Guided imagery exercise to connect to the elements

Shake your limbs to relax yourself. Settle down with your spine straight and take our time taking three breaths with your surroundings, then allow your mind to linger on the words: earth, air, fire, water.

Earth. You have imagined the earth beneath your feet. Now think of the many manifestations of earth on the planet. Feel your feet on the earth of your choice… marshland, desert, forest, mountains, hills and valleys, sandstone, granite, chalk. Feel, with the pressure of your feet against the earth, the pull of gravity, keeping you anchored. Feel the current of energy from the earth throbbing upwards. You are a creature of earth. Relax into this feeling, and then open your awareness out and find yourself in a high place…

Air. Feel the air as a tangible presence as you gaze out to the vast horizon, laid out below the huge arching dome of the azure sky. In this high place, your awareness expands: the great winds of the earth, swirling round, think and pure, sharpen your wits and blow the cobwebs away. You breathe in air that sparkles like wine and are intoxicated, feeling yourself light and buoyant, You extend your arms above you as if you could float on the thermals that support the birds in their flight, feeling at one with the wind that carries messages all over the world. Stand firm, as your awareness is pulled high into the sky…

Fire. High in the vast expanse of blue, feel the blaze of the sun, striking down, warming the thin grass and bursting the buds of the alpine flowers, drying up the atmosphere. With your eyes shut, stretch in an attitude of ecstasy, fed by the warmth that pours down in golden rays. The water is pulled up into the upper atmosphere and you open your eyes to see a large cloud on the horizon. Watch it travelling with speed, and whilst it is in the middle distance in that huge vista, you see it disgorging its rain as a hazy mist over the landscape…

Water. In your imagination, see the rain from that cloud sinking into the soil, percolating through the ground to a deep subterranean spring that makes its gradual way to the surface. There is a tiny trickle of crystal water emerging from the ground, and you see it in your mind’s eye gaining strength as it tumbles downhill, changing eventually from stream to river, and making its way to join the massive depth of the sea.

Allow the scene to fade as you come back to everyday reality. Stretch, yawn, and wriggle to feel fully back in the present here and now.

Source: The Path of Druidry by Penny Billington

You are good enough for your gods.

This is your gentle reminder that the work you do for the gods, goddesses, spirits, and fair folk is good enough and valuable.

The offerings you make are gifts appreciated.

The prayers you give voice to are heard and loved.

The spare change you donate at a park or sacred space adds up.

The trash you grab out of the river or gutter in a rainstorm for later recycling improves the world.

When you give of yourself, small things matter. When you gift unto others, no one cares what it cost, only that you cared enough to give.

Let the cosmos be brightened by your work, as you already know it is.

No one can define exactly what witchcraft is, because for each us, it is different. You cannot dictate whether or not someone’s practice is “real witchcraft”, just as no one can tell you whether or not your craft is “real”.
When I began on my pagan path, my teacher told me, on my very first day in her class, “No two pagans will give you the same answer to a question.”
Our practices are as individual as we are.


~What We Need Is Here~

What we need lives in the trees
The lake, the earth, a subtle breeze
Within the skies and emerald hills
What we need is here

What we need grows in the earth
Wild herbs, rich fruits and man’s self-worth
Within the soil, within his hands
What we need is here

What we need lives on the land
The wolves, the fox, orangutans
From birds to precious bumble bees
What we need is here

What we need is ours to take
Corrupt officials we must break
Take to the streets, reach out your hands
What we need is here

What we need shines in the stars
In old worn books and lands afar
Through time’s mistakes, we rise again
What we need is here

What we need is in our hearts
A voice, some hope, a better start
A greener earth, a peaceful land
What we need is here

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Confidence/ Strength Spell

Things you will need:

  • 1 Red Candle
  • 4 things that each represent the elements/quarters/watchtowers 

Cleanse your work space and yourself. Set the four representations in their correct placements, leaving space in the middle. (Earth in North, Air in East, Fire in South and Water in West) Edit:Once your quarters are set, call and invoke them as well as any deities that you would desire to aid you in your spell casting. (This isn’t 100% needed as the elements will still influence the spell, however calling them does concentrate their influence.) Now place the red candle in the middle of the quarters formation and light it. Chant these words while focusing on building a ball of energy infused with strength and confidence above the candle’s flame and in front of you:

“By hair

By skin

By tooth and nail.

I will fight until I fail” 

  • Chant this three times, or until you are satisfied with the feeling of the gathered energy. 

Now visualize the energy ball positively charged with the desired strength and confidence. Slowly bring this energetic ball into your chest and feel it coarse through your metaphysical body. When you are satisfied, blow or snuff out the candle and leave the space. You can leave the candle to burn itself out, but you will have to remember to later close the space when it is finished. 


Mayday / Beltane Floral Wreath by Marcus Rodriguez