drummer kid

Tsubaki Lie Ren

Nickname: ‘Tsu’, ‘Kiki’ by Nora

Age: 20

Gender: Female/Cis


Raynor Lie Ren

Parents: Nora Valkyrie (Mother), Lie Ren (Father)

Orientation: Homosexual 

School/Year/Team: Shade Academy/3rd Year/Member of Team MJTA

Aura: Pink

Semblance: Hush, a Semblance that negates all manner of noise and presence. When activated, Tsubaki can manipulate sound waves so as to silence her movements. Walking on dry, crunching leaves becomes noiseless strides for example. The only thing it can’t do is hide her emotional and physical presence. She must still hide herself away, but once she does her Semblance will negate anyone being able to hear her.

Weapon: Dual Tonfa-styled blades that combine into a bladed spear called Still Flora.

Emblem: A Camilla Blossom.

Personality: Quiet, Intelligent, Calm, Mature, Cool, Disciplined, Generous, Kind-hearted, Wise, Protective, Caring, Private, Focused, Short-tempered, Elegant, Secretly very emotional and sympathetic

Voice: Willow Johnson (Kikyou from Inuyasha)


  • Her father and mother spend mornings with her drinking tea and chatting before starting their day.
  • Nora gave birth to Tsubaki while on a mission and immediately fell in love with her little “knee-breaker”. Ren cried a few tears, welcoming his daughter into the world with a smile.
  • Tsubaki is close with both her parents, finding common ground with both of them. She cries a lot of tears when it is time for her to leave for Shade Academy, hugging them for multiple minutes and not wanting to let go.
  • She loves to read and will often find a quiet corner to scan through her books at the end of the night.
  • Shade Academy is the first time she meets Jet Black, her team mate. The two rarely speak to one another beyond working on drills and sparring. Beginning of their third year, Tsubaki happens upon Mars and Jet practicing their music. After that point, she enjoys hanging around with him and the son of Ruby Rose, listening to their music and talking about it with them.
  • She auditions and passes the test to be their drummer, much to the surprise of Mars. None the less, the group often practice at school and do their best to make practices once a week when school isn’t in session.
  • Tsubaki is protective of her little brother Raynor since his accident as a child. She can’t stand watching him fall into depression or result to alcoholism to deal with his issues. The only reason she hasn’t forced him into therapy and to doctors is because she isn’t sure where their relationship will be once she does. It is a fear that fills her with utter shame.
  • She has a pet Chinchilla named Ume and has her out often to snuggle on her lap while she reads at night.
  • Tsubaki is a night owl and struggles with mornings. She and Jet both take their time to waking up, though Jet is far worse than she ever could hope to be.
  • Her wardrobe is very dark with the occasional camilla pink sprinkled in. She loves dark greens, reds, black, and navy.
  • Tsubaki will go on dates here and there, but hasn’t found a girl she’s extraordinarily attracted to.
  • Although she is a fairly decent huntress, her real passion is mixology or the study of cocktails. She has been caught many times drinking underaged and always returns with “If I don’t taste it, how will I know how to fix the recipe?”.
  • After spending a few years as a huntress, Tsubaki reconnects with family and friends. Low and behold, Jet has made a name for himself in the culinary world while she was away. She meets with him and applies for a job as his bartender and residential mixologist. After a grueling and difficult hour of making all the drinks on the menu for him, he agrees to hire her on the condition that she takes two weeks to get rid of her sloppiness. Accepting the challenge, Tsubaki agrees to his terms and has been working with him ever since.
  • She finds Esmeray quite annoying and can’t stand her older brother much either. Her views of them are “reckless, obnoxious kids who get by on just their looks”. Jet doesn’t argue, but he also doesn’t agree with her, much to her irritation.
  • Her favorite meal is a variety platter of sushi rolls with iced tea and fresh fruit. Also she loves pancakes with piles upon piles of fruit and syrup. It’s her guilty pleasure meal.
  • Tsubaki tries to hide how lonely she is as a person, feeling as though everyone she knows and sees has someone special in their lives.
  • She’s 5′5″, a good in-between of her parents’ height.
Things I’ve Heard High School Students Say (and do) During the Second Semester of School (2017)

This is a short collection of dumb/funny things I have seen and at my high school during the second semester. (Most of it is really dumb, but whatever.)

  •  “I think I have aids.”             
  • Pouring water into the cap of his water bottle while singing Shots by LMFAO
  • A girl outside yelled PARKOUR really loud, then I heard a soft this followed by ugh.
  • “I bet dragons think it’s really cute the way we produce water with our mouths.”
  • (Over semester tests) “Oh well, time to play Russian roulette with my future.”
  • “How many times do I have to hit my head on this desk before I die?”
  • “Well, according to Hitler, I’M FUCKING PERFECT!” -Blonde haired, blue eyed boy.
  • “Yeah, I don’t think they’ll make you take semester tests if you’re in prison for killing a koala. The real question is where are you gonna find a koala in Iowa?”
  • (On the topic of the season seven (p1) finale of TWD. SPOILER WARNING.) “Shit fam, Negan be trippin’. He done kill Glenn, next thing you know, Judith’s gon’ be one uh his wifes.”             
  • “Oh fu…..(teacher turns around)….luffy kittens?”
  • “Raspberries are nature’s shot glasses.”
  • A star senior running back (who made it to state) singing Elmo’s World
  • P1: Shut up you stupid jew! P2: I’m catholic
  • We were on a jazz band trip and had stopped by Dairy Queen for lunch. One kid, (the drummer, if that tells you anything,) after eating lunch at Dairy Queen, called Jimmy Johns and ordered a sandwich, drink, chips, and a cookie to be delivered at Dairy Queen. AND THEY DID. I SHIT YOU NOT, JIMMY JOHN’S FUCKING DELIVERED TO DAIRY QUEEN.
  • P1: I’m as deaf as a bat. P2: Uh, bats are blind. Not deaf. P1: *sarcastically* Thanks, Dracula.
  • “Wait, if Osama was killed, then who’s running our country?
  • “I was so high, I thought Ariana Grande was a font.”
  • “This test is gonna blow worse than a $2 hooker.”
  • “Oh my GeorgeWashingtonwithapinkwig, I’m drinking the history!”
  • Need Bible sounds like verifiable.
  • “Stupid winter. I’m going to boycott you till you go away.”
  • “You can’t Google things in 1643, you asshat.”
  • P1: So what was your beef yesterday? P2: Nothing. P1: It was obviously something. P3: She doesn’t want to talk about it. P1: What, do you speak for P2 now? Are you the Lorax? You speak for the P2’s?
  • “Dude, I need to learn how to speak Canadian.”
  •  P1: What’s the difference between hard water and soft water? P2: Hard water is ice.

On the advice of Offdensen, Pickles has left each of his family members exactly one dollar when he dies. He feels even that is more than they deserve, but Offdensen points out that leaving them something makes it harder for them to contest the will on the grounds that they were ‘forgotten’. (He also wishes he could leave Seth’s kid more money, as the kid never did anything to him, but knows Seth would get his hands on it and spend it on himself.)

  • Band director: *walks into room where drummer has been for less than 30 seconds*
  • Band director: Hey I need you to-Hayden are you taking selfies??

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Title meme: Xs and Os

So there’s a pop song that sometimes comes on at seven AM when I’m driving to work/school and just Chock Full of Ennui…and it’s that song by Ellie something something, X’s and O’s and it’s from the point of view of this person who lives a fabulous live, just leaving lover after lover in their wake, and for some reason when that song plays I always have these really elaborate daydreams about the OTHER side of tha whole thing–a jaded pop star who’s been let down by so many people and so lives a kind of fabulous and frivilous life but they’re still in their head looking for Peace and Comfort and like that’s…Viktor

And like this probably isn’t what you were thinking for this because you probably wanted me to base it more off the title than of what I associate with the prompt but like this makes me think of an AU where Viktor is that pop star, let down over and over again by everyone he thought was a friend or a lover or even just a confidant (Except for a very small, limited group of people who Viktor secretly and in his head thinks of as My Family even though he isn’t sure that His Manager, His Drummer, and That Kid From The Band Who Opens For Me really think he’s all that special) and so he’s kind of given up but at the same time…at the same time he still hopes?

And Yuuri is this guy who does one hour slots semi-weekly at the local Panera and has a beautiful voice that curves around these soft, somber melodies like it’s what he was made for, like God put him on Earth to croon these sweet and melancholic songs directly into the hearts of millions.

And Viktor and Chris-My-Drummer are having a late afternoon Sad Panera after returning from a European tour during which Viktor got Kind of Sort of Arrested In Prague. Yakov has told him to lay low until the news cycle dissipates, and Viktor is for once following his direction.

Then A Beautiful Boy enters the Panera and starts setting up in the corner, with a microphone and an acoustic guitar. His hair is just a little too long to call kempt and his eyes are huge and cinnamon-colored, like staring into one of those fancy artisanal teas that Yuri drinks because he can’t abide by the cruelty and inhumanity of the coffee industry.

Yuri Plisetsky talks a big game and Viktor figures that somewhere deep inside of him, he actually does care about the plight of coffee harvesters in Colombia, but Viktor also knows that he talks like that because his publicist has crafted his image carefully around such ramblings in order to soften what would otherwise be an extremely off-putting personality.

Then Beautiful Boy puts his plush lips close to the mic and says, “Hi everybody. I’m going to get started this afternoon with a cover. I’m sure you’ll recognize it.”

And then he starts sweetly strumming the opening melody to Stay Close to Me, a song which is the title song for Viktor’s second studio album, has gone platinum three times, and which Viktor recognizes in any of its forms, even though this lovely man is playing it on a guitar and it’s traditionally done on a violin.

“Holy shit,” Viktor whispers, and Chris looks over his shoulder at the man.

“Don’t,” says Chris, and Viktor ignores him.

Yuuri, for his part, thinks that Famous Viktor Nikifoorv is just having his fun with him–and he’s totally alright with that. He is, frankly, having the time of his life being allowed backstage and eating at 400-dollar buffets and following Viktor up to penthouse hotel rooms. And yes, he falls in love with Viktor. but it was bound to happen. And sometimes when Viktor is holding him or kissing him or just touching him, he feels like maybe Viktor feels the same. But that’s impossible, because Yuuri is a dime-a-dozen wannabe singer and Viktor is a multiplatinum, ultra famous recording artist.

It takes a long time for Viktor to actually sit down and explain using his words that a peaceful, comfortable life with someone he loves is all Viktor has ever wanted.

“We could live anywhere,” Viktor tells him. “I have houses in LA, London, Saint Petersburg–we could go to Japan, if you waned. Or someplace totally new! I hear Cancun is great, or we could go to Australia, or New Zealand–”

And Yuuri is just dumbstruck, because Viktor Nikiforov is standing in front of him offering him the world, and all Yuuri has ever wanted is the man himself–this man who wears his hair long and his pants tight and has an entire wing of his house dedicated to his dog, and who once took Yuuri honest-to-God camping in the woods even though TMZ would implode on itself if they ever got wind of the fact that Viktor Nikiforov willingly removed himself from social media for six minutes, let alone six days.

And Viktor, because he’s Viktor, introduces Yuuri to the world by bringing him onstage with him at Madison Square Garden and singing an acoustic duet of Stay Close to Me with him.

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Hey do you know some Taegi where they are in school and they hate each other or one of them is a badboy and the other no?

I’m sorry for the delayed answer!🙏

Highschool AU+Enemies to Lovers:

The Red Bullet by Tracemaker

Taehyung, the kid who was bullied, harassed and humiliated, is blamed for something he didn’t do and is forced to go to a private “boarding school” where he becomes V.

At this point, he’s positive he isn’t going to survive. Especially because the legitimate rebels of the facility are keeping an eye on him.

Chopin: Op.74, No.6 by roachprince

Cool drummer kid Taehyung has no business making out with boring pianists like Yoongi. At least that’s what he pretends at first.

Badboy AU:

Astronomy in Reverse by syubology

Soff domestic drivel in which Yoongi is a burrito and also convinced there are supernatural forces at work in Taehyung’s apartment.

Badboy and tattoos by Dennysaur

yoongi is a badboy, that’s it.

hot mess (and i’m falling for you) by roachprince

(you’ve got me hypnotized)

Taehyung thinks Yoongi is cute in the fuckable way.

Yoongi thinks Taehyung is an asshole.

(you think you’re hot shit

and ooh, i love it, i love it)

About Art by linkedsoulandhurricane (LinkedSoul)

“I don’t know what game you’re playing not to look worried, Thief, but you’re going to die in thirty days.”

“Yeah. I’m aware. It’s the procedure here.” He pouts. “I don’t even get a trial.”

“You’re a Baepsaen Thief,” D shrugs. “Thieves trying to steal the royal castle get thrown into jails. Baepsaen Thieves trying to steal the royal castle get executed.”

“No, they get thrown in jails and they remain stuck with a grumpy Agust, and then they get executed.”

D frowns. “You should shut up.”

(or Taehyung is a Thief who just got imprisoned, and during the thirty days preceding his execution Yoongi is guarding him. And it happens Taehyung hates silence, but is always up for a debate about the goal of art.)

extra plus ordinary by taegikook

taehyung causes trouble just so he can visit and get under yoongi’s skin; yoongi thinks he’s crazy.


yoongi needs his peace to properly perform his job so he goes on a date with taehyung

- M