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My old yew bow .

 Follower Wctruitt asked for a few more pics of my bow from this thread here http://ru-titley-knives.tumblr.com/post/113082278846/summer-woodland-archery-not-so-much-robin-hood

 Apart from making green wood ash bows as a kid this is the only bow Ive made ,off hand think it was about 8 years ago  but would love to customize some and possibly try making a few more one day . 

The yew came from an old Churchyard yew tree in central Wales  and I used a draw knife and small hatchet to do most of the work followed by a drum sander to finish then wet and dry papers  .

 certainly not a pretty thing but it shoots well enough for my needs ,(Ive no idea on the poundage/ draw weight )

 As in the original post here’s also a close up of the handmade canvas arrow bag made up from a C-130 Hercules drop chute bag , its on a webbing sling that can be detached for belt carry if needed and folds up or down for use or transport .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com


Hey guys,
Here’s a quick update. We just finished recording drums for SSL II. Mikko flew in from Australia where he was on tour with Apocalyptica. This guy is an ANIMAL on drums and there is no higher compliment than that. He was able to bang out 8 tracks in 2 days like a champ. Much respect!
The atmosphere in the studio is very relaxed and free from frustration… I’m quite enjoying myself as I haven’t had one panic attack yet. Now that the drums are there I have set up my amps and recording chain to lay down the guitars. I don’t have the luxury this time to spend two months on it which is probably good since last time I ended up chasing the dragon (a.k.a. sound that doesn’t exist).
Ok, let’s all get back to work and I wish everybody some sunny days. We deserve it!

Richard ZK

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Just a little doodle of my goals for the summer. I have a massive stack of graphic novels I’ve been wanting to get through and now is the time! I’m also researching agents and finishing up revisions on my book to send it out again. It’s going to happen this month! A few other little goals and some more that I’m adding:

  • Finish reading Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon
  • Hand Letter something every day! (even if it’s just on a sticky note!)

Anyone else have some goals for their summer? Happy June, everybody! <3

suhailauniverse  asked:

A wee moment between Claire and Roger at the Ridge (Maybe with Jamie secretly listening) where she thanks him for finding Jamie.

Set towards the end of Drums of Autumn.

Claire finished changing the bandage on Roger’s foot.

“Thank ye,” he said, shifting on the bed.

“You don’t need to thank me,” she told him.

“Because of what yer husband and nephew did?” he asked in a teasing tone.

Claire remained serious. “Because there will never be enough I can do to thank you… for finding Jamie. I would never have known he’d survived—never would have found him.”

Roger could think of nothing to say so he nodded.

Claire gathered her things and exited the cabin. Jamie was waiting. He held Claire by the shoulders and kissed her forehead.

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The Panic! show tonight
  • The venue was tiny!
  • I waited 6 hours in line and made friends with a nice family
  • The opener almost had a wardrobe malfunction and their guitarist looked like Rhett Mclaughlin
  • Security was passing out water constantly, good on them
  • Brendon had a gold microphone
  • Dallon is fucking adorable, I attempted to shout how much I love him several times, his hair looks wind blown at all times
  • Kenny was doing some serious shredding and is also pretty cute
  • All Time Low, Sarah Urie, and Pete Wentz were there
  • Brendon did a drum solo
  • He finished with This is Gospel then Emperor’s New Clothes, which felt very right