drum corps meme

Alternate Instrument Names:

Oboe: obi won
Clarinet: squidward
Flute: metal recorder
Piccolo: ear knife
Saxaphone: fuck phone
Barri sax: BIG low fuck phone
Bass clarinet: big squidward
Trumpet: yikes
French horn: bendy straw horn
Trombone: one loud motherfucker
Tuba: band dad
Baritone: smol tuba Bassoon: needy and wants to be included?? Percussion: miles teller

  • me: so how do you feel about blue devils getting first?
  • them: i think carolina crown should have wo-
  • me (shoving breadsticks into purse): im sorry i have to go right n-
  • them: but blue devils definitely had a great performance and i can understand how they got first place with all of the hard work they put in this season
  • me (slowly putting breadsticks back): continue...