drum circle au

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(Is a word prompt okay? I'm gonna do a word prompt) soma and fireflies


but yeah, totally (I’m gonna do drum circle au because there is going to be a scene like that in it anyways so …)

“Nope,” She ran her fingers through the grains of sand, humming contemptibly. “I use to come down here all the time. I’d watch the fireflies.”

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22 and soma? (Hint hint, drum circle au? If you want I mean)

22. Mother Nature

He thought the stories his mother told him when he was young, the ones about fairies and princess and that fairy tale none sense, were ridiculous and he didn’t like them. But, without a second thought, he would swear that Maka was one of those fairies, or something with a mighty connection to nature.

It seemed as if every living thing around her flourished, whether it was a simple flower in her hair that blossomed to its fullest or a child on her hip whom she was entertaining for the time being. Soul felt it the most, that enriching power of hers, the most though when she laced her fingers through his, trying to pull him towards her during one of those bonfires, trying to make him dance with the flames reaching out for them, their heat kissing their skin as embers raised with the wind and faded out to where the lights of fireflies were.

There was no doubting that Maka was nothing more than Mother Nature herself.