Confidence/ Strength Spell

Things you will need:

  • 1 Red Candle
  • 4 things that each represent the elements/quarters/watchtowers 

Cleanse your work space and yourself. Set the four representations in their correct placements, leaving space in the middle. (Earth in North, Air in East, Fire in South and Water in West) Edit:Once your quarters are set, call and invoke them as well as any deities that you would desire to aid you in your spell casting. (This isn’t 100% needed as the elements will still influence the spell, however calling them does concentrate their influence.) Now place the red candle in the middle of the quarters formation and light it. Chant these words while focusing on building a ball of energy infused with strength and confidence above the candle’s flame and in front of you:

“By hair

By skin

By tooth and nail.

I will fight until I fail” 

  • Chant this three times, or until you are satisfied with the feeling of the gathered energy. 

Now visualize the energy ball positively charged with the desired strength and confidence. Slowly bring this energetic ball into your chest and feel it coarse through your metaphysical body. When you are satisfied, blow or snuff out the candle and leave the space. You can leave the candle to burn itself out, but you will have to remember to later close the space when it is finished. 


Mayday / Beltane Floral Wreath by Marcus Rodriguez