Let's go marimba tipping.

At the begin of this marching season I used the marimba we call the Jank Tank because it’s like 60 years old and its serial number is like 30. But it’s still alive and works okayish. However it does not have off road wheels like our others. So I was rolling it down the sidewalk at band camp when the tiny wheel gets off the edge, gets caught on a pipe sticking up from the ground and the mARIMBA TIPPED OVER.I DROPPED A MARIMBA?????? 

I almost cried because I was so scared that I broke it


The frame came unhinged and the bars fell off and I was so panicked omfg.

But it was okay (THANK GOD)

and that’s the story of how I almost killed the indestructible jank tank 

I vow to never tip over a marimba again.