drugstore nail polish


I got this nail polish last night and i’m literally obsessed. It was 40% of at my local Rite Aid so I thought i’d pick it up and try it out! I got it in the color ‘Galactic.’ It comes in a double sided tube- one side is the dark blue color and the other side is turquoise glitter-flakes! The dark blue color had amazing pigmentation and I only needed one coat of it! I put on two layers of glitter on my nails. You could get away with one, but I wanted a lot of the glitter! I LOVE this nail polish! It’s amazing and I definitely recommend everyone getting it. It looks so unique on your nails and I’ve never seen anything like it. The glitter looks like flakes of glass…I can’t even describe it! Go out and see for yourself! :)

If you have any request for reviewing any other products just leave a comment below! :)

She takes me underneath her
fingernails, speaks of where
all the dirt comes from,
park benches and lonely
nights and ink she could not
convince to stay on paper.

She peels off her sleeves like
bandaids covering healed
wounds, tells no one in
particular how she’s chosen
to hide it beneath cheap
drugstore nail polish.

Her face contorts as her
voice hitches on a promise,
“It always chips.” I find no
comfort in my silent reply;
I’m sure she would not
either. “We all do.”

—  brief encounters with those of a like kind, Emma Bleker

Accent nails are always a great go-to when you only have time for a quick manicure!

  • Turquoise & Caicos - Essie (light dusty blue-green jade; beautiful color, so-so formula)
  • York - Nails Inc. Feathers collection (peach and white matte bar glitter; this shade/collection is kind of tough to find now, but Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat is pretty much the same thing except in different shades, plus it’s much cheaper and you can find it in lots of drugstores)