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au where quark’s bar has a horrible animatronic band

Hi everyone sorry i took so long to make the instruments…Here’s some progress so far, since it was a old mod i made i wanted to edited it a bit. (i had to resize the “Double bass, Cello, Violin & Music sheet stand” since it was to big)

I don’t plan on making a lot of instruments…since i’m kinda lazy

Also eemie has already made a really nice Celesta in her Classy new interior mod so i decided not to included a piano with my Instruments set. (*´_ゝ`)

Sometimes I feel hollow inside, like an empty drum. I work, I talk to people, I laugh, I do things to keep busy… but it all feels so empty. It’s a purposeless routine… I have no real direction and I can’t see my life changing any time soon. I know this is better than the constant agony I used to feel when you first left but sometimes I wonder – Is this what ‘getting better’ is?… Is this all it will ever be… this emptiness?
I know you shouldn’t believe that a person can complete you. You’re supposed to be a complete person on your own… and I was… I always have been… But I wasn’t a HAPPY person. I just sort of ‘existed’ and did things because that’s what you’re supposed to do…
But I never felt inspired by anything and I was never really happy until I met you. And it’s hard to let go of that. It’s something so many people take for granted every day and I absolutely cherished every second of it… but losing it was hard. And I’m doing my best… I tell myself “head up, don’t cry, and look ahead not behind” but even my own laughter sounds different now… false and hollow as it echoes around my empty chest.
And those are times it’s hardest not to miss you, when I’m smiling or laughing on the outside but feeling so little on the inside and I ask myself; is this really getting better? Or is this just the numbness you feel when you’ve felt too much pain for too long?
—  Ranata Suzuki 

Kinda a WIP.

After Old Xian’s rockstar pics from the four, I couldn’t resist….
Boyband, with He Tian as the frontman…? I bet his voice is deep, raspy, smokey, sexy as fuck. (I absolutely don’t know how to draw drums or guitars or a stage, so don’t mind the mistakes, pls *laughs*)

Now for one which I’m immensely proud of. This is an idea that I’ve wanted to do for a long time before I finished it a couple of months ago. It’s a 29-minute tone poem depicting three different scenes in Norway. I should make clear the weird irony that I am not Norwegian, nor have I ever been to the country – unfortunately – but I absolutely love the country. The three images of nature “shown” are Trollkirka (0:00), Geirangerfjorden (7:58) and Nordlyset (14:26) and I encourage you to Google image search them.

In the piece I’ve made extensive use of motifs. The first one that appears is in the celli and basses at the beginning, and I call this the traveller motif. This reappears in every section, but developed. In the 2nd section the melody has been turned into a waltz in the major. In the 3rd section it turns into a single chord that gradually builds. Another motif that any Norwegian will recognise is the Norwegian national anthem Ja, vi elsker dette landet, fragments of which are strewn throughout. The piece even ends with a harmonisation of the full national anthem in A-flat major, the parallel major to the G-sharp minor we begin in. Each section also has its own motifs, such as a very hidden obscure transmogrification of Here Comes the Bride used in the 1st section to represent the kirka (church) aspect of Trollkirka. Finally, I have striven to make every little bit correspond to a narrative in my mind, be it an episode of being chased by trolls, a display of the flora and fauna of the fjord, or the aurora borealis rising into the sky.

I’m most proud of this work because firstly I’ve managed to create 29 minutes of minutes which I don’t think get boring, and secondly I think the music does accurate represent the images I wanted to depict.

As a final note, good luck ever trying to get this performed: my percussion section for this is timpani, vibraphone, xylophone, tubular bells, triangle, crash cymbals, suspended cymbal, tam-tam, snare drum, bass drum, celesta and harp.

Richard B. (@you-had-me-at-e-flat-major)

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‘Where the Streets Have No Name’ came together in a bit of a rush the evening before we were due to start recording again…I was recording onto a four-track tape machine, working alone, sequencing keyboards to the drum machine.  I was starting to get desperate and thinking about the next tour.  I imagined being at a U2 show and tried to dream-up what I would want to hear.  It was my attempt to conjure up the ultimate U2 live-song.  It was a strange feeling when I finished the rough mix, because I thought I had just come up with the most amazing guitar part and song of my life, but I was totally alone in a big house with no one to share it with.  I remember listening to the complete silence of the house for a few seconds after the music had stopped and then doing a dance around the room punching the air.  Then I went home.

The Edge, U2 by U2

lmao that is the most adorable thing I have ever heard I love Edge so much

he is totally my spirit animal

also did this dude literally just spontaneously decide one evening “I’m going to write the best live song ever, like, THE quintessential song that will define U2 concerts forever henceforth,” and then just like…sat down and…did that??? in one night??? how

like damn son, if Edge had been around Italy in whatever BC, Rome WOULD have been built in a day

“I can sing!!”

Saw this post and I didn’t recognize the lyrics were from “Total Eclipse of the Heart” right off the bat. So I ended up looking up the music video and I couldn’t stop myself from drawing Pearl doing her own version of it bc it was so ridiculously her. (Also I imagine the Holo-Pearls sing like they’re Siri it would be perfect)

The Signs as Witches

Aries: leader, brazen, creative, original, youthful, passionate - An Arian witch is very similar to their element, Fire: they are quick, driven and uncontrollable. They are leaders and often bring together witches to take the place of their leader. Arians initiate, they create, they are the ember. Creation is their art. The art of manifestation comes naturally to them. But, like Fire, so does destruction. They have the tendency to rush and use brute force rather than finesse in their spells. Tangible spells are more comfortable to them.

Taurus: faithful, steady, earth, healing, growth, natural, balanced - Taurean witches are strong and independent. They keep very detailed records and notes in their Book of Spells. They work with the earth and plants, taking advantage of the nature surrounding them. They know what plants are safe to eat and how to use them not only in magic but in medicine. They make potions and tinctures, this is their art. They speak with the spirits of the forest; the nymphs and fae are their guides. Their craft is highly physical, much like the other Earth Signs.

Gemini: bold, adaptable, fringe, logical, united, chaotic, innovative - Gemini witches work in covens or, at the very least, find partners to work with. Despite this, they march to the beat of their own drum. They make their own spells and have books upon books full of them. Sigils decorate their bodies, from head to toe. Their craft is focused on verbal incantations and movement. Meditation and astral projection are employed regularly and thus mastered by these witches.

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cross-the-oceans-in-my-mind  asked:

Hey, it's me from the band question thingy, haha. Thanks to your advice, I've been able to write situations like practices or performances less awkwardly now. However, something that gets to me is describing what's going on with the instruments and such. Like guitars, drums, bass and such. Could you give some advice on describing their sounds and movements?

Hey again, love!  I’m very happy that advice helped you :D  After I wrote it, I was all nervous about it because I wasn’t sure if it was the direction you wanted.  But I’m glad it worked!

This is a pretty broad question, because every instrument is different and it really depends on how deep you want to go into it.  You can get away with basic information, or you can really get into the specifics of a few instruments.  I’ll just cover the basics of the instruments you mentioned: guitar, bass, and drums.

Describing Musical Instruments

So I’m gonna describe each instrument with a little information on the instrument itself, its contribution to the overall sound, some common terminology, and the roles of each player in the band dynamic.  Sorry if it gets a little lengthy – I’ll try my best to condense a lot of information!

Guitar – Electric and Acoustic

The guitar is often considered the “leading” instrument as its sound is most distinctive, and can function similarly to vocals in a song.  It is played by using the dominant hand to pluck the strings, and the non-dominant hand to make chords by pressing down certain strings along certain frets.  Common gear includes:

Acoustic Guitars: Guitar, electric tuner, capo, mic (onstage), string cleaner, picks, guitar case, shoulder strap

Electric Guitars: Guitar, electric tuner, capo, guitar cable, amp, amp cabinet, effects pedals (+ pedalboard for multiple pedals), string cleaner, guitar case, shoulder strap

There’s two types of playing: chord strumming and melody picking.  Melody picking involves picking out a melody one or two strings at a time; chord strumming involves using all the strings, silencing some strings, fretting (pressing down) some strings, and leaving some strings open (not pressed).

Chords are named A through G, referring to which note is the “top note” of the chord – plus different variations of these chords, which are known as major, minor, sharp, flat, suspended, diminished, and a few more.  The minor key is known for creating a more serious, somber feeling, while major is stereotypically cheery or positive.

While experienced musicians can often pick up a song by listening to it, most guitarists play using a chord sheet, which lists out chords on top of the corresponding lyrics.  Here’s an example:

So this is what guitarists will be looking at during practice, as well as listening to the drummer to maintain rhythm.  Throughout a song, the guitarist may give an opening “riff” or line of music unique to their instrument – they then strum throughout the song, usually shining most between verses and in the stereotypical guitar solo during the bridge of a song.  Many guitarists tap their foot or bob their head while strumming.  They’ll likely carry extra guitar picks in their pocket if they do (and they often do) drop a pick in the middle of a song.  At the end of practice, they’ll unplug, clean the sweat off their strings, and pack up.

Guitarists often double as singers, mainly because vocals and guitar both require a musical ear.  A guitarist needs a good sense of tone and rhythm, as well as good hand-eye coordination.  They’ll also need a certain amount of money to afford any of the aforementioned gear – for a decent guitar, amp, a couple pedals, and the works, the total price can start around $800 dollars.  And that’s not including extra stuff like new pickups, effects pedals, and a pedalboard!

For further reference, here’s a glossary of guitar terminology, as well as a more extensive guitar dictionary.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is considered one of the easiest instruments to learn, as it deals in mainly single-string plucking, making for less clumsy playing.  It’s considered a supplement to the sound as it’s not often identified (or even noticed) by the casual listener – mainly because it’s so low that it creates less of a noticeable sound and more of a feeling.  That feeling is what inspires the “party type” listener to turn up the bass, as it gives a satisfying vibration when the volume is turned up.

Bass interacts with the guitar as it typically plays one of the notes out of the guitar’s chord, at a much lower octave.  The bass line functions in two ways: as part of the rhythm section, and as harmony to the rest of the music.  Bass creates a “full” feeling to music which often goes unappreciated.

During a song, the bassist usually begins with the drums, as they work together to keep rhythm (see: slapping).  Bass can be as simple as hitting a note and letting it ring throughout each measure, or much more active with rapid picking and complicated bass lines.

The gear for a bass guitar is similar to that of an electric guitar – bass guitar, electric tuner, amp, amp cabinet, effects pedals, string cleaner, case, & shoulder strap.  Some bassists use picks; some use their fingers; some interchange depending on the song and the desired sound.  The overall price of a bass rig can vary depending on experience, but is typically a bit lower than the typical price of an intermediate guitar rig.  Think $600 and up.

Here’s a list of common bass terminology.

Drums – Electronic and Acoustic

Drums, both electronic and acoustic, are the backbone of music.  They require the most natural skill of any instrument, as a strong sense of rhythm can’t just be learned.  Drums are one of the only instruments that don’t involve notes and melody – some drummers are completely tone deaf!

Drummers can be quite removed, mentally, from the rest of the music for many reasons: because their instrument is very loud and overpowering to their ear; because they work mainly as a rhythmic leader, while others cue off them; and because the nature of their instrument is so different from others.

The main differences between electronic and acoustic drums are volume (acoustic drums are naturally louder), sound (electric drums can be set to have many different sounds/effects), and transportation (electric drums require sound gear, while acoustic drums are clumsier and more difficult to move). As far as gear goes:

Acoustic Drums: stool, five drums, four cymbals, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, drum stands, drum tuner, mutes, drum key wrench, drum rug

Electronic Drums: stool, five (smaller) drums, four cymbals, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, collapsible drum stands, sound cable, amp, drum rug

While acoustic drumsets are physically bigger and require more parts, they cost less than electronic drumsets.  Acoustic sets + gear come in at an average $800, while electronic sets + sound gear are more like $1000.  

A drummer doesn’t follow a chord sheet, which gives them more autonomy throughout the song.  But it also means they’ll need more direction/practice if they don’t know the song.  Throughout practice, a drummer usually counts off the song (by clacking their drumsticks) and plays from beginning to end.  There are times when the guitar begins the song, and the drummer hits the bass drum rhythmically until they come in.  A drummer’s equivalent of a “riff” is called a “fill”, and it usually occurs during the transition between measures or verses, rather than taking up full measures like a guitar riff.

Here’s a list of common drumming terminology.

That’s the best I can give you in one post, but if you want more in-depth information on one instrument, be sure to send another ask and I’ll help you out!  I grew up with all this information, so I might as well do something with it.

Thanks again for asking, and for your patience :)  Good luck!

- Mod Joanna ♥️

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

Solum Nox Tatooine
Eastonia (AndWhyJay)


So I delved into your Double Agent Vader ‘verse and couldn’t get out. Then I found your slave culture tag.

And then this happened.

So imagine that the easiest instruments to make would be drums and woodwinds. And these instruments are taken care of very carefully, as in Depur can’t take these away. I imagine that they are easy to disassemble and/or hide and that yes there are riotous, fun songs. With leaps and bounds and backflips.

But then there are songs like these.

Songs that are a little wistful, a little clumsy. Songs that have a surprisingly strong heartbeat.

Songs that echo into the desert night and mourn a freedom that they have yet to know.

smitten // josh dun

Requested by an adorable anon 💕

“The yellow hair makes me smile silly,” you whispered to your friend Tyler as the two of you watched your friend Josh on the drums. He was yet to notice the pair of you staring at him, taking in his every move. Tyler was tapping along to the beat as you stared heart eyed at the yellow haired boy.

“That’s the only reason he picked that color. He knew you’d like it,” Tyler whispered back, his eyes still fixated on his best friend. You crinkled your eyebrows as you looked at Tyler.

“No he didn’t. He told me it was a random pick out of a hat,” you said, and Tyler looked over at you.

“Just because he told you that doesn’t mean it’s the truth,” he grinned mischievously. You felt your cheeks grow red at the thought of Josh dyeing his hair yellow for you, and quickly looked back at the boy drumming. His arms worked perfectly over the drum set, and his arms flexed with every beat. 

“You’re drooling, Y/n,” Tyler teased you, and before you could retort he had walked off. You rolled your eyes, but quickly wiped your lips with the back of your hand just in case. Josh looked up and locked eye contact with you, and you smiled shyly. You quickly waved at him, your long jumper sleeve enveloping your fingers and making your hand disappear. You quickly pulled your arm back down, a tint of red crossing your cheeks.

Josh suddenly started to hit his drums aimlessly, his drumsticks flying out of his hands as he continued to stare at you. You tried to hide your laughter as he quickly picked up the sticks in an embarrassed fashion. He stroked his fingers through his hair in an attempt to make up for the failure, but instead lost his footing and stumbled a few steps. You giggled as he regained his balance, and quickly sat down to hide his red face.

You ran off to grab a drink of water, your brain whirling with all the things Josh did that made you smile. You could no longer hear Josh’s drumming, and assumed he had stopped practicing for today. A small potted plant sat next to the water fountain, and you carefully picked a yellow flower from it’s branches. You tucked the flower above your ear and smiled, wondering if Josh would notice the color choice.

As you walked back towards the stage you heard Tyler’s laughter pouring out from one of the dressing rooms, so you quickly bounced off in the direction of your friend. As you reached the dressing room door however you heard another voice whispering. It didn’t take you long to realize it was Josh.

“…and then she waved and her sleeve went all floppy. It was so cute, and I immediately forgot what I was doing and lost my drum sticks. She probably thinks I’m insane.”

You pressed your ear against the door and listened carefully, Tyler’s voice beginning to speak reassuring words back to his best friend.

“I honestly don’t think she thinks of you as insane. You’re so damn smitten, it’s hilarious.”

You heard Josh chuckle quietly, and you smiled to yourself. However before you could hide your happiness you heard footsteps, and the door to the dressing room flung open. You toppled forwards into Josh’s arms, and he grabbed you before you hit the floor. Carefully he pulled you back onto you feet, his features full of confusion.

“Sorry, I was just about to come in,” you mumbled, and Josh smiled back at you.

“No worries. I like your flower, Y/n,” Josh beamed, before heading out of the room. You were slightly embarrassed, but you turned to Tyler with a small grin on your lips. Tyler just smiled back at you.

The Loser’s Club As A Band HC’s

~The whole idea of became a sort of joke between the seven of them when Richie doodled a note, rolled it into a ball and threw it at Beverly in detention once. The paper read his bright idea ‘We should start a band!’ 

~Beverly thinks it’s hysterical and makes up mock band t-shirts that the seven of them wear all the time. People eventually start asking them if The Losers Club™ is a real band. 

~Richie gets everyone pissed when he says yes and ‘accidentally’ books them a frickin’ gig that’s in 2 months. 

~They’re not about to cancel so they start going to practice in Bill’s garage to work with what they got. Richie can sort of play the guitar, Beverly has decent pipes, Stan can play the keyboards, Bill is learning the bass, Mike is rhythm guitar, Ben is the manager because he is “Actually responsible, Richie!”

~I’ve seen this before and I agree with my whole heart, tiny feisty Eddie is working the drums! The boy is pounding out all his stress. (He’s doing his best to learn all he can about the drums in 2 months).

~”If you can’t catch the sticks, stop throwing them Eddie.”

~”You have to learn by practicing, Stanley.”

~They have to make a small set list and they can’t agree because they are seven dorks. Finally Ben has to come in and settle everyone by calling for a round of voting. 

~The finalize their list, practice their asses off, Stan ‘quits’ 8 times, Mike masters how to actually look cool when performing. 

~Richie gets real jealous of that.

~”From the very beginning, we said I’m the front man and you’re the guitarist with mystique. That’s the dynamic we agreed on!” Richie quotes one of his favorite movies. 

~”Stop quoting ‘Almost Famous’ at me and just step up your game!” Mike teases. 

~The gig rolls around and Eddie is supremely ready to back out because he has not practiced anywhere near long enough to hold an entire show. Bill does his best to calm the guy because they’re about to go on. 

~Richie lives and breathes stage performance. This boy is having the time of his life taking the stage. Eddie playfully tells him that he looks like “If Mick Jagger got electrocuted!”

~Beverly is much more calm and aloof. She owns the place just by looking at the audience. 

~Bev and Richie knock their duet out of the park. 

~Beverly clutches the mic stand and smirks as she sings with Stevie Nick’s voice playing in her mind,  “Baby you’ll come knocking on my front door, Same old line you used to use before. I said ya, well, what am I supposed to do, I didn’t know what I was getting into-”

~Richie uses all his rocker impressions combined to establish his own style to join in “So you’ve had a little trouble in town, Now you’re keeping some demons down-”

~”Stop draggin’ my, Stop draggin’ my, Stop draggin’ my heart around”

~Stan slays the keyboards and there is thunderous applause.  

~Stan gets the chance to rock the place with ‘Pressure’ by Billy Joel (He is freaking out with nerves the entire time but he is amazing).

~Mike just has to wink at the audience and they just lose their minds, honestly this boy. 

~During a break, someone asks Richie if he and Beverly are dating and he can’t stop laughing. So when they go back on stage, Richie makes it very clear that they aren’t by basically making out with Eddie. 

~They have a big finish with Tom Petty & The Heartbreaker’s ‘Even The Losers’

~They bring Ben on stage it literally just becomes a mess of the seven of them just having the time of their lives. Bill likes to hang back though just in case Eddie feels left out behind the drums. 

~Ben starts planning more gigs for them.