drum finish

loving girls doesnt feel wrong
it feels as natural as the breeze that carries her laughter
i see her eyes light up from across the room
i dont know why they did that, but i want to

i hear her talk about her art,
i wonder what inspires her
does she know that she inspires me?

she has a little bit of a lisp
i think its really cute
i hope noone has ever made her feel like its not

what does she think of me?
how could i talk to her, when i have so much riding on this
when i would only have one shot
when i dont know how to begin

i wonder what she thinks about
or if she stays up late at night, wondering if anybody out there thinks of her
i wonder what she would do if she knew i was

—  she leaves wednesday
‘Where the Streets Have No Name’ came together in a bit of a rush the evening before we were due to start recording again…I was recording onto a four-track tape machine, working alone, sequencing keyboards to the drum machine.  I was starting to get desperate and thinking about the next tour.  I imagined being at a U2 show and tried to dream-up what I would want to hear.  It was my attempt to conjure up the ultimate U2 live-song.  It was a strange feeling when I finished the rough mix, because I thought I had just come up with the most amazing guitar part and song of my life, but I was totally alone in a big house with no one to share it with.  I remember listening to the complete silence of the house for a few seconds after the music had stopped and then doing a dance around the room punching the air.  Then I went home.

The Edge, U2 by U2

lmao that is the most adorable thing I have ever heard I love Edge so much

he is totally my spirit animal

also did this dude literally just spontaneously decide one evening “I’m going to write the best live song ever, like, THE quintessential song that will define U2 concerts forever henceforth,” and then just like…sat down and…did that??? in one night??? how

like damn son, if Edge had been around Italy in whatever BC, Rome WOULD have been built in a day

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*stops singing*….

S-So? What did you think about it? I know I’m not really good at singing and without Mioda-san’s help I-

Nagito. I’m going to move now. *stands up and walks toward Nagito*

O-Okay…*waits for Hajime to walks to him*

*Stops in front of him*….

S-So? Did you dislike it after all? You can say it, don’t worry !

You idiot. How could I dislike something so beautiful?


*kisses him* I’m saying that I heard you and that I love you too, Nagito. So will you go out with me?



Good. *hugs him* Thank you, Nagito. For letting me understand you.

I think when Kenny starts getting a little too comfortable he starts singing more and sometimes pretty ridiculously, so he and Kyle will just be walking and under his breath he’s singing Phil Collins and Kyle’s like, I love it but. Can you stop.

Don't yell at me!

Alright so I used to work for taco hell and had one of those days where customers yelled at you and we’re rude for petty reasons so I was working front register but it was during a lunch rush so I had a head set on so I can jump in drive thru when needed had a young woman mid twenties come in with her friend everything goes smooth she hands me her money and steps a little to the side of the counter that had the headset covering my ear and as I’m counting out her change I guess she was trying to tell me she had the exact amount of change but there was a drive thru order so I could not hear her until she screamed at me and gave me the change which she probably should have done in the first place imo cue to a few hours later had an old couple come in took their order and asked for their name cause I was still on the front reg I couldn’t hear the old guy so I asked again for his name but put bent over the counter a bit to hear him better cause this dude sounded like he smoked a pack a day for like 40 years and the old guy got extremely close to my ear and shouted at the top of his old man lungs like ow? I moved closer to hear you asshole no need to blow out my Fucking ear drum but I finished the transaction clearly peeved off and sent them on their merry way but seriously fuck customers who get mad when you can’t hear them like sorry restaurants tend to get noisy sometimes?

Alice In Drumland?
Jeremy Asbury
Alice In Drumland?

Okay here’s the story with this: I was trying to put together a playlist of songs that fit the mood of an Alice in Wonderland universe, just to get myself into the mood, right… So I asked my mom if she could think of any songs. She offered a few obvious songs, then a little bit later when her bf was messing around on the drums she asked him to play what he thought of on the spot with the prompt. I missed the first 10-15 seconds or so of it, but this is what he came up with. (and tbh I think it fits the mood of the au really well)

1000 follower special (!!)

So uuhhh first of a thank you all?? Like holy shit?? I was not expecting 1k followers at all, not to mention so quickly, when I opened this blog.

Secondly, I owe an apology to anyone who expressed interest in doing an exchange, because unfortunately, I’ll have to postpone that until after I finish the……………


Requests! That’s right, I’m opening fic requests! Probably more like drabbles or micro-fics (Depending on the amount of response). Give me a character/a pairing and a prompt (not gonna do it if you don’t), and I’ll do my best to transfer those into something you might enjoy :D

Ships I won’t write romantically (but platonic works): Sh///allura, H///ance, H///idge, Sh///idge

I’m up for pretty much anything else (No Zarkon stuff pls… Unless you want me to write about someone punching him in the balls), so please ask away! Especially if you ever made something for me… Pls… Let me repay the favor…. You know who you are :D

PS: If any of the Shance prompts end up longer and really good, I’m gonna save them for Shance fluff/angst week, and if that happens, it’ll still be a gift to the person who asked for it, it’ll just be posted later ^^ (Unless on anon, I’ll let the person know so they won’t worry about it)

PS 2.0: I’m gonna tag them all as tao1kspecial so blacklist it if you don’t wanna see it I guess?

Wanted Ch.4

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Pervious Parts

Year 2002

John and a fifteen year old Mikayla sit in a small diner in Dunsmuir California eating breakfast drinking coffee. The waitress comes around refilling Johns mug.

 “I’ve never seen a teenage girl drink coffee and read the newspaper with her old man.” 

“Oh he’s not that old.” Mikayla teases getting a chuckle outta John. They sit there eating silently looking at the newspaper. “Found something.” Mikayla says sitting up tossing the paper to her dad. “Three people went missing in a week. All the victims are female and all seem to be a member of the local church possible case we should check it out.” He reads the news article as Mikayla finishes eating her pancakes doing research on her laptop. The waitress comes back getting the empty plates.

“Can I get you folks anything else?”

“How bout a slice of that apple pie.” Mikayla smiles and John looks her with furrowed brows.


“Ain’t it a bit early for pie?” 

“It’s never early for pie dad.” She smirks when the plate of pie is placed in front of her. She takes a bite and sits back happily chewing on the crumble pie. After a moment John chuckles to himself. “What’s so funny?” She ask. “Oh nothing, just you remind me of someone who also loves pie as much.” Mikayla shrugs her shoulders at this continues eating the slice. On their way to the motel they stop seeing a bunch of cop cars outside the church.

“Stay in the truck.” John orders pointing a warning finger at her. She raises her hands in defense shrugging her shoulders. Once he steps out the truck she slouches down in the seat putting her boots on the dashboard flicking the rubber band on her wrist something she does when she’s impatient. She sighs blowing her hair out her face looking lazily to her left and spots a strange man standing on the outside of the church on the far side away from the cops. Mikayla squints seeing he has blood on him. She quickly grabs the keys, locking the truck doors getting out. She ducks avoiding being seen by her father. Once he steps in the church Mikayla darts out from the bush she’s hiding behind and makes her way to the side of the church. She takes the knife she keeps in her left boot and grips it tight to her side.

She looks around the corner seeing the man enter the back of the church. “I don’t think that’s a good idea dude.” She murmurs to herself. She runs to the doors and stops not seeing him in the hallway. She opens the door on the side of the hallway to find it empty. She continues her search through the other doors. As she enters the second to last room and finds the dead victim from the crime scene. She steps over the police tape line and walks over the body. Not wanting to touch the body she she moves the girls head with the tip of her boot.

“Just what I thought, vamp.” She says examining her neck. As she’s about the leave the room she hears the sound of boots coming from the hallway. She hides behind the open door and waits for the person coming closer. When she sees the figures shadow she jumps out ready to slice and dice but they grab her wrist fast stopping her. She looks up to see it was her dad. “Didn’t I tell you to stay in the truck!” He scolds. “Yyyesss, but I saw a vamp walk in here so I took the chance in investigating.”

“How you know it was a vamp?”

“Cause there was blood all over him. He was standing on the other side of the church out of sight. The guy seemed scared I’m guessing he’s the one that killed the girl.”

“Alright well lets get outta here, you are staying out of this you’re not a hunter.” He grabs the collar of her jacket dragging her out the church. 

“I do all the research and stuff for you and uncle Bobby so close enough. I just don’t hunt cause you both won’t let me me.”

“Maybe because we don’t want you dead.”

“Dad I can protect myself, I almost had you back there.”

“Yeah, almost.” He says starting the truck up.

Mikayla sighs leaning back on the seat with arms crossed leaning her head on the window. The rest of the day they go around asking questions about the church and victims. Later on at night John is in restaurant picking up food inside since it was pouring out and just wanted to bring the food back to the motel. Mikayla is playing the air drums rocking out to the music in truck. She finishes her drum solo opening her eyes seeing a black figure in the distance from the restaurant. She leans over and turns the windshield wipers on and squinted seeing the same man from the church earlier.

She gasp thinking about going after him but she decides not to piss her dad off again so she leans over and flashes the head lights in the restaurant. It takes a moment for John to notice and he quickly gives the cashier the money grabbing the food running back to the truck. 

“What is it?” 

“Its the vamp I saw him over there he disappeared in the woods and it looked like he was in a hurry!” She rambles. John reverses outta the restaurant and in the direction Mikayla gives him. They drive with the headlights off to be unseen. After a few minutes they spot a barn in the distance.

 “Alright stay here I’m going in.”

“Are you crazy there can be a whole nest in there!”

“Mikayla I’ve got this.”

“Dad I can help.”

“No, you can’t. Your staying in truck and I mean it Mikayla.”


“No buts! Now don’t argue with me.” He raises he voice.

“Now pass me my knife in the glove compartment.” He asks. She gets it out and hands it to him and he suddenly handcuffs her to the steering wheel.

“Dad what the hell!”

“You’re not going anywhere. Stay in the truck! Now if I’m not back in ten you know what to do.”

“Go straight to Bobby’s.”

“Atta girl.” He nods closing the door. She sits there leaning against the bench seat of the truck and grunts out loud leaning her head on the steering wheel. She sits for ten minutes getting anxious he wasn’t back yet. “Come on dad where are you?” She whispers checking the time on her watch. She scratches her head stoping when she realizes she’s wearing a Bobby pin. She takes it out and after a minute she’s free. She quietly gets out the truck going to the back opening the case with his weapons grabbing a machete. She grips it tight holding it eye level walking to the side of the barn. It was quiet too quiet.

 She’s suddenly grabbed from behind across the chest the person covering her mouth to block screaming.

Mikayla braces herself and flips the guy forward over her knocking him down. She maybe small 5’4, but she was strong. John and Bobby had her take self defense classes and other material arts classes to be prepared for anything. He goes to get up but once he’s on his knees Mikayla swings the machete at his head slicing it off.

She continues her search about to turn a corner when she hears footsteps coming closer she stiffens immediately ducking behind one of the wheel barrels of hay. The footsteps get quiet and stop. She stands up which is a bad idea because she’s suddenly punched in the face by the man she saw a the church. She stumbles back and he charges at her tackling her down. He is way bigger then her so she gets the wind knocked out her when he takes her down. He inches his face close to her his fangs out ready to bite.

“I’m so hungry.” He growls. Mikayla gets him off guard when she punches him in the nose hard with her knuckles. He growls picking her head up and slamming it down hard. Her vision becomes blurry for moment. Her legs were somewhat free as he hovers over her. She raises her knee high hitting him in the sweet spot.

She chuckles at this flipping over to her stomach to grab the machete. Right when she did he gets ahold of her ankle dragging her to him she flips herself quickly but he knocks the knife out her hand and grabs it himself. Mikayla gets up quickly, he swings the knife side to side at her as she backs up. The last one he gets her good on her right bicep. She gasp immediately grabbing it. She takes her hand away seeing the blood. The man stands there staring at her in hunger. He charges at her again this time Mikayla manages to slip by him and he trips falling on the knife stabbing himself.

Mikayla runs to him quickly flipping him over taking it out his stomach and chops his head fast, it hit the wall and bounces off her. She streaks a little throwing it off. She gets up and sighs wiping the sweat and blood off her forehead. “Sorry tubby I’m not your dinner tonight.” She takes of her plaid shirt tying it around her bicep for pressure to stop the bleeding leaving her wearing her bloody white tank top. She suddenly hears laughter and snaps her head up seeing it was coming from the second floor from inside the barn. She steps quietly in hiding behind the stacks of hay. 

She looks around seeing dead vamps on floor through out the first floor of the barn. 

She hears her dads voice coming from upstairs this time. Mikayla steps over the dead bodies and heads to  to the ladder. She puts the machete on the loop of her jeans and climbs up slowly trying not to make noise. When she reaches the top she spots her dad tied against one of the post. In front of him was a blonde women in a leather jacket and black jeans. Mikayla figures she was the packs leader. “John Winchester, you think you can just get away with just trolling in here without a plan and just take down my pack by yourself. Don’t think so.” Mikayla walks closely behind her holding the machete up. John sees Mikayla, you can he was clearly pissed but still glad to see her.

“You’re not going anyway Winchester!” She spats at him. John just smiles at the vamp.

“What makes you think I won’t get outta here.” He says to her.

“Cause you were stupid enough to come to the nest alone.”

“Think again blood sucking bitch!” Mikayla says as the blonde turns around and gasp as Mikayla swings slicing her head off swiftly. Her body falls to the floor as her head rolls off to the first floor. John looks at Mikayla’s appearance looking like a true hunter with blood all over her holding the machete up high and a face with so much confidence. John knows she was natural. “I told you to stay in the truck.” He scolds at her. So much for a happy father daughter moment. She cuts the ropes from behind the post setting her dad free. “Your welcome.” She scolds backed walking away leaving John there. 

“Hey don’t you walk away from me young lady!” He yells. Mikayla ignores him jumping down to the first floor of the barn going back to the truck. The ride to the motel is quiet. When they make it there she just grabs the food and goes in the room and they eat quietly to themselves. John doesn’t say anything he knows giving Mikayla space was the way to let her calm down. She’s stubborn just like him. She stands by the mirror looking herself, blood all over her clothes and face.


“Come here, let me see your arm.” John says as he sits on the bed with the first aid kit. She doesn’t say thing she just plops down next to him. He unites her shirt from her arm and frowns at her wound. “How it happen?” 

“Vamp came at me with the machete when he knocked it out my hands.” 

“Pretty deep definitely gonna leave a scar.” He passes her a clean wash cloth to bite down on.

“This ain’t gon’ feel good.” He says holding the bottle of whiskey and her arm ready to pour. She places the cloth in her mouth and braces herself. John pours it on her arm as Mikayla curses are muffled. She exhales and spit the towel out as he was done. “Now you know how I feel when you patch me up.” She stays quiet as he stitches her up only noise she’ll make was a hiss from the needle going in sensitive areas.

“You know I’m proud of you today.” He says suddenly as he was finishing. Mikayla looks at him with a raised eyebrow not sure if those words really just came out his mouth. “You are?”

“Of course I am you were a true hunter today. You didn’t show fear once full confidence. You took out two vamps and their pack leader without breaking a nail.”

“Well I kinda did.” She chuckles lifting her hand up. 

“Alright go wash up careful with the stitches.”


The next morning after leaving the motel Mikayla goes back to sleep in the truck with one of Johns jackets over her face blocking the early morning sun. When she wakes up she stretches hitting her knuckle on the window. “Ouch!” John chuckles shaking his head. 

“How long I been out?”

“Four hours.”


“Didn’t get much sleep I presume.”

“Nope too much adrenaline from last night.” She smiles and looks around and is immediately confused seeing they were at a school. More like a college.

“Why are at… Stanford University?” 

“Just wanted to check something out.” Mikayla looks around trying to think on what he wanted to check out. 

“Why don’t you go get us some coffee and stuff.” He says handing her some cash.

“Yes sir.” She salutes and hops out the truck and makes her way across the street to one of the school cafés. She stands in line waiting humming to herself patiently.

When she gets her order she struggles to balance both coffee cups and the bag of donuts. Not paying attention to where she was going she trips bumping into someone and dropping the donut bag but someone catches it just in time before it can hit the floor. “Got it” she hears. She looks up to see a very tall boy definitely over 6 foot with a brown bowl cut that curves out the ends. A real cute smile and hazel eyes. “Sorry I’m such a klutz I should’ve been paying attention.” 

“Its no problem, names Sam.” He introduces handing her the bag. 

“Mikayla.” Sam looks at her with confusion.

“Have we met before?”

“Uh I- I don think so I don’t even go to school here.”

“Oh okay sorry you just.. you seem familiar like I know you from somewhere.” He confesses.

“No problem. My dad and I are just passing through town.”

“Thats a pretty gash you got there.” He says pointing to her arm.

“Oh yeah I got that uh from tripping and the wood fence got me good.” She nervously laughs.
John on the other hand was looking right out window watching his two kids talk to each other after many years. Brother and sister can’t even recognize each other. He smiles at this and was glad he came down to check up on Sam. Sam introduces Mikayla to Jessica his girlfriend and says their goodbyes. Mikayla climbs into the truck sees her dad grinning to himself. “What?” She ask her mouth full with the donut.



Quick question… How is this THE SAME PERSON?
He just looks so different when he is or just finished drumming than he does when he’s just chilling??
He seems so different. In a way I can’t quite explain?

I saw from the confessions that Airi graduated from Keio University so I searched the school in Wikipedia. I found out that it is indeed a good univ and also found out that Airi finished a *drum roll* LAW DEGREE!! Whoa!! I didn’t expect it!! It’s hard to get into a law program and she even managed to finish it! So can we say now that Airi is one of the brightest members that H!P has ever had right now? Awesome! :D


The moment you’ve all been waiting for…
I don’t think the characterization is that great this time cause I’m still struggling with his character
I just keep having Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in my head lol

Title: Spider-Boy
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Patching Peter up after an ass kicking leads to interesting developments and consequences.
Word Count: 1,343
Warnings: food mention, CA:CW spoilers (kinda), bruising

Your name: submit What is this?

            Peter groans quietly as he sits down on the chair, a bag of peas pressed to his eye. He notices the amused look on your face as you douse a cotton pad in anti-septic solution, finding humor in Peter’s first fight. When you press the cotton to the cuts on his arm, Peter sucks a breath in and cringes away.

           "Could you, like, not do that?“ he asked, face still contorted in pain.

           "It’s either this or infection,” you told him as he sighs.

           But to Peter’s delight, you quickly remove the cotton pad and replace it with a bandage. There’s a few more wounds to dress, but once you’re done, you trash the gloves and contaminated supplies, relieving Peter of the burning sensation of antiseptic.

           "Not as much fun as you thought, huh?“ you asked, eyebrows raised in interest.

           Peter laughs tiredly. "You should’ve seen the other guys.”

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Convalescence Pt.11

Sunday 10th July 2017.

Amelia yelped with surprise as Owen pulled her into the driver’s seat of the van, making her straddle him.  Towering over him now, she reunited their mouths, muffling his moans as her hands pulled at his hair. Within seconds, his once neatly combed back hair had become messy and raging, like a fire.

The abrupt and loud sound of a car horn at 6:30 in the morning startled Maggie awake. Dazed with sleep, she was almost certain she’d dreamt the noise until Ryan entered her room with a questioning look on his face.

“Aunt Maggie, Mr. Owen’s car horn went off,” he stated, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“I know,” Maggie yawned, hopping out of Amelia and Owen’s bed, “I’ll go check and see what caused it.”

“Do you want me to come with you in case there’s a bad guy?” he asked, following Maggie to the bathroom.

“Sure.” As she splashed water on her face and woke completely up, she began to ponder on the circumstances surrounding Owen’s horn going off. He and Amelia were supposed to have come home since last night, and if his horn went off then that meant his truck was in the yard. Which meant…

“Actually,” Maggie said, stopping abruptly at the front door of the house, “Why don’t you check on your sister and make sure she’s safe. I’ll yell if I need you.” Before the little boy could answer, she slipped out the house and closed the door behind her, her slipper stepping on what was clearly Owen’s leather jacket and, next to it, Amelia’s. Sighing to herself, Maggie picked up the two jackets and began following the trail of clothes. At the bottom of the steps, she found Owen’s shirt. On the lawn, she found Amelia’s shirt and bra and Owen’s trousers. At the base of his van was where she found their shoes and her pants and, sticking halfway out the driver’s door, she finally found Amelia’s underwear.

Moving all of the gathered clothes into one hand, Maggie used her free hand to knock on the foggy, driver’s side window. A few seconds after, the glass lowered by a few centimetres as blue orbs looked through them.

“Oh, hi,” Amelia said casually. She was facing the back of the seat, almost like she wanted to hug it, a generally unusual position.

“What are you doing?” Maggie asked, annoyed.

“Nothing?” she answered.

“Where’s Owen?”

The glass lowered another couple centimetres, revealing flaringly messy golden hair and another pair of blue eyes.

“Hi,” Owen greeted, his face flushed with embarrassment. Thank god all the windows were fogged from their body heat, he thought.

“You know, you two aren’t the only people who wanted to have sex last night,” Maggie grumbled, slipping their clothes in through the window, one by one, “I don’t even want to know what you were doing that caused you to blow your car horn.”

“Thank you,” Amelia grinned sheepishly, taking the clothes from her. “We’ll be up in ten minutes.”

Rosie sat on Owen’s chest as he lay on the bed, grabbing his hands and pulling them away from his face so he couldn’t hide himself. There wasn’t anyone else for Owen to interact with, seeing as Ryan was studying and Amelia was fast asleep, next to him. After the events of this morning, and those following after, he couldn’t blame her for being exhausted; he was tired too. But his thoughts were keeping him up. Everything about last night, the way they moved as if nothing had changed, it was all still coursing through his brain, making it physically impossible for him to sleep.

He could feel her hands tugging at his boxers, encouraging him to get rid of his last piece of clothing. Pushing his waist up, Owen shrugged the underwear down to his shins and his member grazed against her opening before he gently pushed himself inside of her.

Deep in thought, Owen hadn’t even noticed when Rosie ventured off his chest and to the bed, sitting in the middle of him and Amelia. Amelia’s back was faced away from them and her shirt was slightly scrunched up, revealing the scar running along her lower back. He watched as Rosie grazed her tiny fingers across the scar before looking up at Owen with a small pout and a worried gaze.

“That’s a boo boo,” Owen told her.

Rosie looked back at the scar and tried to grasp it with her hand. “Boo boo,” she muttered under her breath. After a few seconds of looking at it, she lowered her face to the scar and planted a kiss over it before looking up at Owen for approval.

“All better,” he said, kissing the top of her head, making her smile and giggle.

Monday 11th July 2017.

“Do you think we’re sitting too close to each other?” Owen whispered in her ear as the two sat on the couch and waited for their therapist to arrive.

Amelia looked at the space between them before looking at him. “I think so.” They both shifted further away, hoping their behaviour wouldn’t allude to Sunday’s activities.

“Good morning,” Tim chirped as he entered his office, brief case in hand, “How was our little outing on Saturday? Did we get a little busy?” Owen and Amelia stared at him with pale, blank expressions as he rested his things down and pulled out his notepad. Noticing their slightly terrified gazes, Tim grinned. “Oh relax; I’m not going to punish you for having sex.” Amelia and Owen looked at each other before looking back at him.

“Why are you assuming we had sex?” Owen scoffed, slowly destroying their united front to keep their secret copulation exactly that, a secret.

“Because I set that date up so that you would and I knew you would,” he shrugged, “Everything that you two have told me helped me to get to that conclusion.” He pointed at Amelia. “You might’ve probably been the one to instigate it. Owen has very good willpower, except when it comes to you, so I’m sure he barely put up an argument when you approached him.” Owen slouched further in his seat as his cheeks turned red and Amelia averted her eyes as she blushed and smiled a little, finding the comment hilariously true. Opening his briefcase, Tim pondered if their recent copulation would help them get through the topic he wanted to address today.

The therapist flipped his notepad to a new page. “Let’s talk about the twins.”

There was a soft knock at the door before he came inside. “Everyone’s asleep.” She nodded her head, not looking up. Owen sighed, coming closer to the tub before lying down on the floor and looking up at the ceiling. She had been quiet and reserved like this since their afternoon session. With her knees to her chest and her arms wrapped tightly around her legs, Amelia sat still in the bath, eyes still red from crying earlier, just like Owen’s.

After a long period of silence and stolen gazes, mostly from him, he finally dared to ask, “What are you thinking about?”

Inhaling deeply, Amelia responded, “Babies. What are you thinking about?’

“The leftover chicken we have in the fridge,” Owen answered truthfully. He glanced at her and saw her smiling, so he smiled too.

“Bring the chicken,” she giggled. A few minutes later, Owen returned with a half bucket of fried chicken and some napkins. “Don’t you want to come in?” she asked when he sat back down on the floor. Owen looked up at her, a little caught off guard. She seemed like she wanted her space, but it appeared that he was wrong.

“Okay.” He stripped himself of his clothes and slipped in the tub right behind her, displacing a considerable amount of water in the process. He grabbed the bucket and handed it to her, letting her choose a piece first. For a couple minutes, they sat in silence and ate, the little sounds of their chewing being the only noise.

“I would have told you no,” she said suddenly.

“No to chicken?” Owen tried to clarify.

“No to your proposal,” she added after swallowing a bite, “If I hadn’t been pregnant at the time, I would’ve said no.”

There was an awkward silence as Owen stared at his chicken. “A flat no or a ‘we should wait longer’ no?”

“A flat no.” When Amelia heard no response, she turned to look back at him and chuckled. “I’m kidding, Owen.”

A relieved expression took over his face. “That’s not funny.”

“Waiting longer would’ve been my choice,” she pondered to herself. “There’s a lot of things I wish I’d done differently.”

Owen’s heart raced, excited to finally have her open up to him outside of a therapy session. “Things like?”

“Thinking about your feelings about the miscarriage,” she whispered, recalling the harsh words he’d spat at her, earlier today, about how everything was always about her.

“Amelia, what I said today…”

“Was true,” she finished for him, “I didn’t even stop to think how you felt. I never do.”

“You got hurt,” he justified, “It didn’t matter how I felt.”

“It did,” she challenged, “They weren’t just my babies, they were yours too.” She turned to look back at him again. “How do you feel?” He hadn’t expected their conversation to go this way.

He thought about the question briefly before answering, “When I picked Rosie up from day care a couple days ago, there was this mother collecting he kids. Little, twin babies; identical.” He smiled to himself before continuing. “I wanted to run them all over with a wood chipper, as harsh as that sounds. That’s how I feel.” She leaned into him, resting her head in the crook of his neck. Owen gripped her thigh under the water and squeezed it anxiously, wondering if to ask the question that had bene bothering him for weeks. Taking a chance, he blurted out, “Do you want any more kids.”

Without hesitation, Amelia answered, “I do. I just don’t know when or how or if to even risk it.”

“I doubt you’d get hit by a car again,” he said, making her roll her eyes.

“It’s not that. It’s the fact that anything could happen. I don’t think I’d survive if I have another…” Her eyes watered at the thought. “I’m afraid to risk it.”

“I’m afraid too,” he agreed, lifting his piece of chicken, “But chicken helps.”

Amelia laughed, looking at her almost finished drum stick. “It does.” She sighed and closed her eyes, nuzzling her nose against his neck. He responded by placing a kiss on the top of her head. This was the first time they’d talked like this, without a therapist overlooking their every move, and it was extremely satisfying. Raising her head to look at him, Amelia smiled contently.

“What?” he asked with a soft smile, catching the wistful gaze. Lifting her hand out of the water, she grasped his chin and pulled him in for a delicate kiss, which answered everything.