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Pairing: Jungkook x Y/N

Genre: Fluff, semi-smut, police officer! Jungkook

Word count: 1979 words

Summary: Jungkook enters the praline shop you own to pay you a visit and show you how much he’s missed you.

Jungkook has been known as one of the best police officers in one of South Korea’s provinces ― Busan. He always knew how to deal with thiefs, drugsdealers and other criminal because never had one of them knew how to escape from him. He was like a lion and people couldn’t stop him nor hide from this unstoppable man. The city was almost secured if there wouldn’t be so much criminals, who gave him so much work to do.

People admired his built physics and his handsome features. He had a broad chest, muscled arms, a sharp jawline, those thighs which makes girls drool and not to forget; those eyes. His eyes were so captivating that even the commissioner couldn’t look away from them. His gaze was so strong that criminals were afeared of him, they thought he could kill them on that spot just by staring at them. Leading them to reflect on why they become a criminal in the first place and it also led the malfeasance peeing in their pants, out of fear,  right in front of him. That all with Jungkook having a small yet attractive smirk on his well sculpted face. He was a very attractive man.

Everything from his nose bridge to his ankles was more than perfect. As if a famous painter painted him and brought him to life. 

The thing that people have been discovering lately was he hanging out with an ordinary girl on his free days. That girl was not a girl but his girl. In other words; his girlfriend. That made every single woman in the city sad and kind of jealous, but that didn’t bring harm to you. You were just an ordinary girl who owned a praline shop and was friendly to all of your customers. You seemed normal and boring to other people and that made them think why he would date you when there are better girls out there. But Jungkook saw something whole differently in you. You were a small kitten he had to protect at all cost, you were a rare form of beauty, someone with the cutest giggles and you were the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. You were like his world to him and only him.

The way you two fell in love was really simple. It was a normal day like any other when you were selling pralines to your customers. When the last customer left at the end of the day ― a man came in. He was wearing black clothes and had a quiet large bag in his hand, as if he knew he would have to carry a lot by entering a small store located in a small street. His presence only told you that things were going to be difficult and dangerous so you straightened yourself up and inhaled deeply. You never dealed with unfriendly and rude customers before but the feeling of being around him was fearful ― leaving you with a bad feeling. Before you could greet and ask him which kind of chocolat he wanted, the man pulled out a bat from beneath his jacket and asked you to put all of your money in the bag.

While you were terrorised and confused as to what you could do to save your life, a police officer walked past your small store and saw everything happening from behind the glass. He didn’t hesitate to run into the store and help you out. While the man was shouting at you to put all the money in his bag, you were full fear and concern as you approached the cash register. The man kept shouting insults at you out of anger since you were too slow. But when the door swung open and both your heads turned into the direction of the door, a breathtaking man in a police uniform came in. You totally forgot about a robber standing in front of you and got lost in your thoughts. The young man who entered your store a mere seconds ago fixated his sight directly on you. Your eyes locked and his strong gaze immediately softened. He didn’t hesitate to push the robber on the floor before pushing the bat out of his hands. He quickly pulled the handcuffs out of his pocket and handcuffed the aggresive criminal. The police officer felt a feeling that could be described as ‘possessiveness’ when he saw you standing there. You were like a little lamb who was to be attacked by a big bad wolf and he wanted to shield you behind his back. Another police man came immediately in and took the criminal with him to the police station after he had checked upon him.

The police officer who saved you walked slowly up to you as he rubbed his hands together, your gazes still locked with each other as if it was a line between two people who were calling out to each other. “Are you okay?” He asked you carefully and putted his hand on you shoulder. The contact made your cheeks heat up in an instant as you received a ticklish feeling in your tummy. “Y-yes…” you stuttered and looked down at your feet, feeling shy because of his brown orbs. “My name is Jungkook” he smiled so sweetly you could melt right on the spot you were standing on. Jungkook  jungkook  jungkook “(Y/N)” “That’s a beautiful name” he winked and retired his hand from you shoulder, the heat immediately disapearing and got replaced by emptiness. That moment self another police agent shouted his name to come back outside the store. He gave you a last smile before he left the store ― but you were faster and quickly called his name. “Thank you!” You quickly smiled back and ran up to him to give him a small box with chocolats you found beside the cash register.  “Why?” He asked with a small smile on his face. “As a gift for saving me” it was your turn to smile up at him. He chuckled so beautifully and ruffled your silky hair. “Thanks (Y/N)”

After that day he regularly came into your small store to buy chocolats and start conversations with you. He sometimes would flirt with you just to see the red tomatoes plastered on your cheeks, it was cute in his eyes while you were embarrassed of it. Scolding yourself why you always had to blush when he spoke to you, even a small 'hello’ could make you red within the second. You actually couldn’t deny the fact that his voice was more than sexy sometimes. It was soft yet rough and he was like an alpha who found his mate. No wonder every girl in the town fell for him.

After a few more days he asked you out on an official date. You being you first stuttered before asked him if he meant it seriously. He chuckled in response and replied that he was more than serious and that he wanted to spent more time with you. You agreed and were excited for your first date since you never had a boyfriend before nor were you desperated for love before. All of your 'love adventures’ didn’t exist since every boy you were falling for turned out to be a one sided love so you had to take comfort by looking at dramas on the television. 

Weeks rolled by until you became his official girlfriend despite sometimes having to stay alone since he also has night shifts on some days. Another thing was; you were his and only his. Guys who checked you out on the streets when Jungkook was around got it difficult because of him. He’ll give them one of his scary glares just to make sure they’ll know who you belong to. Jungkook also wanted to protect you for everything and everyone. If you ever had to go outside in the late evening or the night and it was his shift, he’ll accompany you. Give you one or two kisses before saying goodbye. You had to admit that it was attractive to have a protective boyfriend but at the other side he’ll get easily jealous. You remember the first time you two went on a late at night date and an unkwon man came to you while Jungkook was going to the toilet. He came out and  saw your confused and uncomfortable expression, giving him every right to scare the other guy to death. That night he stayed glued to you, not once leaving you alone. And when you came home he showed you something you never experienced once. You gave him your virginity and he give you the love he had for you in return. A few months later the both of you moved into a tiny appartement in the city. It was since then that almost everyone in the small city knew about the both of you.

He was wandering around when your small shop came in his vision. With a smug smirk on his face he entered it since he missed you so dearly.

His hands wandered every part of you while he breathed loudly in your ear as you palmed him through his pants. “(Y/N) don’t” he warned and bit your earlob. He started to leave wet kisses along your neck and eventually bit on your sensitive spot making you moan. After painting your skin with his saliva and red, blue and purple marks, h e trailed down to your collarbone. Knowing that you were sensitive in that area, he but down on it and sucked until another mark came to light. He straightened himself up and discarded your blouse while kissing you hungrily on the lips. He licked the outside of your lips and waited for you to open your mouth but you wanted to tease him by not opening your mouth. “(Y/N)” he growled your name against your lips as he kept pecking it, waiting for you to open it so he can explore your cavern like he usually does in heated moments like this. “I freaking need you right now” he murmured against your heated skin. You being a real brat kept your mouth shut as you tightly held onto his biceps when his hand travelled downwards your body. When his hand made contact with your innerthigh and as he decided to grip onto your calve, you let an unwanted moan out. Jungkook took his chance and entered his tongue in your caverne. The both of you shared a heated kiss together with your tongues interweaved. You kept moaning when his hands stayed really close to your centre but he didn’t do anything. “Jungkook~” you moaned and tried pulling back from the kiss. All that while pulling on his belt. Jungkook chuckled at your eagerness and finally pulled back from the kiss. “Payback is a bitch, right?” He smirked and you just hided your head in the crook of his neck, peppering his soft skin with red marks so every woman in the city knew who he belonged to. Before Jungkook could dove back in another heated kiss, his name was being shouted from outside the shop.

“Jungkook? We have to go!” He heard his co-worker. With a sigh he pulled back from you and fixed his uniform. “I have to go, love” he said as you pouted. He quickly stole another peck from you before turning around. You quickly fixed yourself too before calling out to him. “You’ll come back later, right?” You asked, desperated to finish what you started a few moments ago. Jungkook turned on his heel and gave you an apologetic look before saying. “I can’t, but we’ll see each other this evening at home” he smirked and then got out of your small shop. Leaving you with excitement and butterflies in your tummy

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Requested by: Anonymous : You’re dating the famous badboy, Luke Hemmings. Part 1 ( 2 ) 3

You were finally done with Lukes’ bad habit so you gave him an ultimatum. It was you or the drugs. He choose you ofcourse! But he had one little problem.. He still owed his drugsdealer a lot of money.. On your way home from Luke, heading to your home, some car started following you. Later, a boy jumped out of it and started chasing you. You started running away but he was quicker. Later you woke up, tied up, not knowing where you were. In front of you, on a tiny chair, was sitting a boy. He didn’t seemed to be happy.. More like.. Angry. He was tall, had black hair and his nose was pierced. He told you about Luke’s debt and he also said he would kill you if Luke would’t paid his money back. As fast as he left the room, you grabbed your phone and warned Luke, but the drugsdealer (DD) caught you and got really angry. Luke, who was extremely mad, grabbed his carkeys, called his mate Michael and headed to safe you and chop the one’s who hurt you dick off.

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Part 3?

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