So this was on my school’s website because…

So yesterday my friend had a metronome in her back pack and when she sat her back pack down the metronome went off. The teacher freaked out and thought it was a bomb. The entire side of the school was evacuated due to a “bomb threat”. They had to have my band director explain the function of a metronome and what it sounded like. My favorite part was the way my principal described a metronome. “I have no idea what it is or what it’s called, but its a musical device that goes ‘ding, tut, tut, tut’.”

pathetic drum major pickup lines
  • after you take the field, you can take me on a date.
  • i was thinking we could drum up some major love.
  • did it hurt when you fell off the podium because, like, you’re heaven.
  • i don’t watch the drum major anyway, but if i did, you would make me get out of step.
  • i like the way your hands do the thing.