Rufus “Speedy” Jones (1936-1990)

Every now and then, a viral video brings attention to a forgotten artist who deserved more than to die in obscurity.  That in itself is not a tragedy since most of us do as well, but a certain immortality comes as a result of the attention.  This solo, with a Duke Ellington trio in 1967, is just wow.

Hey Little Bird
  • Hey Little Bird
  • The Barbarians
  • Get Primitive! The Best Of Pebbles Vol 1

Artist: The Barbarians
Track: Hey Little Bird
Album: Get Primitive! The Best Of Pebbles Vol. 1
Label: Ubik Records
Year: 1986 (originally released 1964)

Because if your drummer doesn’t have a hook for a hand, you’ll never be as cool as The Barbarians.