Feather-light, handcrafted leather necklace with a little glass vial filled with forest treasures as pendant. The vial contains a tiny sample of moss, usnea (tree’s beard) and lichen I collected from the forest. Get your unique piece here!

anonymous asked:

What sort of jewelry do druids wear to denote their religious beliefs or spiritual practice? Witches wear pentacles and heathens wear the hammer, for example.

Most often I see triskels or triple spirals, the Celtic tree of life, and especially the awen.  Because of the diversity of druids, however, you’ll see a diverse array of jewelry.  As far as I know there isn’t The Symbol of Druidry™ or anything like that, though I suppose the awen would be the likeliest candidate.

- mountain hound

Seer Stone necklaces! Just in time for Halloweeeeeeeen. For those who practice magic, seer stones are a must-have. They are very good for gazing and scrying, and can help you gain knowledge about past lives. You can check them out in my shop! Just listed!


Aaand, let the 500-follower giveaway begin! I love you all, thank you so much for joining me and the neo-Wicca/pagan/witchcraft community, I hope you all like what I have to offer :)


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  • Sigils! Not shown, but I do make them. I’ll make you five brand-new sigils with whatever intent you like.
  • One (yes, just one) of those lovely little preserved-leaf pendants, your choice which! They’re both from rather uncommon begonias, and I’m sorry if the green one is hard to see, the lighting is bad– but it has small red stripes and quite a bit of silvery fur. In these pictures they’re still setting in my molds, thus the strange appearance.
  • Two small fossilized shark teeth, collected by myself from Venice Beach, FL. 
  • One genuine jade thumb-fidgeter/totem. Strengthens the throat and heart chakras, and great if you need something to do with your hands.
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Hexenring ( Fairy Ring, Rond de Sorciers ), Fly Agaric Mushroom Ring by Moon & Serpent Etsy 

 Instagram: @moonandserpent

Hand carved in oxidized silver, this ring consists of fly agaric mushrooms grew in fairy ring (elf circle) pattern around a green grass gemstone. A magical talisman out of Fungi Kingdom!

New Labradorite necklace in the shop! Can’t seem to keep these stocked :) This one is pretty sweet though, because it’s the only one I’ve seen that has purple-violet! I’ve seen blues, golds, reds, and greens… But never purple!