just chase your dreams man. get out there. get it together. you’re 19 years old. throw out your crop tops. start listening to 80′s soviet acid house mixes on youtube. realise you got an ass and capitalise on it. become an escort. wax your upper lip. start smoking ice. make a zine. make 12 zines. learn how to pronounce zine. stop talking to people with exclusively white ancestry. take a shit. go to school. don’t miss a single class but it’s okay to do so if you are sick with the flu or depression. start dating boys. stop dating boys. don’t date anyone. fall in love with a girl and a boy. read 3 books at the same time. go sane. tidy your room. drink lots of water. say i love you. start listening to death grips 5 years later than all of your friends. go to the shrine of remembrance and paint your fucking nails. get a job at maccas. work like you don’t mind it. write a different name on your name badge it’ll be so funny. message that friend you keep thinking about. say i love you. live in the past. wait no, live in the future. decide at what age you’ll have a baby. adopt instead. take a shit. see your counsellor. get indexed pension. tax exemption. clearing gutters. getting by. looking ahead. the day you die.

The $750 Per Pill AIDS Drug Now Has $1 Competition
The $750 drug drew widespread condemnation for a huge price jump...

It’s part of a a new program called Imprimis Cares that will make over 7,800 FDA-approved generic drugs available at an affordable price.

A pharmaceutical company announced Thursday that it plans to introduce a significantly lower-cost version of Daraprim, the drug that made headlines last month after jumping from $13.50 per pill to $750.


Which are you?!

Based off a really dumb conversation with my brother that ended in the most serious art I’ve done in a while, which is sad, but I still really really like these haha.

I want John to be with Sherlock when he’s high.

Not the ‘I haven’t seen you for you a month and holy shit you’re high’ nor the 'You’re high and I didn’t know but we’re not alone’.

I want Sherlock and John on their own, in modern times, Sherlock admitting it to John that he felt the need again. That he couldn’t stop it. That he needed it. And oh God please John, I can’t stop it.

I want John being angry but being more worried. I want John to grab Sherlock and steer him to his bed. I want John to take the list with trembling hands, though he will not look. Not yet. Sherlock is his priority now.

I want John to stay with Sherlock. Keeping a hand on him. Reminding him, silently, that he is not alone. Not this time. I want John to hold him when Sherlock starts to writhe and tremble.

I want Sherlock to cry against John’s jumper.

I want John to cry when Sherlock finally - finally - calms down and drifts to sleep. Because he hates this. He hates seeing Sherlock like this. But he is so relieved that this time, Sherlock came to him. Trusted him. Even with that bloody list!

John pockets it, staying close to Sherlock.

Not alone. Not this time.

This time, Sherlock, I’ll stay.