were gone. We searched all over the park but finally gave up and decided to go get food. Turns out they were sitting in the food court the whole time because “it has air conditioning” and “they said that we wouldn’t leave our chaperones, but our chaperones could leave us.”

Some guys stole a turtle from my science teacher and kept it in their locker. The school went on lockdown so all our lockers could get searched to find the culprit.

The band director got so mad once he took off his glasses and crushed them in his hand.

A girl stole a needle from her mom who is a nurse and took it with her to school. We were in lockdown because she stabbed three boys all with the same needle. They had to be sent to the hospital and she was sent to juvie.

In my social studies class if you answered wrong you had to do a wall-sit until he deemed necessary.

My English teacher locked three different students in a closet throughout the span of one week. 

The same English teacher decided to pull a prank on me when my mom pulled me out of class to talk about something (she taught at the school I was attending). When I came back my paper was glued to my desk.

The English teacher also got a student’s phone and smashed it with a hammer. It was dead silent until the teacher and the student both started laughing. Turns out they had planned it. The smashed phone was actually just a prop. We were all still shocked as to what happened though. He recorded it all on video.

I had band 5th period and that’s when they do the morning announcement (I don’t know why) and my band director always hated that because he wanted to start class. The announcement always started with the US pledge, then the Texas pledge, and then a 1 minute moment of silence (welcome to public school in Texas everyone) and then about 8 minutes worth of talking about upcoming things. The band director hated this so much he would make us play over the announcements so I never knew what upcoming things my school had.

There was one student who looked like he was Asian but was fully Mexican and only spoke Spanish. He was in all bilingual classes so I never met or spoke to him. Everyone called him Chong Chong because of how he looked, he didn’t even care and thought it was funny though. It’s been 4 years and I never learned his real name.

My first year in track I did shot-put and discus with two of my friends, a girl and a guy. The next year I wasn’t in athletics but would hang around during practice with the girl but the guy moved away. I was also always there after school cause my mom coached the shot-put and discus throwers. When some of the new throwers asked who threw the year before we brought him up. They asked why he wasn’t throwing this year and my friend and I told them he died because he was hit in the head with a discus. They were all too scared to go out in the field and help measure while the others threw because of this. My mom couldn’t believe how gullible they were.

My social studies teacher from a different year threw a desk at a student once.

The same social studies teacher was fired because they found out that when I had him as a teacher the tests he would give us to study were the exact same tests we were going to take for a grade and that was why we were all passing. He was practically giving us the answer key.

Some dude in percussion accidentaly dropped a drum and for the rest of the year people called him Skrillex because he “dropped the bass.” It wasn’t even a bass drum…

Aph Nordics as things my friends have said #20

🇮🇸: I’m gonna hokey pokey my way to hell

🇩🇰: In fourth period I’m gonna airdrop my teacher the entire bee movie script

🇳🇴: We’re team 2? That’s great because I don’t want /two/ be here.

🇫🇮: (dogs name) is more relevant to me that you will ever be

🇸🇪: I need to make a mental note to myself to stop speaking to myself out loud


My boyfriend has been marching Music City Drum and Bugle Corps all summer, and these last two weeks i have been starting my first season as drum major. Yesterday i got to see him and we got to catch up in person. He has accomplished so much and done so well and i couldn’t be prouder of him. I miss him so much, but i know that this is his dream, and im sure he will be marching world class next year.

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Hi! I've today my depression and anxiety has kind of been especially bad because of band practice (I'm a drum major for marching band) and I'm about 2.4 seconds away from a total meltdown, can I have some twins to cheer me up?

(2/2) Hey, stressed out drum major again, I forgot to add I’d especially like to hear from Kaoru! I love both of you twins, but I think Kaoru has some pearls of wisdom to share that wouldn’t be said if Hikaru had most of the spotlight ;)

A typical day in the Host Club:  *Twins wreaking havoc*

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Hitachiin: Did you say something Haruhi?

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Haruhi: Could you two just shut up for one second!!?  I’m trying to concentrate on my homework!

Hikaru: Well, we could always bring the party over to you…

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Kaoru: Wait! Do you hear that?

*Piano playing in the distance*

Hikaru: Wow, senpai! That sounds amazing!!  

*Host Club nods in agreement*

*Tamaki suddenly and surprisingly makes a mistake*

Hikaru: BAHAHAHA!!! Way to go senpai!! That’s one way to play it!!!

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Kaoru: Wait, wait, calm down boss, we were only kidding!  We can’t all be expected to be perfect all the time. We are all human and are bound to mess up at some point. It’s all about how we learn from our mistakes. We can only grow from learning from the past. Don’t get stressed out senpai. You will overcome that part. Don’t let it defeat you.

*Everyone is stunned*

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Kaoru: What? Did I say something wrong?