cymbals appreciation post

because we’re not real instruments or that “anyone can play the cymbals”

also because we’re the only alive cymbal line in my school district. 

day one on the job? i couldn’t raise my arms after. cymbals aren’t light to the extent of holding them up for extended periods of time and crashing and such. if you don’t believe me, try doing scarecrows. not fun. mine weigh about 5 pounds each, but when you’re holding hi-hats for snares, it’s 10 pounds on one hand. do this while marching in time, backwards in parades. some cymbals weigh more, too, and they make them look so light. 

look at their toned arms, and the insane visuals they do. 

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going along with “anyone can play the cymbals, its just like banging pots and pans together” but not. it isn’t. we tried teaching multiple people who were like “cymbals are so easy” the cadence with visuals and they couldn’t after a minute. 

ok but everyone in cymbal line has huge bruises on their arm and on their stomachs because they accidentally pinch themselves crashing, doing hi-hat snaps, and sliding. i have some near my underarm area from choking crashes too.

cymbals are amazing instruments. they are just as important as any other instrument in pit, drum line, and the band.

(^ hella rad video scv cymbal line video and insane visuals ^)

Hey you! Yeah, you!

Boys can play flute!
Girls can play trombone!
Boys can play viola!
Girls can play drumline!
Boys can play bells!
Girls can play electric guitar!
Anyone can play literally whatever the fuck they want!

Don’t give in to the trap of gendering instruments! Anyone can play any instrument, and your instrument doesn’t invalidate your gender!

  • friend: hey do you wanna chill with me later
  • me, a color guard intellectual: we don't chill 🙅🏻 too busy grindin 😈all day at practice 😤 💯 we out here spinnin 🏳 at band camp 🎺🎷🥁 every day hustlin 👊🏻 🏃🏻‍♀️

“You don’t choose the Chologuard life, the Chologuard life chooses you.”

The Instruments As Shit My Band Members Pulled On The Disney Trip
  • piccolos: ate a flower off a bush in the line for splash mountain on a dare
  • flutes: pretended little sister was invisible for entire week
  • clarinets: got separated from girlfriend on bus for pda...ten minutes into the trip
  • saxophones: put hands up on space mountain despite warnings and smashed them on a beam
  • trumpets: overslept and had to be picked up at house the morning we left
  • mellophones: pet a pelican on beach and got bitten, continued to attempt to pet random birds the rest of the week
  • trombones: started sobbing hysterically at the end of back to the future
  • baritones: tried to bring a pair of pliers into the parks, got them through animal kingdom but they got taken away at epcot
  • tubas: found a coconut lying on the beach, then smashed it open and ate it
  • pit percussion: brought a logging chain on the bus and pulled it out to slam it on the seats as accompaniment to the songs in movies
  • drum line: reached back to hold girlfriend's hand on splash mountain but grabbed the chaperone's instead...and didn't notice for almost five minutes
  • color guard: left out the emergency door of a mcdonald's which summoned the police and set off the alarm
  • drum majors: climbed up into luggage compartment of bus and crawled down it through everyone's carry on bags
The sections as quotes from marching season

Director: “I will not hesitate to come down off of this tower and personally out march every single one of you”

Drum Major: “I can tell it’s a good performance when I almost fall off the podium”

Piccolo/Flute: “Put your phone away” *pulls out phone*

Clarinet: “Another one? That’s the third reed I’ve broken this week!”

Low reeds: “If you miss your set just give ‘em the old razzle dazzle”

Saxophone: “Get your feet on the beat or I’ll break your legs”

Mellophone: *2 hours into rehearsal* “I just realized that I left my mouth piece in my case”

Trumpet: “let’s take everything up an octave and see how long it takes the director to notice” *cracks every note*

Trombone: “Is this your first time playing trombone? You know more positions in bed than on your horn”

Baritone: “JUST DO IT”


Drumline: “I don’t know why it’s so hard to get your feet on the beat when you’re playing QUARTER NOTES”

Pit/Front Ensemble: “You don’t even have to march WHY ARE YOU RUSHING?”

Color Guard: “No, sir. We can’t practice today it’s kinda windy.”



Who You Should Fight: Marching Band Edition


who wins: them

don’t do it.  don’t fight the piccolo player.  just don’t.


who wins: them

they were told you were challenging them for first chair. run while you still can.


who wins: them

threaten you with their register key.  forfeit for the sake of all.


who wins: them

you are promptly deemed a “nerd” and stuffed in a band locker by the entire section even though you only wanted to fight one of them.

low reeds

who wins: no one

 you yell increasingly bad sexual innuendos at each other across the band room for twenty minutes until you both get tired and go home.


who wins: them

punches you in the face repeatedly on the offbeats of a sousa march playing in the background.


who wins: you and then them

you win the fight easily while they’re giving their villainous monologue.  entire trumpet section later jumps you in a dark hallway for disgracing one of their own.


who wins: no one

they get distracted halfway through the fight and wander off.

low brass

who wins: them

you mock them by making farting noises with your lips.  they punch you in the stomach with their abnormally strong arms.  you can’t breath properly for days.

pit percussion

who wins: you

pretend like you can’t tell the vibes, marimba, and xylophone apart.  wait until they’re blind with rage, then run them over with the closest wheeled pit equipment.


who wins: them

show up to the fight with a shank fashioned out of a broken drum stick.  proceed to kick ass.

drum major

who wins: them

calls you to attention (you can’t disobey!) and then waits until you faint from exhaustion.

color guard

who wins: them

have you ever watched one of these fuckers on the field?  you’re screwed.

band director

who wins: them

just when you think you’ve won, they get up smiling and say “one more time!”

Instruments as sayings from our band director
  • Flute: if I kill you, will you be more in tune?
  • Clarinet: If I had a dollar for every time the second chair clarinet squeaks in rehearsal, I would be God
  • Saxophone: Do you know what a C# is? I feel like I'm talking to a hedgehog
  • Trombone: Oh, you messed up that chord. What if I messed up your grade for this class?
  • Trumpet: If only our band was as big as a trumpet's ego
  • French Horn: Why can't you just pay attention? I'm a pretty person, that should be enough
  • Percussion: I could replace you with monkeys and I would get the same quality of music, but more entertainment
  • Guitar: You belong in a baguette shop