halloween 2k15

this year for halloween we went for a scary cute theme (also known as TUMBLUR AESTHETUCS). every year we buy new decorations even though we have tons already… ah well. our menu was 90% vegan with a pumpkin pie, a black (grey) pasta salad, vegetable and tofu mini skewers and dark chocolate cookies. our entertainment included watching The Craft (fairuza balk!!!), playing teenage party games and demolishing over 100 glow-sticks because why the hell not. our guest star was Fire, a chihuahua @drugsforaddicts was watching over for the weekend, and MAN i’m not even a dog person but he was amazingly chill. other than that present were @gatoraid (who hosted), @lagiovanettadeiboschi, @tamucist and @funkyimpala, thank you to everyone for coming even if our party grew smaller in size (though we always end up having like four person halloween parties lmao IT’S THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR SORRY)

also i ate way too much and have no regrets