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So the gig I went to tonight was amazing and a friend that came with me had never been to a metal concert before, she was amazed at the atmosphere while standing around a bunch of sweaty, screaming people, watching all of us headbanging and she is now addicted so im going to bring her with me to Metallica cause I know how amazing the crowd can be 💕

Almost Radical - Systems

Well, it’s been a couple years since I made a DnB mix… Enjoy :)

01. London Electricity - Artificial Skin (ft. Keeno)
02. Technicolour, Komatic, & LSB - Rotary Motion
03. Artificial Intelligence - What You Had (ft. Steo) (Lenzman remix)
04. ActRaiser - Full Moon
05. Etherwood - You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me (Pola & Bryson remix)
06. Voltage - Suspicious
07. James Zabiela - Perseverance (S.P.Y remix)
08. Mark System - Twenty Feet Up
09. Etherwood - Souvenirs (ft. Zara Kershaw) (Ulterior Motive remix)
10. Jaydan - Sorrow
11. June Miller - Further Seems Forever
12. Subwave - Stars Get Down
13. Maduk & Nymfo - Africa
14. Keeno - One More Moment (ft. Cepasa)
15. Ed:It - Centre Suite
16. Technimatic - Sphere
17. Hybrid Minds - Mountains (ft. Jasmine Spence) (Dexcell remix)
18. Nymbus - Blossom
19. Fred V & Grafix - Bladerunner (Loko remix)
20. Blinkie - Don’t Give Up (On Love) (Frankee remix)
21. State Of Mind - Bigger Faster Stronger
22. North Base - Join The Dots
23. Krakota - Spin The Bottle
24. Enei - Hotplate
25. Breakage - Kill Dem
26. Hyroglifics - No Drama
27. Mutated Forms - Abandoned
28. Rockwell - Dizzle
29. Stray - Eazy Boy

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How do you clean your chakras?

I think u must be confusing terms. Chakras don’t get dirty, they get under active or over active.

depending on the energy center you can help it boost the under active ones by different types of meditation, exercise, foods etc.

as for the over active ones there is no need to balance them because they are compensating for the under active ones.

here are some ways that help you get back in alignment

ifu r focused on any specific one u can use these exercises

Crown Chakra Exercises

Chakracise your crown chakra through prayer or meditation.

Brow Chakra Exercises Chakracise your brow chakra with visualization, remote viewing, and lucid dreaming.

Throat Chakra Exercises Chakracise your throat chakra by gargling with saltwarer, singing, or screaming.

Heart Chakra Exercises Chakracise your heart chakra by doing push ups, swimming (breast stroke), and hugging yourself.

Solar Plexus Chakra Exercises Chakracise your solar plexus chakra by dancing (do The Twist, hoola hooping, and belly dancing).

Sacral Chakra Exercises Chakrasise your sacral chakra with pelvic thrusts and circular pelvis movements

Root Chakra Exercises Chakracise your root chakra by stomping your feel upon the ground, marching in place, and doing squats.

Aura Cleansing Exercises Chakracise your aura by cleansing it by showering, soaking an epsom salt bath, smudging with sage wand, or deep cleansing breaths.

The tutor - Ashton Irwin [fluff]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “You tutor his younger sibling and he has a crush on you so he walks around the house without a shirt and tries to show off etc and his sib lets it slip that he likes you”

A/N: I chose Ashton for this because he has siblings anyway so I wouldn’t have to create characters

Word Count - 990

“Thank you for starting on such short notice,” Anne-Marie grins when you step inside the Irwin hose.

“No problem Ms. Irwin,” you beam adjusting the straps on your backpack.

“Oh, please it’s Anne,” she says. “I would have asked you to start next week but Lauren has a maths test in a few days so I’d like you to start on that if that’s okay?”

“Of course, that’s what I’m here for,” you smile.

“We’ll pay you by the hour, there’s food in the kitchen, ask Lauren if you need anything,” she continues. “I need to go out for a while, I’ll be back before you leave hopefully, her little brother Harry should be entertained in is room and Ashton is old enough to hopefully not be a hassle, do you know Ashton?”

“I think he’s in the year above mine,” you say with a nod.

“Ah, well I’ll leave you to it, she’s in the kitchen, down the hall and to the left,” she tells you.

You sit down with her after greeting her and look over the maths book she has, it’s all pretty simple stuff so it wouldn’t be that difficult to teach.

“I’m off to practice in garage,” a voice practically explodes into the room 5 minutes later.

You look up to see a tall curly haired boy walking into the room, his hoodie hanging limp on his shoulders to show a bare, and toned, torso.

“Oh, I didn’t know we had company, s-sorry,” he stutters, twisting a pair of drumsticks around in his hands. “I can practice later”

“Oh, don’t stop on my account,” you insist, “I’m just the tutor, I’m [Y/N]”

You hold out a hand for him to shake, “A-ashton”

Quickly he escapes, skipping off through the door to the garage.

“Will that be a problem?” you ask Lauren.

She shakes her head, “He still doesn’t know we basically sound proofed that place”

Throughout the tutoring session there is a slight buzz of a drum beat through the house that doesn’t bother you. You’re there for two hours, before you pack up and get ready to leave.

“Tell your mother to call me to arrange the next session,” you tell Lauren.

As you’re about to leave the kitchen in walks Ashton, now without the hoodie and pretty much drenched in sweat.

“Leaving so soon?” he smirks.

“Yeah, but don’t worry I’ll be back some time,” you smile.

He appears to flex as you move past him making you stifle a giggle.

“You’re an idiot,” you hear Lauren say as you leave.

You return for another session a few days later, only to be interrupted by Ashton once more.

“Back so soon [Y/N]?” he smirks. “You’d think that you have a crush on me”

“In your dreams, Ashton, now if you don’t mind I’d like to get back to teaching your sister, her history test in next week,” you sigh with a smile.

“I should get you to tutor me, you seem pretty smart,” he says.

“I’d sooner tutor Harry,” you chuckle.

Still, you can’t help but watch as he reaches up to grab something from a cupboard, revealing much of his over back.

“Eyes front soldier,” Lauren whispers kicking you under the table.

This odd flirty behavior continues for a while, a few weeks in fact. You doing your best to ignore Ashton and get on with your work while he shows off every talent he has at his disposal from sports to music.

“Oh, here for another session are we?” you hear Ashton’s voice say as you approach the front door.

You turn to your side to see him opening the garage, shirtless once more (which you’re not opposed to) with a bandanna keeping the sweaty hair out of his eyes.

“Getting a little hot in there is it?” you ask.

“Care to take a look?” he asks, with a smug look on his face.

“I’m not supposed to be here for another 5 minutes so I guess it wouldn’t hurt”

You walk into the garage and see that he’s made himself a little studio with guitars, a drum set, sound system, it’s pretty cool actually.

“Care to give me a concert?” you test.

He shrugs, “Sure”

He sits down and seems to make up on the spot some basic rhythm.

“You think you could teach me anything?” you tilt your head.

“I could try”

He pats his leg and you sit down, his hands grip yours taking the drumsticks in your hands too as he begins to drum with you at a slow pace.

“Ashton, have you seen-” Lauren quickly asks opening the garage door. “Oh sorry, it’s just you’re usually on time”

“Sorry, I kept her, we were just having so much fun,” Ashton says in a sassy tone.

“Let’s get gong, is it English today?” you stand and leave Ashton alone in the garage.

You’re in the house for a little longer this time, 3 hours, and just before you’re about to leave you are joined in the kitchen by Ashton once more.

“How’s it going?”

“No,” Lauren says suddenly.

“No what?” you laugh.

“I will not stand for this flirty behavior again,” she turns to her older brother, “Just tell her”

“Tell me what?” you raise an eyebrow.

“Lauren, you promised,” Ashton has a serious look in his eye.

That’s when the third Irwin steps into the room.

“Harry do you know what they’re not telling me?” you ask.

“What about Ashton having a crush on you? I thought it was pretty obvious,” he says nonchalantly, grabbing a bottle of water.

“Harry!” Ashton shrieks.

You check your watch, your cheeks heating up, “I, uh, I’d better be going”

Before you can reach the bottom of the driveway you hear Ashton yelling your name. You turn to see him running after you and all of a sudden his lips are on yours.

“I had to risk it”


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5 year old Eduarda Henklein cover’s System of a Down’s “Chop Suey” on drums. 

hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah