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Have you ever wondered how the Celts must have lived 3000-2000 years ago? Have you ever sat in a forest, feeling the carpet of moss beneath your fingers, and wondered if they had ever walked the same path at night and danced around a campfire with their tribesmen, the fire lighting up their joyful faces? How strange it is to realize that the starry nightsky we gaze up at is the same all ancient civilizations have spent their lives wistfully watching. They too lived, laughed and loved like us, suffered heartbreak, spent weeks or years wandering the vast stretch of the Earth trying to find somewhere to belong.

Meditation: The Seven Gifts of Druidry

1. Philosophy: A worldview with emphasis on preservation of the environment, the sacredness of all life therein and our place in that schism. Brings together and does not separate the spiritual from the physical, as one is a part of the other. 

2. Connection with Nature: The practices and eight celebrations through the year help us to connect with the natural cycle of the earth. Connecting with our spiritual self and the spirits of animals, plants, stones, water, other places and people we develop a sense of community with the natural world around us, finding our place in it and it’s place in us.

3. Healing: Through ancient practices, both spiritual and physical (as well as emotional) we bring healing not only to ourselves but to the world around us and those that live in it.

4. Life as a Journey: The journey of life is marked with initiations, rites of passage into the new stages of life. Like marriage, birth, death, graduation and life achievements. We mark our personal growth, and how we measure our place in the greater community.

5. Openness to other realities: Through certain practices and altering our state of conscious awareness we are brought into contact with the Otherworld. Many shamanic practices and ritual are used to guide us to these altered states, wherein we learn about ourselves and the world around us, greater connecting to the spiritual in ourselves as well as in other things and people.

6. Developing Potential: Druidry opens us up to growth, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, as well as developing psychic and intuitive abilities. The opening of our minds, hearts, and eyes aids in us reaching our fullest potential. 

7. The gift of Magic: Teaches us how to tap into the magic of life, the magic of simply being alive. Through visualization and manifestation we can find wisdom, healing and inspiration, not only for ourselves but in service of the world and others.

“Other parts of the natural world were worshipped too - for the early Celts, for instance, spirits were everywhere: within stones, trees, rivers, lakes, and wells. They watched mankind with curious, if not sometimes hostile eyes and were responsible for all the benefits and calamities that befell their human neighbors. In other cases, animals, with whom Men had once competed for resources and food, were often worshipped for qualities that their devotees admired - the bull for strength, the horse for swiftness, the wolf for cunning, and the bear for bravery. What was important, however, was that these forces were out there and were distinct from Humankind and the skills it had.

And yet, there was a memory of the time when Men had actually been an equal part of the Natural world. There was a “stream of consciousness”, which lay almost dormant in the human brain and connected our ancestors with the world outside themselves in a very fundamental way.” (Bob Curran, Walking with the Green Man)

Allura: So for our training exercise I want you all to admit what your all most scared of.
Shiro: ok I guess mine is druids
Pidge: never finding my family
Hunk: never getting back to earth
Keith: becoming full Galra
Allura: Lance? What about you?
Lance: falling back into the soul crushing void of depression and needing a razor just to feel anything again. That I will go back to the time in my life where I didn’t have the energy to get up from bed and hated myself so much I honestly believed everything would be so much better if I just died…
Shiro: You ok buddy?
Lance: I’m on the edge of the void but not planning on going back

• I accept (where i’m at today) •

A sigil to help you accept where you’re at today. As long as you’re growing and working on developing into the person you want to be, you’re doing your best. You might be close to your goal, whatever it may be. Or you might be far from it. Don’t get discouraged!
Accept where you are at today, you’re doing your best. You’ll reach your goal, lovelies.

*************************The Basil Druid’s Tree Meditation*****************************

Prepare yourself for this meditation however you normally would. For me to do this meditation it helps to be outside or have something playing some natural sounds from outdoors, but you don’t have to. Once you are ready, sit and close your eyes. Relax and breathe deeply.

As you breathe in and out, imagine your energy spreading into the ground beneath you, your roots burrowing deep into the warm and fertile earth. Feel the Earth’s energy returning to you as you breathe in. Breathe in, and out, your roots growing deeper, you are planted and rooted. 

Here I cross my hands in my lap, palms up, (right hand on top) but do whatever makes you comfortable and feels right. As you breathe in, and your shoulders rise slightly, move your hands up little by little. As your hands move up in front of your body, form your lap to your stomach, visualize the energy from your roots moving up into your center. (I visualize it as a ball of deep green energy swirling in my palms.) 

Continue moving your hands up and down until you feel full of this energy, until it is full in your stomach and up in your chest.Now you will begin to grow and spread your branches. (you can stand or sit for this, I’ve done both.) Continue visualizing that energy moving up through your body. Cross your hands over your chest as your energy continues to build up.When you feel you have enough energy in your chest, visualize it spreading into your arms.

As the energy flows into your arms, spread them in front of you, or to your sides, wherever your branches feel they should grow. Continue breathing in and out evenly, feeling the energy moving through you. Once the energy reaches your fingertips, spread your arms up high over your head. Imagine the energy within you being released all over your body. You are a tree, tall, solid, strong. Rooted and firm. If you are outside and there is a breeze, listen to it and feel it on your skin. 

As you are releasing the built up energy in your body, imagine leaves and moss sprouting along your body (your trunk and branches), visualize that your arms are touching the sky and you are not only receiving energy from the earth below you, but from the sky, the sun, the moon, and the stars. 

You are connected to both land and sky, a bridge, a conduit for the energy from both places. Breathe deeply, evenly as the energy from above and below fills your body. You are beautiful, you are whole, one with the all. 

Before you are finished, release any excess energy into both the sky and the ground. Visualize your roots slowly retreating back into your body. You are free to move again. Open your eyes, and smile. It is done.

*This is one of my personal meditations.