drum and voice

Lyrics written by Namjoon

Because he didn’t only write “I’mma beat that p*ssy like you never ever felt before”

-“Having tight schedules Even tough i’m tired,I smile
Cause in a family called bangtan i’m a not an only child”
-Unpack Your Bags

-”I can be assigned to many places,
But why can’t I find the real me anywhere?”-
So 4 More

-”I don’t know whether I’ve lost the way
or whether from the beginning I was lost
even when I’m with someone, one corner of my heart is lonely”

-”This sea is too deep
Still, I’m lucky
Because even if I cry, no one would know”
-Whalien 52

-“Never be late to do what you wanna do right now
Because at one point of someday,
Everything you did
Would be exactly what you will be” -

-”Thank you for letting me be me
For helping me fly
For giving me wings
For straightening me out
For waking me from being suffocated
For waking me from a dream which was all I was living in" -SAVE ME

-”I just wanted to succeed
the words I tediously heard from others were only that
I thought I could catch the mirage known as happiness
but the me in front of my desk wasn’t happy even for a moment
Without my mom knowing, I put a sheet of white paper between the pages of my workbook
My identity that I wrote down matched to the drum and bass”

-“The grown-ups confess
That we have it so easy
They say that we are happier than our portion
Then how do you explain my unhappiness?
There’s no conversation topics beside studying
Outside, there are so many kids like me,
Living the life of a puppet
Who will take responsibility?”

-”Life isn’t about living along but living through
As you live through, you’ll disappear some day
If you keep spacing out, you’ll be swept away,
if you ain’t no got the guts, trust”

-”I empty my drink but it gets filled with loneliness […]
All I did was color you in my white, blank paper
But then I realized, it already became a finished picture”
-Hold me tight

-”Hey you, who’s looking over the Han River
If we bump into each other while passing, would it be fate?
Or maybe we bumped into each other in our past life
Maybe we bumped into each other countless times”

-”My mother said the sea is blue
She said to let out your voice as far as you can
But what to do, it’s so dark and there are only different whales
speaking entirely different words”
-Whalien 52

-”The media and adults say we don’t have willpower
condemning us like stocks
Why are they killing us before we can even try
Why are you hanging your head and accepting it already?” -Dope

-”Life is more beautiful knowing that we’ve taken a loan on death
Even light is treasured more when there’s darkness
The sunshine appears after we’ve passed through the storm”

-”Let’s be happy, let’s be happy
Even if we live with these heavy words in our mouths every day
To be honest, I still don’t know
Why am I often lonely”

-“I’m living to understand the world, 
But why hasn’t this world tried to understand me”

-”Back then I thought this was a big place
But my ambition grew too big
That big house became too small now”

-“In the darkness,
People look happier than the day
Everyone else knows where they’re supposed to be
But only I walk without purpose”

-”Outside was a whole battlefield so I bring out the chopper
Every night inside me I quietly fight with myself
My heart pounds, my colleagues stab me in the back
While saying that I became a moron after joining a company”

-”It’s just one life
Who are you living for?
My heart stopped when I was nine or ten
Put your hand on your heart
and ask what you dream was
What is really was”

*This was Sarah for you daily Namnam appreciation

(cred to Lynn and papercrowns!)


Dissection - Nights Blood

Beautiful things:

i. Tyler Joseph singing Guns for Hands on a stage at a festival. It’s late afternoon, and the soft golden light sits over a cheering crowd. The smell of festival foods fill the air. A faint wind catches the flags above Josh’s head and flaps them lazily while he contentedly drums to his best friend’s voice. An airplane crosses the sky, leaving a long white line. In the distance, you can hear faint music from other sets. There is a strong shared feeling of leaving all your problems behind.

Blurryface Theory

Okay, this post is going to be a mess. I’ll put some of my theories in here, because for me it feels like someone finished a puzzle and it all connects now.

I’m gonna leave my Goner Theory whole, like I wrote it when I thought about it, because I think it represents everything.. And add some others at the end:

In Ode To Sleep Tyler sings “I swear I heard demons yelling, those crazy words they were spelling. They told me I was gone…” I think those demons are probably Blurryface.. And it continues in Goner.

In the beginning of Goner he’s about to get defeated: “I’m a Goner”. He’s starting to accept that he’s gone, like those demons said.
In the chorus, where the drums set in, he sings “I’ll slip away into the sound.” I think he means the music.
He starts to take control of the situation.

In the second verse he sees that that’s not who he really is and that he can’t defeat Blurry on his own: “I need your help to take him out”.

And then again the chorus, but it repeats and this time the drums get louder and his voice begins to get stronger.
That’s where he builds new strength, which makes him realize what’s about to happen.

Then he sings “Don’t let me be gone.”.
At first he gets more quite but for me that’s the point where ‘his eyes get opened’ and he realizes what’s about to happen. But then he get’s louder, until he has the strength to scream it.

And then he repeats the first verse, and this time he screams.

So for me he’s still in the battle, but he’s not about to get defeated anymore, he’s stronger and he’s fighting.

This is what I wrote and thought about some time ago and now that the Heavydirtysoul video is released, I’ll add this:

The video shows me again that he’s still in the battle.
He passes Josh playing the drums a few times, so he’s going in circles. And every time he passes him, the car is more damaged.
And he tries to break out of it through leaving the burning and breaking car.
But at the end of the video, the very last music video of the Blurryface era, he’s again in this car.

That burning and breaking car, where he got out of, was just in his mind. He’s still going.

But you see a rising sun in the background. “The sun will rise and we will try again”

The era started with ice (Fairly Local) and ended with fire (Heavydirtysoul).

“The world around us is burning, but we’re so cold. It’s the Few, the Proud and the Emotional.”

And here parts of another theory I came up some time ago about Fairly Local:

For me this means
We, the clique, are the Few,
Josh is the Proud and
Tyler is the Emotional.

We’re not affected by the burning world around us. No, we’re cold. We are / It’s the Few, the Proud and the Emotional.
And it’s always gonna go back to this.

Because let’s talk about the logo:


Josh represents the blue, but standing ’|’
Tyler is the red, falling but fighting ’/’
We are the black ’-’ between, who connect
them and hold them together.

“The Few. The Proud. And the Emotional.”

“We are Twenty Øne Piløts..”

| /

“.. And so are you.”


Edit: I just realized another thing..

Do you know what else is in a circle?
Right, the fucking logo is.

We’re all in this fucking circle.

Addicted || c.h

i hear you xx

I M A G I N E 

“I need to get those strings replaced by tomorrow for the performance at SiriusXM,” you heard Calum’s voice in the distance. You were still in bed, with nothing more but your underwear and Calum’s ‘Maine’ shirt. It’s silky garment loosely hung on your body, with his aroma emanating from it. Stretching out your body, you drag your legs over the bed and slowly find the ground. Your toes touch the cold ground, having your body react with millions of goosebumps. 

“It’ll be in the morning, so you have to get those strings done like right now.” Your tired body trudges itself out of the bedroom, going down the hallway that led to the living room. Covering your mouth to release a yawn, you found yourself at the counter of the hotel room’s kitchen. There, you found Calum Hood on the phone. 

He had yet to notice you, allowing you to check him out. He was wearing one of his usual black skinny jeans, hugging his thighs and calves beautifully. His feet were swallowed by the pair of black vans you bought him just before the tour began. Your eyes darted up to his torso, seeing him wearing his ‘Santa Cruz’ tank top. It showed off his muscles, having you bite your bottom lip from such adoration of his strong body. 

You then noticed his black cap sat on the counter, collecting dust. Putting it on your head, you smiled and decided to get closer to Calum. His back was still towards you as he continuously spoke on the phone. But, looking over his shoulder, you noticed him scrambling some eggs. You inhaled through your nose to also smell toast from the toaster, having you smile softly at the Maori boy. 

He was making you breakfast. 

You walked closer to him, your feet quietly treading on the cold floor. Pulling at the hem of his shirt, he turned to you and gave you a delighted smile. He mouthed a ‘good morning’ to you before pressing his plump lips against your forehead. They were so soft and full of love before he slowly detached. 

“Oh, Ashton also needs a new pair of drums,” Calum spoke, his voice still raspy from exhaustion. He looked down at you with a big smile, always excited to see you. Even when he’s busy, he always uses some of his time to set his eyes on you. It was almost a necessity, as he needed to reassure himself that you were real and you were his. “What’s the plan to get all these things here by tonight– and if not, before the performance tomorrow?” 

As the voice in the phone spoke, Calum used his large hand to cover the microphone. With his free hand, he grabbed the beak of the hat and slid it around your head so it was now in the back. You giggled, having Calum smile more before planting his lips on yours. His hand dropped down and wrapped around your waist, holding you closer to him. Your hands were pressed against his chest as you hungrily kissed your boyfriend. 

“Sounds good, actually,” Calum quickly left your lips to speak. As he began to talk again, you allowed yourself to leave kisses against Calum’s toned neck. You felt a little light headed when you took in his scent, having yourself want him even more. Your lips gently left trails of kisses all over his neck as he spoke on the phone, feeling the vibrations of his voice against your tender lips. Calum had to bite down on his bottom lip, becoming fixed on your love. 

“Y/N?” Calum asked, having you look up at him with confusion. He gave you a grin, letting out a silent chuckle. “She’s good.” As he said that, his free hand swiftly went into your pants, giving your right butt cheek a squeeze. You squealed from the sudden motion, having Calum laugh at you. “She’s actually coming to the performance as well.” His fingers felt the goosebumps forming on your ass, having you flush as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You looked up, looking into Calum;s fascinated eyes as he spoke on the phone. 

“Y/N goes everywhere with me,” Calum said confidently, looking down at you wistfully. “I don’t think I can go anywhere if she isn’t coming with me. Leaving her home was not an option for me. Even taking her on tour wasn’t enough for me. She has to go anywhere I go, no matter what. I can only handle being apart from her for so long until it drives me crazy. I’m addicted to her– I just love her too much.” Your heart skipped beats, having you bury your face in his chest so he didn’t see your immense blush. Calum laughed, his hand leaving your butt to rub your back lovingly. 

“Fuck off, I’m mushy and I’m proud,” Calum humors, having you giggle before Calum gently detaches you from him to tend to breakfast. The toast jumped out the toaster as Calum turned off the stove. You helped, grabbing the hot pieces of toast and placing them gently on the glass plate laid out. You watch as Calum struggles to get the eggs on the other plate. You quickly come to his assistance, taking a fork to take off the eggs from the pan Calum was holding up for you. Finishing, Calum unplugs the toaster and puts the pan in the sink. 

“Okay, when you have a girlfriend like Y/N, come back to me,” Calum says with a smile as he joins you at the counter. You had the butter already out, smearing some on a piece of toast before offering it to Calum. “Also, that means try to get a girl like Y/N, not to actually take her from me. I’d have to fight you in a duel. Anyways, I have to eat, so I’ll call you when I head out to the meeting. Bye.” Hanging up, Calum quickly takes a bite of the toast and smiles. 

“Hi,” you whispered, smiling up at your boyfriend. Calum’s almond eyes gleam as they stare into yours. 

“Hi,” Calum says, before leaning in to give you a kiss full of bread crumbs. 


Still Need You

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Damon x Reader
Word Count: 1,803

Warnings: blood, death, angst. bring tissues???

A/N: I’m finally writing for TVD and TO, but I am only just starting season 5 of TVD so, bare with me!! (gif creds to owner) 

You watched as he sped around the lounge, his figure nothing but a blur. Your eyes couldn’t adjust to his frantic movements, and he didn’t stay in one space for more than a second, making it even harder to see clear as to where he was. All you could do was watch objects move before you as they were carried away back to their original places. You flopped onto the couch, a tired sigh leaving your lips as the stench of blood quickly fled through the open windows.

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The Voicemail, Part 3

Title: The Voicemail, Part 3
Author:  @piecesofscully
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: Pre-Revival
A/N: This is an unbeta’d quickie continuation of a series written with @kateyes224 .  Please read parts 1 and 2 listed below, so that you have an idea of what the hell is going on. 

The Voicemail written by me

The Voicemail, Part 2 written by @kateyes224

With each step she takes, shooting pain jolts through the center of her heels as she finally enters her dark apartment.  There’s a staleness to the silence now, a product of entering single-living territory again, a lifestyle of chosen loneliness she hasn’t experienced for many years.  Each minute of her thirty-six hour shift sits heavily in her lumbar region, aching with ferocity as she shrugs off her coat and slings it over the back of a rarely used dining room chair.

Her phone pings loudly, its alert slicing through the quiet to announce a missed call and a voicemail.  She glances at the notification, fully expecting to see another summoning from the hospital, and she grips the chair as her knees buckle.  


Her cheeks flush pink with brewing embarrassment as she thinks back to a few weeks earlier, snippets of a drunkenly induced voicemail she had left him run muddily through her mind.  She had been drinking that night with the sole intention of getting drunk, an impulsion she hadn’t conceded to since her rebellious teenage years, and played his voicemail thirteen times, having memorized each line around the seventh or eighth. Each time she hit ‘replay’ she was another vodka and splash of cranberry juice deeper, soaking in every venomous word he spoke.

She has no memory of thumbing through her contacts and finding his number, or pressing the ‘call’ button.  She doesn’t remember hearing it ring or being directed to voicemail.  The words that had erroneously poured from her liquored mouth, however, come back in hazy fragments.

 “I wanted to abort my son.  You know why?  Because you were gone.”

 “How do you find a way to be everything and nothing to me at the same time?”

 “I hate that I love you.  I hate myself for loving you.  You’re like a disease.”

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Date the being that thrums with life. Music flows through their veins. Their heart is the sound of drums, their voice fluctuating between soprano and bass depending on their emotions. Their thoughts are music notes that cannot be replicated by the most talented musicians. They will cuddle into you and perfectly hum the melody of life itself into your soul.