Leather Transmog: Demon Hunter, Druid, Monk, Rogue

Shoulder: Passive Resistor Spaulders
Chest: Jinxed Hoodoo Skin
Hands: Shardtooth Gloves
Waist: Waistwrap of Banishment
Legs: Roots of Rampaging Earth
Feet: Taldaram’s Soft Slippers

Offhand: Caged Living Ooze
Staff: Inevitable Defeat
Staff: Sky-Shaper Staff
Polearm: Razorwind Spear
1h Sword: Soulblade of the Breaking Storm
1h Axe: Hand of Morchok
1h Mace: Growthshaper Scepter
Fist Weapon: Arcanic of the High Sage
Dagger: Riptar’s Clever Claw


Herbalist’s Workshop by Marcus Rodriguez


I came across these cute little photos that help identify uses for different incenses. Remember to crack a window to get a nice air flow :3

Strawberry: friendship, love, & luck

Mint: wealth & sexuality

Hyacinthe: happiness & protection

Eucalyptus: purification & protection

Lemon: healing & love

Rose: love, fertility, healing, & courage

Frankincense: courage, spirituality, luck, & protection

Amber: love, comfort, happiness, & healing

Ginger: wealth, love, lust, spirituality

Lotus: protection & meditation

Cinnamon: wealth, healing, & lust

Vanilla: love & mental clarity

Jasmine: love, purification, & dream magic

Lavender: sleep, love, cleansing, & happiness

Also, you can always substitute one with another to suit your wants and needs. I myself almost always use Lemon instead of Cinnamon.

If you are in the midst of creating your Book of shadows (or journal), this is a perfect addition!

Much love.

[Originals by @seraphickalmagick ]

This is Selenite! It is named after the Greek word “Selene,” which means moon. It has a moonlike glow when polished. This is one of those special few in the crystal realm that doesn’t require charging. 

Selenite has such a cool property in that it can be used to cleanse your other crystals and stones! Awesome! Just lay the crystals in need of cleansing on top or touching a piece of Selenite for about 15-30 minutes and let this gorgeous crystal clear them! It’s able to do this because of its unique ability to clear blockages or pathways of energy.

Selenite vibrates with a rather high energy. This makes is a great stone for the mind! Some of the lore states that if you and your partner are fighting, exchanging a Selenite stone will bring peace to the relationship.

And lastly, this interesting healing stone is a very powerful protection talisman. It is said to protect the wearer from outside dangers and protect the home when placed in a prominent location.

This particular piece is available here.