drugs not good

  • Jaehee: If you remove my spine, I still stand tall. I don't drink much water, but you can drink from me. What am I?
  • Seven: A BOOK!
  • Jaehee: No, you can't drink from a book.
  • Seven: Yes you can. You drink knowledge.

anonymous asked:

Hi! You've made such an impact on my life, motivated me to draw and all that, so thank you! But also, as the one adult I feel comfortable asking, I've been with this girl a while and things are starting to get serious, but I just learned she smokes weed and drinks (we're both fourteen) and I just ... I've had friends who've done stuff before, and she's in no way pressuring me, but I'm worried her and I really like her and I just want her to be happy, but also safe. What do? Thanks!

Hello! I would tell her that you care about her and her safety. Tell her what you just told me. If she’s drinking and doing weed, then try to monitor her consumption, either passively (act only if things get bad) or actively (mitigate anything bad happening by limiting her consumption). I’m sure she would appreciate you caring about her that much :)