drum punk


M49/57 submachine gun

Manufactured by Zastava Arms for the Yugoslav People’s Army.
7,62x25mm Tokarev 71-round removable drum magazine, open bolt blowback select fire, sexy heat shield.

Despite the external resemblance and interchangeable magazines, this gun is more similar to the excellent Beretta M/38 than the Soviet PPSh-41.


Meanwhile in Zaragoza, Spain

The pantyhose and the bras,
She threw on my guitars
Shit fuck i made a mistake,
I thought i needed a break.
The truth is i’m such a dick,
It’s broke and can’t be fixed.

Move on, let her go, move on, let her go.


Watch:  Inside The Girls’ Rock Music Summer Camp So Cool We Wish We Could Go

The concept is simple: Instruct girls on how to play instruments, write songs, and jam, while teaching them about feminism and justice in the process. The program started in Portland, OR, in 2001 and spread to Tennessee, when Portland camp volunteer Kelley Anderson set up a program in Murfreesboro. Now there are more than 80 Girls Rock Camps internationally.