The Sections At 1 AM The Night Before A Competition
  • flutes/piccolos:asleep scattered across the floor of someone's bedroom wearing matching sweatpants.
  • clarinets:moodily playing pokémon
  • alto saxophones:all at walmart separately because they all think they're the ones responsible for treat bags and forgot until now. never see each other and each get like ten treat bags the next morning. confused but happy.
  • low reeds:finding more ways to hide dirty jokes on their section hoodies.
  • trumpets:practicing their "marching face" in the mirror to make it suitably focused and serious yet smoldering.
  • mellophones:trying to figure out how to attach a large sign to their instrument that says "it's a mellophone, not an exceptionally large trumpet." they are doomed to fail and the masses remain uneducated.
  • trombones:frantically trying to fix their instrument from attempting to pop to the box in their bedroom with the slide as far down as possible and slamming into the ceiling.
  • baritones/euphoniums:reflecting bitterly on all the times the tubas have upstaged them. vow to never let it happen again.
  • tubas/sousaphones:standing in front of a mirror trying to figure out precisely which angle at which to tip their beret to look the most roguish.
  • pit percussion:still loading their equipment on the band truck even though they started after school; one of them is missing for no reason.
  • drum line:performing a ritual sacrifice.
  • color guard:already doing their hair. still almost don't get done in time.
  • drum majors:practicing their salute 40,098 times, then making sure they don't "stand weird" while conducting.
Drum Talk
  • What we say:No no, you gotta watch the E's and the UH's and make sure you clean up that chuguhdut chuguhdut part, Just gotta make sure you watch the accents : 1 E and UH TWO e AND UH; you know? Oh and make sure that section doesn't rush: the 1 AND AND AND AND AND 4 AND, 1 E AND 2 and UH 3 E AND 4... Right?
  • What people think we're saying:你好你发胖的混蛋你大概翻译看它是否真正意味着什么?

I think my favorite part about watching drum corps shows is the ending. not because is the big hit at the end or anything like that. Its because of the faces the performers make at the end of the show. Some people cry, some have a sense of pride about them, some have a stupid cheesy smile. The list goes on and on. I just think it is beautiful. 

The Instruments As Shit My Band Members Pulled On The Disney Trip
  • piccolos:ate a flower off a bush in the line for splash mountain on a dare
  • flutes:pretended little sister was invisible for entire week
  • clarinets:got separated from girlfriend on bus for pda...ten minutes into the trip
  • saxophones:put hands up on space mountain despite warnings and smashed them on a beam
  • trumpets:overslept and had to be picked up at house the morning we left
  • mellophones:pet a pelican on beach and got bitten, continued to attempt to pet random birds the rest of the week
  • trombones:started sobbing hysterically at the end of back to the future
  • baritones:tried to bring a pair of pliers into the parks, got them through animal kingdom but they got taken away at epcot
  • tubas:found a coconut lying on the beach, then smashed it open and ate it
  • pit percussion:brought a logging chain on the bus and pulled it out to slam it on the seats as accompaniment to the songs in movies
  • drum line:reached back to hold girlfriend's hand on splash mountain but grabbed the chaperone's instead...and didn't notice for almost five minutes
  • color guard:left out the emergency door of a mcdonald's which summoned the police and set off the alarm
  • drum majors:climbed up into luggage compartment of bus and crawled down it through everyone's carry on bags

Hey, everyone! I’m back from my hiatus! I know I said I wouldn’t be back for a while, but something important came up and I think the tumblr community still feels very strongly about this. Some of you may remember my blog post from about 6 months ago about the neighbors of my high school and how they treat the band: http://oh-yeah-marching-band.tumblr.com/post/103908813624/please-help-spread-the-word-this-needs-to-stop

Well, today, one of the neighbors called the cops as she was walking down the street with a small child (not even at her house) and came into the parking lot while on her phone still right in front of the band parents as the band was taking parade laps for the upcoming Memorial Day parade. Here’s the rest of the story:

Today was the first time playing outdoors since the last neighbor incident. We were outside in the daylight at about 3:50pm (NOT 9pm). This was one last rehearsal to try to get used to the heat and marching after 6 months off from marching and getting some first timers used to playing and moving in parade formation. Unfortunately, it was cut a bit short by a visit from one of the neighbors and then the cops. The cop was just doing his job. We decided to just go inside and pack up while the band director talked to the police officer.

We were playing a medley of America the Beautiful, God Bless America, The Star Spangled Banner, and other patriotic favorites. Such a great arrangement done by our very own band director.

With that being said, please come show your support this Sunday at Rahway’s annual Memorial Day Parade! We’d love to see your smiling faces. Sure, many kids our age would rather be partying, going to the beach, or just hang around and be lazy, but our students feel honored to be invited to march and would rather perform in this parade each year to honor those who have served and sacrificed their lives to make ours possible. It is just our way of giving thanks and carrying on a tradition set and based off of military bands from even before our country existed. None of this seems like a crime to me. #SaveTheRahwayMarchingBand

The Instruments as Pokémon Go Players
  • piccolo:wants everyone to look at their pokémon's witty names, doesn't wear the right shoes for walking, lurks in public spaces
  • flute:spends so much time researching tips they haven't played the game yet, wants to win, angry they can't
  • clarinet:hasn't slept since the app came out, sunburned, crazed look overall
  • saxophone:threatens to physically beat up member of another team, drives instead of walking, intense af
  • trumpet:spends more time talking to other players than playing, won't stop mentioning their powerful teams in the ds games, wearing ash ketchum's baseball cap
  • mello:yells at people not wearing shorts, wades into bodies of water for a good catch, very devoted
  • trombone:takes too many photos of themselves with pokémon using virtual reality, has sound effects on full blast in public spaces, generally living it up
  • tuba:brings food with them just in case, runs out of phone battery four miles away from their house, camps out until someone comes looking for them
  • pit percussion:that person who threw their actual phone to try and catch a charmander, afraid of finding a dead body, confused but excited about this
  • drum line:owns every gym in town, moves as a pack, dangerous
  • drum major:trying valiantly, their mother has already caught more pokémon than them, frustrated