drugs were legal

ENTP, ENTJ, INTP in a class debate
  • Teacher: let's talk about a debatable topic. How about drug legalization.
  • Entp kid: stands up gives a whole argument about why drugs should be legalized.
  • Entj kid: backs up the argument and adds the possible laws that could be applied if drugs were legalized.
  • Intp kid: adds to the information. Gives good scientific facts supporting the argument.
  • SOME KID: "but it is bad for u"
  • Teacher: "(some kid) wins the argument"
  • Entp kid: ...
  • Entj kid: ...
  • Intp kid: ...
  • Entp, Entj, Intp: *look at each other* "I don't wanna live in this world any more"
Today, organized criminals make their fortune selling marijuana and cocaine rather than penicillin and Prozac.  The reason is that criminals have no advantages in the provision of ordinary goods and services; their only special asset is their willingness and skill in defying the law.  Unlike ordinary businesspeople, criminal individuals are willing to risk imprisonment for the sake of money; they are willing to forgo all social respectability; and they are willing to engage in bribery, threats, and violence to pursue their business.  These are the traits needed to supply a good that is illegal.  By prohibiting certain drugs, we grant control of the recreational drug industry to people with those characteristics.  If these same drugs were legalized, the criminals now making fortunes from their sale would no longer be able to do so because they would no longer have any economic advantage in that industry.  This is the lesson of Capone and Prohibition.
—  Michael Huemer, The Problem of Political Authority

How many police officers are killed by violent drug cartels who would be out of business if drugs were legal? Think of how many police officers’ lives would be saved if we ended the war on drugs.

How many police officers are killed in no-knock raids because the residents don’t know that the people breaking into their house are police officers? Think of how many police officers’ lives would be saved if we ended no-knock raids.

Why haven’t the “Blue Lives Matter” people suggested that?