This gorgeous Sodalite crystal has stolen my heart. You can check it out here.


Sodalite is usually dark blue with bits of white Calcite in it. Sometimes people think it looks like Lapis Lazuli because it also has gold flecks at times! Most specimens come from Brazil.

Sodalite is a must have stone for any person interested in learning more about crystals. It’s believed by many to be a great all-around healer. It is said to bring inner peace to the wearer, so if you are looking to quiet your mind and bring joy to your heart this might be the crystal for you. It’s touted as being a very uplifting and calming stone.

I keep a Sodalite in my winter coat pocket for this reason!

It’s also believed by many to be a very good mental crystal. Apart from being thought to calm the mind, it is also said to enhance mental clarity, rational thought, and give the wearer a little boost of intuition and objectivity. Many religions swear up and down that this stone is very good for emotional people, as it is thought to help balance emotions that are all over the place.

This could also be a great stone for people who suffer from panic attacks as it is believed to be extremely soothing.

Chakra-wise… This crystal is great for strengthening and awakening the Throat and Third Eye Chakras as it helps with logic and expression. Definitely a good crystal to work with for those of us who have a overactive Heart Chakra!

Many cultures believe that Sodalite helps bolster self-esteem and acceptance. For this reason, it is said to be great for bonding and helping one stand up for what you believe in.

Such an uplifting, beneficial crystal… I would recommend this crystal to anyone that is looking for a necklace to give you that little added mood and mind boost during the day!

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What sort of jewelry do druids wear to denote their religious beliefs or spiritual practice? Witches wear pentacles and heathens wear the hammer, for example.

Most often I see triskels or triple spirals, the Celtic tree of life, and especially the awen.  Because of the diversity of druids, however, you’ll see a diverse array of jewelry.  As far as I know there isn’t The Symbol of Druidry™ or anything like that, though I suppose the awen would be the likeliest candidate.

- mountain hound


Hexenring ( Fairy Ring, Rond de Sorciers ), Fly Agaric Mushroom Ring hand carved in oxidized silver by Moon & Serpent Etsy 

Instagram: moonandserpent

This ring consists of fly agaric mushrooms which grew in fairy ring (elf circle) pattern around a green grass gemstone.

Lightning strikes, meteorites, shooting stars, earthly vapours, and witches have all been proposed as agents of the origin of fairy rings. They were said to be the marks where the Devil rested his milk churn, the site of witches’ dancing on Walpurgis Night. In Europe, the belief that fungi were the work of evil spirits or witches persisted well into the 19th century. Hence the expression “foolhardy enough to enter a fairy ring”. Trespassers would be struck blind or lame, or even disappear to become slaves in the fairies’ underground realm.

Fly Agaric was well known to the Koryak tribesmen of Kamchatka in Siberia. They would drink an infusion made from the fungus and become intoxicated. Both poisonous and hallucinogenic, Fly Agaric seems to impart a feeling of great strength and stamina—a fact that may provide a clue to the ferocious reputation of the Berserkers, ancient Norse warriors who are said to have consumed the fungus before going into battle.


Here they are! These two species of mosses, freshly available this week! “Palm Tree Moss” (Climacium dendroides) and “Shaggy Moss” (Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus). Both from a walk down Gould Trail towards Peck’s Brook in the Greylock Glen.

If you like either of these two species and would like one in a pendant, make sure to let me know with your purchase this week and I’ll be sure to send you one!

Available here!



Witch’s Hat Mushrooms Pentagram Pendant, Hand Carved in Oxidized Silver

by Moon & Serpent Etsy->

Instagram:  @  moonandserpent​

Seer Stone necklaces! Just in time for Halloweeeeeeeen. For those who practice magic, seer stones are a must-have. They are very good for gazing and scrying, and can help you gain knowledge about past lives. You can check them out in my shop! Just listed!


Druid Oak Leaf  cold worked crystallized dichroic glass earrings.  Taken in our backyard, we have many boulders covered with this beautiful lichen. The earrings have fresh water pearls at top and will turn gold/copper/green/blue/purple/and magenta depending on the angle and whether it is dark or light behind them.  Richard Elvis   Etsy


Hexenring ( Fairy Ring, Rond de Sorciers ), Fly Agaric Mushroom Ring by Moon & Serpent Etsy 

 Instagram: @moonandserpent

Hand carved in oxidized silver, this ring consists of fly agaric mushrooms grew in fairy ring (elf circle) pattern around a green grass gemstone. A magical talisman out of Fungi Kingdom!