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Xeno - 1

Plot: The best part about being an assistant in a lab was watching all new inventions come to life, although sometimes some of them fail, leaving them away in a storage room, never to be bothered with; free for the taking.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Futuristic au!

Notes: It’s finally here after a week of storyboarding! I really hope you enjoy this series. And I suggest all you first time viewers to read the prologue before this. It’ll give ye a bit of context. Thank you for the support <3 2k words

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“Take him?” You asked yourself, as if you were assuring yourself this was the right choice.

Fuck it.

You waved your digital ID before the scanner, and the light flashed green before the glass doors opened up. A blast of cold air made your hair flutter slightly, as you were finally met with the experiment – a human? You were going to assume that, considering he was being pumped with elixir, which was what kept him healthy and alive.

Now the hardest part – getting him out of the lab.

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Young Justice Characters: A Summary

Season One:

Dick: cute little ninja boi, pun lord, obvs dating Kid Flash

Wally: silly lil yellow blob of sunshine, even more adorable when he’s with Robin, really tho stop hitting on girls to pretend ur str8

Connor: sad boy with daddy issues, the YJ writers think he’s the hot one

Kaldur: actually the hot one, srsly why are the ladies ignoring him, Too Mature For This Shit

Artemis: will shoot you if you look at her wrong, kick-ass lady with daddy issues, I want to marry her

M’Gann: such a mary sue ugh why did they–OH MY GOD JUST KIDDING SHE’S A BADASS

Roy: daddy issues are starting to look like a theme with this show, the Other Archer, don’t call him a sidekick, hot when he’s angry

Season Two:

Dick: HOLY PUBERTY BATMAN, voice makes my panties drop so hard they dent the floor, why dont we get to see him more??, I KNEW he was hiding a fantastic ass under that cape

Wally: where tf is he tho, my baby grew up, srsly are Wally and Artemis still a thing?? why

Connor: poor lost puppy, someone pls love him, m’gann did him dirty, but at least Superman accepts him now

Kaldur: Didn’t think he could possibly get hotter but then he went darkside

Artemis: why isn’t she hooking up with Zatanna again??

M’Gann: heartless looks good on her

Roy: the “after” side of the before/after pic you see inside anti-drug pamphlets, married a super villain and fathered a child he didnt know about, way to go Roy you nailed this whole ‘adulthood’ thing

It’s years down the line, Andreil are on a date

  • It’s not a big deal at this point, they go out to dinner whenever they get a chance, still playing for different teams. 
  • They go out for Italian bc it’s Neil’s favorite and/or bc they haven’t had Italian in a long time 
  • Andrew gets five cheese ziti and Neil gets a caesar salad bc he’s a nerd 
  • They’re enjoying their meal, sharing stories of their respective teams, the Foxes, their lives in general
  • Andrew starts glaring at his plate at one point, stopping what he was saying mid-sentence, “…so I told him -”
  • Neil raises a brow in confusion, asks, “Everything’s ok?” 
  • Andrew just gestures to his plate where there is one piece of fusilli instead of the ziti that was supposed to be in his plate
  • Neil scoffs, he reaches a across the table and stabs the offending piece and goes, “I guess you could call it, an - impasta.” 
  • He pops it in his mouth and grins at his pun
  • Andrew
  • Andrew snorts in surprise, letting out the smallest laugh, before biting his tongue bc that was…weird
  • Neil is staring in wonder, bc that was at once, the most adorable and the most heartbreaking sound he’d ever heard. Andrew laughed (it was a different laugh, not one laced with mania, all Andrew and none of the drugs, one Neil hadn’t ever heard) at a joke Neil made, but stopped abruptly bc he was so unfamilar with the feeling
  • Neil swallows his bite, smiling gently, prodding Andrew to continue his story about a fan he ran into at a gas station
  • Andrew clears his throat and does
  • But the memory is forever ingrained in both their minds as the first time Andrew truly laughed  
Unexpected II

Happy birthday, @burkygirl!! I’m cutting it close, and I know you’re asleep and won’t see this until the day after your bday, but I heart you very much and hope you likey my story for you. I’ve been talking about a part 2 for my @loveinpanem submission back in February so I went ahead and wrote it for you. Enjoy this fluff-fest! If you haven’t read it, you can find part one here

“What’s gotten into you today?” Lavinia, the PA in his pediatric office, asks as Peeta picks up the chart of one of his patients.

“What do you mean?” He gives her a funny look.

“You’re whistling and all happy,” she tells him with a cocked brow.

His own eyebrows raise in challenge. “I’m always happy,” he replies, knowing it’s not the complete truth, but he’s never unpleasant. He’s built his reputation on the best bedside manner a doctor could hope to achieve. There is a wait list of families dying to become patients of Dr. Peeta Mellark based on his happy demeanor and way with children.

But now that it’s been brought to his attention and he can compare last night’s accidental meeting with Katniss against every minute before it, he knows something has shifted. He’s not unhappy per se, but he can’t deny he could be happier, and there’s something about Katniss that magnetizes that hope in her direction.

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Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could send in a request? Maybe one that is very angsty; the reader and sherlock have a very compelling case, like the one in series four where sherlock develops a MASSIVE drug habit (for the case) and the reader does too. Only, she can’t simply ‘stop’ as easily as sherlock can, and he tries to help her before its too late? Also, if the pairing could be platonic, that’d be great! So sorry if it’s too specific. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!

A/N: Really sorry if this didn’t come out how you’d like, i tried my best to stay with the prompt. This is my first request ever so I’m really nervous abt this one bc i think it sucks.

Warnings: Drug usage, mild swearing, angst, and SPOILERS

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Ankle Biter | 05

pairing: taehyung x reader - single dad! au

warnings/genre: major fluff, major angst, smut eventually I’m sure because of my thirsty ass

summary: You swear that your job sucks, except for the guy who keeps coming in every morning to order himself a black coffee, and his kid a strawberry milk and chocolate muffin. When you and Taehyung have an awkward run-in at the cafe thanks to his kid, feelings start to emerge and so do the secrets.

words: 4.8k

playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 06 | 07 | epilogue

moodboards: before & after

warning: a lot of implied drug usage/mentions of drug usage

“Good morning, buddy.”

You looked up from your phone to see Taehyung leaning over the little body that was lying still in the hospital bed. The two of you had been here all night, taking turns sleeping on one another’s shoulders or laps while waiting for Taeji to wake up. It was 7:15 AM, and Taehyung’s phone rang so incessantly that you decided to get up for the day and let Beatrice know you won’t be coming in.

“I’m sorry,” Taehyung had whispered, kissing your cheek before hustling out of the room. But now, he was back and had promptly hung up as soon as he heard you calling for him. Taeji had woken up, his weary eyes puffy but not dim. The spark that always took refuge within Taeji was still there and for that, you’re thankful.

“How are you feeling?” Taehyung asked softly as his hand brushed the hair away from Taeji’s forehead, only for it to bounce back to place.

“I’m good, daddy. When can we go?” Taeji asked, struggling to sit up. Taehyung stepped backwards and helped prop him up against the pillows before pulling the blanket towards the little boy.

“Soon, buddy. We just gotta find your doctor to discharge you.”

Taehyung stands and you silently nod as he walks out of the room to find the doctor, and you’re left alone with Taeji. “That was a little scary yesterday, huh?”

Taeji nods. “But I still want another muffin.”

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falling into you (pt. 3)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 4

→scenario: Jungkook’s innocence is like a breath of fresh air in your wild life, and though you know you’re toxic for him, you just can’t seem to stay away.

genre: college au

→word count: 10,816

Two weeks.

That’s how long it’s been since you’ve seen Jungkook. No passing on the campus sidewalk, no catching him on his way out of art class—nothing. And seeing how ever since the very first night you met you had been seeing him at least two times a week, maybe three, it was very unnerving to say the least.

Your mind flashed back to the party for what may have been the millionth time just today alone. You went wrong when you accepted two shots back to back from your friends, that much you knew. Many things were a blur after that, including the stolen kiss from a drunken mistake a few parties back, but when you had all but shoved Minho off of you in disgust and whipped your head around to look at the younger boy, Jungkook was no where to be found.

And that was when you knew you had fucked up beyond repair.

You knew there was no point in searching for the boy who could escape like a whisper in the night while he was alone, much less in a crowded frat house, though that didn’t stop you from doing it anyways. You must’ve circled the party three times and all but pulled your hair out in anxiety before your friends stopped you in your tracks and forced a blunt between your lips to calm you down in fear that you would explode. Though the drug did have its natural soothing effects, it did nothing to settle the growing feeling of nausea in the pit of your stomach—if anything, it heightened it.

But that was two weeks ago, and as much as your mind loved to torture you with the thought as you currently nibbled on the wood of your pencil, you knew no good would come from dwelling on the matter. As if what you were doing right now was any better: going to class.

You couldn’t even remember the last time you attended one of your classes, and as much as you would like to say it was the visit to the dean’s office that smacked some sense into you, you knew that wasn’t the case.

It was Jungkook.

Some sick, twisted, pathetic desire deep inside of you knew that you would have a better chance of seeing him inside a school building than anywhere else on campus (without stalking the dorms, of course—which you hadn’t completely ruled out just yet). But as you sat there raking your hands through your hair, listening to your professor drone on and on about the importance of symbiotic relationships, you knew you had to get out—and fast.

Your chair was loud as it skidded across the the tiled floor; it echoed throughout the room, disrupting not only the professor during his lecture but every single student taking notes as well, though the accusatory eyes and numerous scowls only hurried you out the door that much faster. 

Water. That’s all you told yourself you needed as you dragged a desperate hand through your hair. The anxiety within you was building ten-fold as your eyes frantically searched the lengths of white halls around you, each one looking the same as the last, and that’s when you realized that you were lost. You hadn’t been in the science building in who knows how long. Was it even the same layout you’d seen three years prior?

You took refuge in the nearest bathroom you could find, choosing to ignore the multitude of urinals that lined the walls as you dove into an empty stall and locked the door behind you. 

You didn’t know what was happening, but you knew you had to get ahold of yourself; hiding out in men’s restrooms was not something you did. In fact, hiding in general wasn’t your cup of tea—but then again, neither was going to class, and today you were trying out all sorts of new things. You much preferred to confront your fears head-on and show courage rather than weakness in the face of danger, so to suddenly have a panic attack in the middle of a public building filled with people who only saw your level-headedness was definitely not how you wanted to spend your free time.

It was the flushing of a toilet that drug you out of your thoughts and into the reality around you; you froze, eyes wide with both hands on either side of the stall as if to ground yourself to your surroundings, and it wasn’t until after the running faucet was cut off and the melodic whistling trailed off into the distance that you finally relaxed. Stop fucking around, you mentally scolded yourself once you were alone. Right now you need to focus on getting out of here unseen

But it was as if fate was playing some cruel, twisted joke on you, because right when you thought the coast was clear and emerged from the safety of your hiding spot, Jungkook stepped into the bathroom.

He had never been so startled in his life. 

Taking a fleeting break from his chemistry class after battling what felt like world war three in his mind on whether or not his bladder was worth missing even one second of the professor’s lecture, Jungkook had all but forced himself to get up from his chair and dash to the urinal before he involuntarily pissed himself. Though who knew that walking into the men’s restroom, statistically speaking the one place on earth he was guaranteed to never see her, was where he would find himself face to face with the kiss of death again.

He didn’t know what he’d done to deserve this.

“Jungkook.” Her voice was dripping with the shaky tones of disbelief, and that’s when he felt his resolve come crashing down.

No. After dealing with the internal desolation that came with crying himself to sleep the night of the frat party, image after image flashing in his head like a slideshow on repeat of Y/N being touched, groped, kissed by multiple guys driving him to the point of teetering insanity, his face stuffed into the material of his pillow to muffle the sobs that threatened to wake his sleeping roommate merely a few feet away, he was not going to let this happen to him again.

No. After two weeks of trying to shelter himself from this girl, building a wall around his feelings and locking himself in his room any free hour he had just so his feet wouldn’t betray him and lead him to her, the one person he knew he shouldn’t see, he was not going to fall victim to another one of her ploys.

No. He had had enough.

He turned around and walked right back out the entrance before he could even blink. 

“Jungkook!” He heard her calling out his name behind him, but he didn’t let himself slow down.

He didn’t give her the satisfaction she’d gotten so many times before, so used to him responding to her every beck and call, bending at her will as if she was his puppet master. He let his feet carry him away from her, his pace nonchalant and steady despite the emotions crashing inside of him that were anything but, just begging for him to speed up and carry him from this hall, this building, this campus until he was as far from her as humanly possible.

“Jungkook! Wait!”

She had followed him out into the hall, he knew she would, and it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to him when he felt her grasp on his wrist for the second time in his life. 

He hated the effect she had on him. He hated how his knees instantly buckled, bent to her will, followed every command that she silently gave them as if he had been programmed to obey all along. He hated that after all this time spent drowning in hatred, he still turned to look at her, and damn it, he absolutely hated how undeniably beautiful she still looked. He was hoping these two weeks had not been kind to her, that some higher power had altered her appearance in the worst of ways and made her almost unrecognizable, inconceivable to the eye. 

But that had not happened. She still looked just as stunning as ever, and she was still looking right at him.

“Get away from me.” His voice started off soft, was that of a whisper when the words were mumbled from his lips, and they had Y/N instantly stepping forward to see if she’d heard him right.


“I said get away from me!” Jungkook bellowed, probably the loudest she—or he for that matter—had ever heard him. He knew the look on his face was that of pure venom as he took a step back, though he couldn’t find himself to care through the anger that was now whipping through him like a raging storm. “Get the fuck away!”

“Jungkook, calm down,” Y/N started, her voice uneasy as she raised her hands in a defensive yet calming manner. “I know you’re upset, and you have every right to be, but let’s just talk about this–”

“No.” He was shaking his head and backing away from her before she even had the chance to reach out a hopeful hand. “I don’t want to talk to you.”

A painful expression graced over Y/N’s features then, the intensity so strong and startling that Jungkook almost wavered. He could feel his feet starting to slow, could sense his heart thawing from its block of ice as he soon began to melt into the puddle of goo she always transformed him to be, began to feel his anxiety levels rise until soon enough he would be nothing but his former self, brought back to square one where he would look at her with scared eyes. 

The truth was, he was terrified. But he would be damned if he let her see that after all the hell she put him through.

When she noticed he wasn’t running away from her, she saw her opportunity and took it. “I just wanted to apologize for—for the party. I had a lot more to drink that night than I wanted to, and I wasn’t in my right mind. I wouldn’t have asked you to come if I’d known all those drugs were gonna be there. I shouldn’t have left you like that.”

It was all he could do to keep from laughing out loud right then and there. He knew he didn’t matter to her. He knew his suffering and misfortune were nothing more than faint memories in the back of her faded, hazy mind, clouded with the alcohol and drugs that she had more than likely consumed before and after his appearance at the party. But worst of all, he knew that she was probably clogged up with all the dicks that had been drilled into her mind, a different one every night to match every night he ever cried over her. While his cheeks were soaked with tears, staining his pillowcase with dampened sorrows, hers were probably dry, her body soaked in a much different place and a much different way.

He hadn’t realized he’d been clenching his fists until she’d noticed it first.

“Um,” she glanced away from his hands by his sides, clearing her throat to fill the uncomfortable silence that hung in the air between them. “S–so, I’m sorry. I hope you can forgive me.”

She had absolutely no clue.

“This isn’t about the alcohol.” His tone was low, dark, and he equally surprised himself as much as he did her. “This isn’t about the drugs—god, this isn’t even about the fucking party!”

She took a step back, alarmed by the anger in his voice and his choice of words, no doubt. Her eyes were wide, eyebrows knitted in worry, and right when he was about to open his mouth to yell even more, it suddenly dawned on him.

He had no right to be upset.

Y/N didn’t owe him anything. She wasn’t his. She could fuck whoever she liked, whenever she liked, and if Jungkook spelled his jealousy out and handed it over on a silver platter for her like he’d planned on doing, he’d be making an even bigger fool of himself than she had ever done. 

Because he was wrong; he was nothing to this girl but a friendly face (and even that was putting it generously). He was wrong about his anger and his heartbreak and his tears. He’d been wrong about it all.

And that was the most painful thing of all.

Jungkook was running from you then, through the hall, around the corner, down the stairs that you heard slapping against the soles of his shoes, and out the door. You tried to catch up with him, but try as you did, you were simply no match for the lithe boy who made darting in and out of a crowd seem like a talent. And just like that, he was gone.

You couldn’t help yourself from collapsing then; you crouched down on the ground, knees to your chest, hands on your eyes, and let the water start to pool beneath your lashes. You barely even took notice to the people walking briskly past you. You only thought of the boy, the most brilliant boy you’d ever seen, and the hostility he had directed towards you. His words didn’t make sense to you—if it wasn’t the party, then what was it?—but as you were questioning the thoughts in your mind and desperately trying to settle the painful nausea within you, you heard a voice close by.

“Y/N?” They sounded startled to see you, and suddenly you found yourself envious of Jungkook’s ability to become invisible to the human eye.

You looked up to see Yoongi, one of the people in your friend group and perhaps the toughest yet sweetest guy you knew, shrugging a backpack up his shoulder and peering down at you with concerned eyes. “What are you doing?” He asked.

You realized how bizarre you must’ve looked, squatting on the floor with your face buried into your palms, and as if someone suddenly removed the wool that had been pulled over your eyes, you were quickly remembering where you were and what you were doing.

Panic began to fill you. This is exactly why you didn’t go to class; every time you stepped foot in a school building, you ended up crying and making an embarrassment of yourself.

“U–uh, nothing.” You hoped Yoongi would ignore the waver in your voice as you stood up and self-consciously wiped your eyes. “I was just going to skip class.”

To your relief, Yoongi didn’t say a word—just as you expected. “Great, I’ll join you. Chem fucking sucks today.”

The walk down the campus sidewalk started as a silent one, though it wasn’t exactly unpleasant. As much as you wanted to be alone, you knew you needed the company to keep your mind off of things, and Yoongi probably suspected that, too.

“I love days like this—when it’s not too hot and not too cold to wear a jacket and no need to take it off or put another one on. You know what I mean?” Yoongi turned to you with a smile. 

You nodded, looking off into the distance at the skyline that peaked beyond the edge of the treetops. It spilled its promise of an approaching sunset, the bright blue melding within the hints of creamy peach and dusty rose as the wind rustled at the leaves, taunting the sunset to come closer, closer, until it swallowed the day whole in deep royal blues and midnight blacks amongst the shimmering, diamond-like stars as you’d witnessed so many nights before.

You found yourself wishing you could spend this moment with Jungkook instead. 

“Hey, I got a gram in the back if you wanna smoke,” Yoongi offered, gesturing to his backpack with his thumb.

“Nah, I’m good,” you gently shook your head. “I’m not really feeling that well today.”

“You sure? It may help you feel better about whatever had you down earlier—literally.” You turned to see Yoongi snickering at his own attempted joke before raising his eyebrows mid-shrug.

You couldn’t help but cave; his grin was infectious. “Okay,” you chuckled with him, veering off the path and over to the stoner’s trail.

One bowl pack later and you were cackling with Yoongi on the forest floor, leaves and pine straw surrounding you and mixing with the pungent smoke in the air. All of your worries and fears had dissipated along with the tangent of conversations that spilled from your mouths one after the other until they all were jumbled in your head, the end of one thought and beginning of another completely unknown to you. 

“I wanna go back to the beach house,” Yoongi sat on the edge of the wooden bench, eyes glazed over with a distant smile on his face. “The trip we had last spring break. Remember that?”

“How could I forget?” You smiled back, mind already drifting to the time all of your friends spent a week in Tae’s family’s cottage. There ended up being way more people there than originally planned, and it took almost another full week to scrub the stench of alcohol and puke from the carpet floors, but it was definitely worth it.

“That was the first time Jimin tried coke!” Yoongi exclaimed at the memory. “Oh my god, that dude was plastered the entire week.” 

“Oh shit, I forgot about that!” You widened your eyes at him. “Remember he kept on looking for Hoseok the whole time?“ 

Yoongi suddenly burst out in hysterics. “Hoseok was almost as bad, if not worse than Jimin, and he didn’t even have any!”

You joined in on the laughter, the jovial sounds slipping through the silence of the trees. Yoongi was really right about the weather being perfect; there was a gentle breeze, causing the otherwise warm day to be cooled to a calm, soothing state and making it easy to get lost in nostalgia as your eyes swept over the scenery before you.

“That was also the night we first…” Yoongi’s voice shattered the silence and had you knitting your eyebrows, turning to glance at his thoughtful face. “You know,” he decided on saying.

You did in fact know; that night, that freeing night at the beginning promises of summer filled with so many hopeful cheers and wild memories and resounding hearts, was when you and Yoongi first had sex. 

It wasn’t meant to be that way; sure you got around, but you always kept it distant, never involving yourself with the best friends in your circle. But on that hectic night with each person more under the influence than the next, you found yourself latched onto the lips of Yoongi and in his arms for the rest of the hazy night. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. You were never one for repeated flings, but you were close to Yoongi, and it was kind of hard to avoid him like you usually would’ve done with other guys when he was constantly around everyday. So, you guys made it a thing—casual, of course, never any feelings involved. You would still hook up with other guys, and he other girls, you’re sure. You would never speak of it, but it was an open relationship, strictly friends with benefits and simply someone to fuck when it was just your circle hanging out. 

It was short lived, though, when things started to get complicated: Yoongi started actually liking a girl. You both decided it was for the best to end your little rendezvous there before the two of them made it official. Which they did, for a while, but that was short lived as well, and you just never went back to the way things were. You liked it better that way, you thought. There were no chances for things to get awkward or complicated anymore, and the two of you pretty much never spoke of it again.

Until now.

“Yeah,” you chuckled, desperately trying not to make it awkward as you looked off in the distance again.

Sex was a normal, healthy thing for you, so talking about it wasn’t a big deal; it was the underlying tone in his voice that made you wary. You had always regretted sleeping with a friend, but because of Yoongi’s usual laissez-faire attitude towards things, absolutely nothing was weird between you now, and that was exactly the way you liked it.

“I still think about it a lot, you know.” His voice was low, distant, and it reminded you of when the two of you would lay beside each other under the safety of the blankets, the only light being the faint, cool blue moonlight that streamed in between the sliver of the blinds. “About us and what we used to have.“ 

You felt your stomach tighten at his words, though you tried not to let him notice. “What do you mean?” You spoke casually. 

He looked at you then, really looked at you, and the gaze from his low-lidded eyes suddenly brought back a rush of memories that had been buried deep within the depths of your brain. “I don’t know. Ever since Callie and I broke up, I guess I’ve just been thinking… I mean you were my best fuck, you know? I can’t help but feel like I ruined a good thing.”

His words had you sharply sucking in your breath, and if you thought you had been swarmed with memories earlier, now you were bombarded with them. Images of Yoongi on top of you, his breath panting in your ear as he held your leg to his chest, pushing deeper and deeper inside of you and filling you up in ways that were more than satisfying suddenly sprung to your mind faster than a motion picture. His movements were so languid and cool, so lazy yet passionate and fierce in a way that had your head reeling at the contrast.

You weren’t gonna lie, he was definitely one of your best fucks as well. But that part of your life was over and done with, and you were thankful for it. So wasn’t he as well?

“Yoongi… what are you saying?” Despite the fear building up inside of you, you couldn’t help the pity that slipped its way into your tone. You knew he had been devastated when he and Callie broke up, even if he tried to appear unfazed, and so you couldn’t help but feel as if you were walking on eggshells around him.

Yoongi took a moment before responding. “I’m saying I wouldn’t be opposed to trying again… if you wanted to.” He raised his eyebrows then, the hopeful look in his eyes utterly crushing you for what you were about to do.

“Yoongi,” you held up your hand to stop him before he could try to move any closer to you, “I—I’m sorry. I can’t.” 

He didn’t react, though you saw the light in his eyes fall and a slight frown tug at the corners of his mouth. “Is this about what you were breaking down on the floor over earlier?”

You blanched at his words; you had temporarily forgotten about your public meltdown, much less expected him to bring it up—and so bluntly at that. “I…” you struggled to find something to say, an excuse, a lie, anything to cover your tracks. But as you peered into Yoongi’s eyes, so genuine and concerned and staring straight at you, you couldn’t think of a single thing.

So you caved. “It’s about this guy,” you admitted with a sigh, dragging an uncomfortable hand through your hair. “Jungkook—that’s his name.”

You weren’t ever one to talk about your feelings, and Yoongi knew that, which was why his eyes widened at your confession. “Wait… Jungkook? Is that the dude from the party a few weeks ago?“ 

Your head snapped up at his words. “You remember him?”

“I remember you acting all weird about him, yeah,” he smirked, “and how he didn’t drink. That’s not something you find everyday.” His eyes studied you then, a quizzical expression adorning his features as he watched you closely. “So he wasn’t just another one of your hookups, huh?”

You could feel your cheeks heating up as you quickly shook your head no, suddenly worried that you had accidentally given Jungkook that reputation just by his association with you—not to mention the thought of being intimate with him made you extremely flustered. “N–no! No, we’ve never hooked up. We’ve never even kissed.” 

“Holy shit,” Yoongi exclaimed with a laugh. “So this guy is just a friend?“ 

You bit your lip before reluctantly shaking your head again. “No… I mean, I don’t want to be just friends. I… I think I like him. A lot.” You had to hold your tongue to keep yourself from rambling on and saying something stupid.

The boy beside you sucked in a breath. “Damn… so this is serious, huh? I haven’t seen you like a guy since… since ever, actually.“ 

"I know,” you grumbled and looked down at the ground before putting your head in your hands. “It’s horrible.”

“Have you tried asking him out?” He asked. 

“Yeah.” You kept your head in your hands until you frowned up at him at your next words. “He’s shy, Yoong. Really shy. I could barely get him to speak two words to me until recently, and I had been seeing him a lot.”

“How do you know that he just doesn’t like you?”

You glared at your friend. “Not helping,” you grumbled as a grin broke out onto his face.

“Hey now, I’m just joking. He has to be somewhat into you if he came to the party, right? The guy looked so out of his comfort zone that it was painful to watch." 

The expression on his face was a playful one, though his words only twisted sorrow in your stomach even further. Is that why he was so angry with you this morning? He said it wasn’t about the party, but you honestly had zero idea what he meant. You needed to give up on trying to figure out that boy.

But you just couldn’t.

"What should I do?” You found yourself swallowing your pride and asking for advice. “Yoongi, you’re a guy. Put yourself in his shoes." 

"I wouldn’t be in his shoes in the first place, because I would’ve said yes the second you asked me out,” he tutted lightheartedly.

You smacked his arm gently. “I’m serious.”

“Okay, okay,” Yoongi tried to wipe the smile from his face as he adjusted his position on the picnic table. “I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do. Corner him in a situation where he can’t run away and ask him out on a legitimate date. That way he’ll have no choice but to answer yes or no right there." 

You opened your mouth, already ready to dispute his suggestion, but then you stopped. Last time you asked Jungkook out on a date (or any time you’ve spoken to him, for that matter), it was in a public setting where he could easily escape without giving you an answer. But if you caught him at the right place, you could time it to where he would have no choice. Granted he could always just decline like he did the party invite, but if you had learned anything about Jungkook, it was that persistence was key. You had to bring up the party several times before Jungkook finally accepted that day Tae was with you. Every time you saw him, you got a little bit more out of him. Though it was slow, you couldn’t help but think you’d made progress with him.

Well, other than when he cursed you out this morning.

"I don’t know, Yoongi,” you started warily. “He seemed pretty mad at me earlier. I don’t know what I did.”

“Maybe he just doesn’t like parties,” Yoongi shrugged. “Just don’t invite him to a social event. Take him somewhere private, just the two of you, and then maybe he’ll feel comfortable.”

You thought about how open Jungkook was being—well, open for him—when the two of you went off on your own at the party. Around your friends he was a silent statue, but with you, he finally showed signs of life. And despite all the times he’s avoided you, which had only discouraged you before, maybe all he really wanted was to truly be alone with you; you just had to make him feel comfortable about it.

“Thanks, Yoongi,” you blurted out, the wheels in your head already turning. “I owe you!”

“Just smoke me up later,” he was calling out to you, but you were already jumping up and scurrying out of the woods.

Of all the days for it to rain, it had to be today.

You were walking down the scarcely lit sidewalk, tugging the front of your jacket closed tighter around your body as droplets of water splashed onto the material of your hood and soaked into the threads of your clothes, dampening every fiber in your being and chilling you to the bone. 

Had you known you’d be caught in a torrential downpour, you would’ve brought a raincoat, or maybe an umbrella. But instead you were stuck tugging the thin hood of your sweatshirt farther over your head and walking aimlessly around the residential courtyard.

Your plan was to catch Jungkook on his way home from class when he was already at his dorms—that way he would have no where to escape, because he was already where he needed to be. What you hadn’t considered, though, was that you had absolutely no idea which residential hall was his.

The courtyard was lined with dormitories, each co-ed and more confusing than the next as far as you were concerned. You had never lived on campus, choosing to jump from couch to couch at friends’ apartments in order to avoid the financial responsibility of paying rent. These nights you were currently crashing at Suzy’s, but you were sure that was subject to change since the last place you stayed at was Tae’s, and that was for an entire year (give or take the few nights you spent with Yoongi). Needless to say, you weren’t accustomed to the whole horde-of-college-kids-sharing-one-home type of living.

Not to mention they all looked the same, save for a few colors and architectural designs. Sure when you got up close to them they had things like Easton Hall printed on stone plaques, but that meant nothing to you—not when you were looking for a boy who barely spoke two words to you, much less gave you the name to his residential hall.

It was when you were turning away from yet another dorm, the rain starting to coat your face and the front of your hair in a layer of water, that you decided maybe it was time to give up. But then, walking from around the corner and emerging through the bushes, was a group of guys you had never seen before—and they were looking right at you. 

“Hey hey,” they called in a jubilant manner, but you could tell their eyes held hunger and deceit. “Look who it is!”

You frowned immediately. “Do I know you?” You asked with a raise of your eyebrow.

One of the guys immediately clutched his jacket with his hand right over where his heart was. “Y/N, I’m hurt, I really am. Is that any way to treat someone a week after you sleep with them?”

Confusion muddled your mind as you flipped through your memories like old flash cards, trying desperately to remember the face of the boy who was speaking. You thought back to a week ago, when you had gone to yet another frat party even bigger than the one Jungkook had attended. You had been so distant, so upset and preoccupied by thoughts of the younger boy, since the last time you were at a party he had been there, that you did nothing but drown yourself in toxic substances that would take your mind far from reality and temporarily make you forget all about him. And it was then that you finally saw it, the sliver of blonde hair and muscular, tan skin floating through your memory, and you were gasping out loud right where you stood.

“Jackson,” you spoke the name that had somehow made itself clear through the murky haze that was that night. 

You suddenly remembered it all: getting completely fucked up out of your mind and kissing someone, kissing anyone to get the pain of Jungkook’s departure out of your mind, and that someone just so happened to be Jackson. He had taken you to the nearest vacant bathroom and fucked your brains out over the porcelain sinks; you say fucked your brains out because you genuinely don’t remember anything about it. It was as if your brain wasn’t present for the act at all, only your body as it simply went through the motions you were so familiar with. Looking at him now, you could see why drunk-you would’ve gone for him: he was built and pretty attractive in a frat boy sort of way. But now, with a sober mind and clear thoughts, you couldn’t do anything but back away in disgust. 

“Oh, you finally remember!” Jackson smirked in a condescending manner. “Was I really that unimportant to you?”

“Come on dude, you fucked Y/N,” one of the guys next to him said. “Almost every guy on campus has gotten that pussy at one point or another.”

“I was drunk, asshole,” you barked at Jackson before directing your attention to his friend. “And fuck you,” you took a step forward. “It’s none of your damn business who I sleep with.”

The guy merely tutted. “It is when you’re the talk of the town; girls like you don’t get around without everyone hearing about it.” He tilted his head. “I thought you would’ve known that by now.”

You tutted as well. “This is a big campus. You lazy fuckers don’t have anything better to do than talk about my sex life?" 

"You’re Y/N,” the guy replied with another step forward. “You may think this campus is too big to know you, but you’re pretty big too, sweetheart.”

“And I got to fuck that,” Jackson snickered triumphantly, earning a congratulatory high five from his two friends.

An audible groan of disgust ripped from your throat. “Fuck off, you misogynistic pigs,” you grimaced, and with that started pushing your way past them.

“Wait wait, where do you think you’re going?” The friend grabbed your arm before you had time to get out of his reach.

You successfully yanked it out of his hold. “Away from you,” you snapped before walking again.

“I don’t think so.” It was Jackson who spoke this time as both boys grabbed you, one on each arm, and ultimately hindering your steps. The other guy who hadn’t spoke yet acted as an extra anchor holding you back and keeping you from moving. 

You jerked in their hands as you tried to get away, but to no avail; their hold on you was strong enough individually, much less with three of them. “What the fuck are you doing?” You shrieked angrily. “Let me go!”

“Uh uh, I’m not wasting this opportunity,” the nameless boy said to your right as he kept his grip on your arm. “It’s not everyday you find Y/N alone in the dark—and already soaking wet for you, too.”

His words reminded you of the freezing rain temporarily forgotten that was now pounding down, and you visibly shivered, the water chilling you to the bone and causing your teeth to chatter.

“Don’t worry baby, we’ll warm you up,” Jackson cooed, but his voice sounded more menacing than anything else.

You tried to swing your arms, kick your legs, anything in an attempt to get them off of you, but it was no use. You were never the physically strong type, and you were no match for their bulging muscles and strong grip. 

That’s when fear started to ripple through you, past the synapsis in your brain and through each and every little tendril until you could feel yourself shaking in your very boots. Never once had you been the victim; you had always wanted it, always approved of the sexual advances made on you, so never once had you been in a situation where you were about to get molested, or raped. Though in this moment, when all you could think about was Jungkook in an attempt to find his dorm, that was exactly what you imagined would happen.

“Hey,” you suddenly heard another voice call out, a voice so sweet, so familiar and angelic in your mind that you felt your stomach flutter and heart soar despite the gruesome situation you were in. “Let her go.”

All three boys snapped their heads up to see who their intruder was, and sure enough, standing there in a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over his head and accentuating his adorably ethereal face, was Jungkook.

“Why don’t you get outta here, freshie,” the friend barked at him with a raise of his chin in the opposite direction. “This doesn’t concern you.”

For a moment, you were expecting Jungkook to listen. You were expecting to see fear spring into those wide doe eyes, the fear you were so used to seeing, and for him to run away quicker than he ever had in the presence of you. But instead he held his stance, face unwaveringly stone cold as he stared them on without so much as a bat of an eye.

“I said leave her alone, or I will press this button right here that will have security come running within seconds. Their office is just right there, after all,” Jungkook turned his head to the left and nodded towards a grey and white building that was lit up by overhanging lights. You turned your attention to the button he had mentioned and noticed a flashing blue poll just a few yards away with Jungkook’s hand now hovering over it. Damn, had they always had those on campus? 

There was silence throughout the group of boys. “Shit,” the one who hadn’t spoken yet finally cursed. “I knew we should’ve moved into the bushes.”

“Well why didn’t you say so before?!” The friend raised his voice and whipped his head around to confront the other.

While they were preoccupied and consequently caught, you attempted to jerk in their hold again. Their grips on your arms were still tight, but one or two more shoves and you finally broke free, stumbling from their hands and over towards Jungkook. You had the strongest urge to punch them then, just turn around and let them have it, but you knew better than to get yourself back in a situation you’d just gotten out of. So you simply smoothed out your sopping wet clothes and tried to settle your pounding heart that had no signs of slowing down now that you were with the one person who made it speed up the most.

The boys turned their attention to you. “You’re lucky this snitch was here to save you,” he pointed at Jungkook while giving you a look of intimidation.

“Oh, shut up,” you shot back, along with the grace of your middle finger. “Just wait ‘til I report your sorry asses.”

“You better not,” the friend started to lurch forward, but then Jungkook was pulling you back, his other hand slamming down on the metal poll just above the flashing blue button and startling them to a stop. 

“Don’t think that I won’t press it,” Jungkook threatened in a menacingly low voice, a voice that you had never heard come from the fragile boy before.

The group exchanged a glance. “Whatever,” Jackson said, gesturing for the others to follow him out. “See you around, Y/N.” The nature of his words were more of a threat than a goodbye, but you tried not to let them get to you as you watched their retreating figures disappear into the night.

You turned to look at Jungkook then, your eyes wide and full of awe as they held nothing but pure admiration. You studied him, drank in the sight of his features like you were an animal at a watering hole dying of thirst, the smooth curvatures peaking out from beneath his hood and sparking life back into your cold, desolate body. You watched as droplets of rain splattered onto his face, dusting it in a thin sheet that shimmered beneath the sidewalk lamps and dropped down his nose, hanging onto the edge as if the very thought of parting with his skin was heartbreaking before finally falling to the ground, shattering any hopes of staying with the boy for just a few moments longer. 

You had never related to rain drops so much in your entire life.

“What are you doing out here?” His voice broke your trance, and when you came back to focus you realized he had caught you staring.

“Looking for you,” you blurted before you could stop yourself, because it was almost like something else was controlling you when you were with him, some greater force that inhibited you from making any sound or sane decision of your own. 

Jungkook’s eyes practically bulged out of his head. “M–me?” And just like that it was there again, that timid voice ushering him back into his shell, but then he was shaking his head. “Jesus, Y/N, you could’ve seriously gotten yourself hurt,” he looked down at the ground in disbelief, and normally you would’ve rebutted that you could take care of yourself, but right now that was the least of your concerns.

Because Jungkook had just said your name, your actual name, and it was as if the heavens suddenly opened up and engulfed you whole, naming you a child of the lord and allowing you to finally see the light. You had never heard a sound so sweet, so enticingly infectious roll off the tip of his tongue, and you knew the sound was all you’d be able to hear and think about for weeks and weeks to come.

You could feel your knees visibly buckle beneath you, weak from the overwhelming emotions that this boy could make you feel, but he simply misinterpreted the action.

“You must be freezing.” He paused, suddenly wary as if he was going through world war three in his mind, thoughts tearing away at him from the inside out until he finally opened his mouth again. “Here, come inside." 

It was all you could do to keep yourself from fainting right then and there.

Jungkook had no idea what the hell he was doing.

When he saw her, all alone in the freezing cold with rain soaking through her clothes, the fabric clinging to her frame for dear life as three unknown men hovered around her, his body had a mind of its own.

In that moment, nothing else mattered to him anymore—not the fact that she pushed his emotions to extremities that should be illegal, not the fact that he witnessed her practically fucking someone right in front of him. Nothing. In that moment, all that mattered was protecting her.

What had happened in between then and now, where the two of them were currently climbing up the stairs to the third floor of his dorms to his room, was all a blur. Anger had clouded every judgment and sense he had, blurring out the rest of the world until he was seeing red and his vision was tunneled only to her. Her safety, her well-being, her protection—that was all that had mattered to him, and he knew he didn’t have the strength or experience to go up against three guys of that size, which was why he had chosen to threaten them. 

In all actuality, he didn’t have a single clue if that building he had pointed out was the security office. It could’ve been abandoned for all he knew. But all that mattered was that they didn’t know that, and all Jungkook needed was his keen sense of judgment to tell him that they didn’t.  

So it worked, and here they were. Which Jungkook wasn’t sure if that put him in any better of a situation, because now he was going up to his own personal bedroom with the one girl he was trying to avoid. Alone.

How did he get himself into these situations?

Y/N was as silent as a mouse behind him, which was a first; usually she would be hounding him with questions by now, but tonight her mouth was frozen shut. Maybe she was colder than he originally anticipated. 

"Here it is,” he forced himself to say once they arrived in front of his door, but not before his voice cracked from the words choked within his throat and he had to clear it.

The process of putting his key in the lock and turning it had never felt so tedious, but in that moment with Y/N standing so close behind him that he could feel her breath on the back of his neck, the faintest of feelings causing his hair to stand up and goosebumps to rise on his skin, the act of unlocking a door had never taken so long.

He flung himself through the threshold and into his room as if the spot he had been standing in was engulfed in flames, desperate to put some distance between him and Y/N as soon as possible. Once inside, his frantic movements seemed foolish as he turned around and saw that she was taking her time, peering around the space casually and curiously.

“Which side is yours?” She asked, gesturing to the beds on either side of the room.

Jungkook looked at both of them as if he had to contemplate his answer. “Um, this one,” he pointed to the considerably cleaner and more organized side, textbooks lining the desk around his laptop and a small flat screen tv sitting opposite of his bed, xbox still on standby from when he paused his game just before leaving for class not even three hours ago.

Y/N nodded her head but said nothing, her silent judgement doing nothing to help the nerves already catapulting in Jungkook’s stomach. Never before had he had a girl in his room; this was his private sanctuary, where he ate and slept and hid away from the rest of the world to find peace within the pages of countless books he read and video games he played. Never before had he had the closest thing to his inner thoughts and feelings exposed like this, and never before had he thought it would be Y/N.

And then it hit him all at once. Holy shit. Y/N was in his bedroom right now.

“Computational mathematics.” He was stirred from his inner turmoil at the sound of her voice to see that she was flipping open the front cover of the textbook at the top of his stack. She turned to him with a raise of her eyebrow. “Required for a computer science degree, I’m assuming?”

Jungkook gulped to quench what felt like the Sahara desert in his throat before nodding. “I’ve already taken all the other maths in high school, so,” he started, then inwardly cursed himself at his words. Not only did he make himself seem pompous, but he also stressed the fact that he had just gotten out of high school, as if she needed another reminder of how much younger he was than her. 

Though if she caught onto his mistake, it didn’t show. She simply nodded before letting her eyes continue to drift around the room, falling onto his personal belongings and surely berating him in her mind.

It wasn’t until he saw the slightest of shivers raking through her frame that he suddenly remembered the reason he invited her here in the first place. “Oh, right,” he scolded himself before pulling a towel out of his closet and yanking a sweatshirt off a hanger and handing them to her. “Sorry. You can change into this,” he mumbled, unable to believe he let the anxiety of her being in his room distract him from aiding her well-being.

To his surprise, she chuckled. “It’s okay, Jungkook,” she chirped, and there it was again, those god damn butterflies that practically threw a party in his stomach every time. He still couldn’t believe she let the name grace her lips, his name, as if he was actually worthy of being addressed by her.

He cleared his throat with a cough. “Bathroom’s right there,” he managed without choking and lifted a finger towards the door on the other side of the room.

As soon as she disappeared behind the door he began to get frantic, quickly assessing the situation while he looked around his room. Okay, don’t panic, he told himself. It’s not a big deal. She’s just changing to get out of her wet clothes. Y/N is changing. Y/N is in your room, naked on the other side of that door. Changing out of her clothes. Her wet clothes. Y/N.

He was going into cardiac arrest by the time she reentered the room.

“Are you not gonna change too?” She frowned, taking in his fully-clothed appearance and tomato-red face.

“I–” Jungkook was at a loss for words, the sight of her in his sweatshirt rendering him completely and utterly speechless. “…I…” he tried again but to no avail, instead choosing to grab the first article of clothing his hands could reach and darting past her into the bathroom. 

Once inside he slammed himself against the wooden door to catch his breath, heart feeling like it was preparing for lift-off inside his chest and lungs collapsing in on themselves. Wide eyes full of terror, slightly parted lips gasping for air, erratic chest rising and falling with breaths: that was the reflection he was met with when he lifted his head to the mirror to take in his disheveled appearance. He felt as if he couldn’t breathe no matter how many times he repeated the technique in his head—in through the nose, out through the mouth. In through the nose, out through the mouth—and the longer he stood there, the more acutely aware he became of Y/N’s presence on the other side of that door and just how drastic this situation actually was.

He unfolded the piece of clothing in his hand to find out that it was a bunched up pair of black boxers.

What the fuck.

Inwardly cursing himself for accidentally grabbing the wrong thing, he decided to just dry off his current outfit and keep it on before retreating out of the safety of the bathroom and being greeted by an expecting Y/N.

Though he already knew she was in there, the sight of her standing before him still startled every fiber of his being. She was actually here right now. She was actually here inside his dorm room, inside his sanctuary and inside his sweatshirt—

“Um, Jungkook?” He was interrupted to see her concerned eyes and tilted head as she tried to get a better view of his face. “Are you okay?”

He really needed to stop getting lost in his thoughts.

A stuttered yeah was all that he could muster up the courage to mutter as he looked for a place in the room to stand or sit that would be deemed socially acceptable in this type of scenario, except he didnt know because he wasnt sociable, nor was he ever in this type of scenario. What did people normally do in a situation like this? Was he supposed to have something prepared? Should he just kick her back out onto the streets? No, he couldn’t do that—not with those guys still lurking around in the pouring down rain. He didn’t want to admit to himself that he actually liked the idea of her being here, and he suddenly wanted nothing more than to shove her out of his room, his mind, his heart, and never speak to her ever again. It was safer that way rather than to deal with the potential heart attack that was clobbering against his ribcage just waiting for the right time to kill.

He hadnt even realized she moved until it was too late. “What are these?” She asked while crouched in front of his collection of anime dvds next to the tv.

His eyes widened to the size of saucers. “Uh… those—those are my, uh—” 

“You like anime?” She peaked through the strands of hair akin to silk that had fallen in front of her face, a grin on her lips so heavenly he thought for sure he would die right then and there. 

Though at her words, his palms started to sweat as well as prickle with a heat that spread throughout the rest of his body. So many anxiety-induced thoughts of self-consciousness and vulnerability ran through his head that he was certain he resembled that of a deer caught in headlights. “Um…” his voice wavered and trailed off as he so desperately tried to hold it together, “yeah.”

This was it. He could feel this was the end, the part where she laughed in his face and berated him for his strange, childish interests, mocked him for his behavior and slammed the door on her way out. He closed his eyes and winced as he waited for impact.

“That’s so cool! What’s your favorite?”

He peaked one eye open to glance at her just to make sure he hadnt been dreaming, but there it was, clear as day: her bright, radiant face and jubilant smile and god, he almost broke down in tears from being in the presence of such beauty.

He opened up the other eye and straightened out of his wince. “Uh, I like One Piece…” the skepticism was evident in his tone as he trailed off, though if she noticed she chose to completely ignore it.

“Which one is that?” She directed her attention back to the row of dvds with enthusiasm.

Jungkook couldnt help but take the time to admire her then. Most of the time if he was looking at her he would soon have to run in fear, the direct eye contact and blunt questions too much for him to handle, but in this moment with her eyes dancing on his collection and a permanent smile etched onto her lips and her profile on full display, he couldnt help but stare in full-blown admiration.

It wasnt until she was turning back to him that he snapped back into focus. “Jungkook?” She furrowed her eyebrows slightly, clearly not understanding why he wasnt answering her, and how could someone possibly be this innocent yet so far from innocent at the same time? 

“Oh, uh, this one.” He finally worked up the nerve to step forward and point over her shoulder (while still being sure to keep more than enough distance between them) at the dvd.

She promptly pulled it from the shelf and started examining the cover. “Ooh, it looks interesting,” she marveled as he watched her eyes dance across the images, and then she was holding his eyes with hers in a glance that lasted three seconds tops, yet the exchange still left Jungkook breathless when she looked back down to put it away.

And just like that, it was over. The conversation ended just as quickly as it had started, and the trepidation that had once filled Jungkook up like a hot air balloon now slowly started to trickle out of him as he watched her attention move onto something else. Phew. That was a close one.

“You play video games?”


“Uh, yeah, sometimes.” The trepidation was now filling Jungkook up again, causing him to hold his breath as he anticipated what she would do next. “While I’m not studying.”

She glanced up at him then, her eyes flashing him a playful, mischievous look as a smirk tugged at the ends of her lips. “So you’re like, a huge nerd then,” she grinned.

All the color drained from Jungkook’s face as his worst nightmare came true. “I… uh—“

“Relax, I’m just messing with you,” Y/N waved her hand through the air as if to smack him playfully—thankfully without actually touching him, for surely Jungkook would explode with nerves—before a fleeting giggle left her mouth. “What’re you playing right now?” 

He lurched to stop her before she could reach the controller to resume the paused game. At his sudden movement, she stopped to arch an eyebrow at him.

“It’s uh…” he struggled to find something to say to excuse his strange behavior. “It’s actually paused in the middle of a really hard part right now. I don’t want you to turn it on and die because I didnt save,” he admitted sheepishly. 

What was once skepticism now dissipated into adoration in her eyes—or maybe he was just imagining things. “Don’t worry, your character’s life is safe with me.” She sat the controller down and quickly held up her hands. 

A sigh of relief escaped Jungkook’s lips, only for it to get caught right back in his throat again when he noticed her heading towards the notebooks on his desk. “Wow, you take amazing notes,” she hummed as she flipped aimlessly through the pages. “Do you write down everything the professor says?”

Jungkook forced himself to nod with a shrug. “And copy the powerpoint notes online.” 

She looked up at him with wide eyes. “Copy them? You could just print them out!”

He timidly shook his head. “Your brain remembers things better if you write them down,” he explained, suddenly embarrassed of his careful, overachieving ways though he’s never been before.

She continued looking at him then, a dumbfounded, unreadable expression on her face that Jungkook wished he could just decipher. She’s probably thinking of ways she can escape he thought to himself, wishing he could do the same. Though where would he escape to? This was his room, after all. She had him trapped.

“You puzzle me, Jungkook,” she said so calmly, so matter-of-factly, and the words had him almost choking on his own spit as he widened his eyes.

“M–me?” He stuttered. “Why me?”

But his frantic behavior didnt shake her from the serene, dreamlike state she seemed to be in. “I dont know, you just do.” She paused, her eyes seeming to swallow him whole as she continued to stare. Just when Jungkook thought that his entire body, limbs, organs, bones and all would become aflame under her eyes, she spoke again. “You’re different.”

A blush akin to a fiery inferno burned at his cheeks that forced him to turn away, act like he was suddenly extremely interested in the clothes hanging in his closet, because it was all too much to handle. Her words, the words that probably took no effort on her part to say, probably didnt even mean anything, were enough to move mountains in Jungkook’s chest and create a schism that ruptured every fiber in his being to his very core. How did mere words have this much of an effect on him? How could he let them?

It was then that he realized he wasn’t asking the right questions. It wasn’t how could he let them; it was how could he let her.

“I think you should go,” he was saying before he even knew it, before the words were even registering in his brain. “Right now.”

Y/N stood up quickly then, walking over to him with a gaze so soft she had to have known she struck a nerve. “Jungkook.” Her voice was light, gentle. “Why were you so mad at me?”

This had him reeling back where he stood, turning from the closet as he directed all his attention to her. “What?”

“The other morning, in the science building. What were you so upset about?”

He felt a sharp heat prick at his palms and shoot through the rest of his body, lodging its way into his throat and robbing him the ability to speak. He hadnt expected this; his anger had been harbored in the pit of his stomach up until he saw her tonight, soaking wet from the rain and in the clutches of those barbaric men. And just like that, everything vanished. Everything he’s ever held against her, every hell she’s put him through down the drain in the matter of a single second.

And that’s what scared him the most.

“Don’t worry about it,” he mumbled, turning back towards the door. “It’s nothing.”

“No, it’s not.”

It surprised him how strong her voice was, how sturdy and powerful and sure, and he couldn’t help but whip around to face her again. She was approaching him, her footsteps so careful yet firm that he found himself backing up until he had nowhere left to go. She wasnt pinning him there, wasnt closing in on him, but the way he desperately clung to the wall, knuckles white and brow sweating and back pressing against it for dear life, one wouldve thought she was torturing him.

“It’s not nothing, Jungkook. God, you don’t get it, do you?” She looked away and raked a hand through her hair. And though she appeared the most distressed Jungkook had ever seen her, he couldnt help but become mesmerized by her movements. 

He wanted to open his mouth and speak, wanted to ask her get what? like any normal person would do in this situation, but he couldnt. All he could do what stand and watch as if he was mentally impaired, because suddenly she looking back at him, and leaning forward, and oh my god—

“The rain has probably let up now!” He suddenly shouted with nothing but pure fear driving him forward, his outburst interrupting her movements. “You should get going before it’s too late.” Without thinking, he also rambled on, “I have to study for an early quiz tomorrow anyway.”

“Wait, Jungkook!” Y/N rushed to get her words in before she was kicked out. “Can we go out on a date?”

“Hey—oh shit, sorry,” they were suddenly cut off by the door being opened. In walked his roommate, the one who was never there save for tonight apparently, and Jungkook didnt know whether to jump for joy or cry.

Y/N’s face immediately fell as she backed away and tried to regain her composure. “Hi, I’m Y/N,” she managed with a friendly smile, and Jungkook let out an exhale of relief upon the distance she put between them. Though with his relief came a spiraling disappointment, one of which that left him just as confused, if not more than before.

He turned to see his roommate eyeing her up and down. “Trip,” he introduced himself, taking her hand in his and shaking it politely.

The simple act made Jungkook more angry than he thought it would. Why was he barely even able to speak to her, much less shake her hand (which he brazenly fled from when she had tried), but people like Trip made it seem so easy? And the fact that others could view her with nothing but hunger in their eyes and touch her so casually filled him with the same jealousy he felt at the party; irrational anger towards Y/N, the anger that he had all but abandoned earlier that night, came flooding back to him like a tsunami of whipping emotions.

“Y/N was just leaving,” Jungkook felt his jaw clench involuntarily as he directed his attention to her. “Right?”

She looked up at him. Desperation, regret, sorrow, hope—her eyes were nothing but a spinning color wheel, mixing together and painting her canvas with so much more than he was prepared to see. And just when he was sucking in his breath, preparing to take it all back, everything he had ever done up to the very first hello, she was opening her mouth to speak.

“Right,” she echoed, her voice contrastingly steady as she tore her gaze from his and turned back towards his roommate. “It was nice to meet you, Trip.” 

And just like that, she was gone.

He is so misleading.
He is acting like these are recent emails.
He even removed the dates that would be on the right to show when the emails were sent. 
These are not recent videos and wouldn’t even benefit that greatly from monetization. 
“High School Fashion Fail (+ Inappropriate Outfits)” is from Jan 2, 2016.
“Funny Signs & Billboards“ is from  Jan 7, 2015. 
“Pictures That Look Wrong (Funny Dirty Images)“ is from  May 31, 2015.
“Try Not To Laugh” is from  Jul 2, 2016. 
“HATEFUL Facebook Comments” is from May 27, 2016.
“YouTubers That Are Cringey“ is from  Apr 15, 2016.
“EMOS, SCENESTERS & HIPSTERS (Funny Pics)“ is from  Nov 26, 2013.
“DRUG USER EDUCATION (Before & After)” is from  Oct 17, 2015. 


A/N: I should be writing [or showering since I just got home…], but I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit.


Aries ——————————— Mark
Taurus ——————————- Yuta
Gemini —————————— Johnny
Cancer —————————— Jaehyun
Leo ———————————- Sicheng
Virgo ——————————— Taeil
Libra ——————————— Donghyuk
Scorpio —————————— Ten
Sagittarius ————————– Chenle
Capricorn ————————— Taeyong
Aquarius —————————- Jeno
Pisces ——————————- Doyoung

Last Digit Of Your Phone #

0 ———————————- took you to dinner
1 ———————————- bought you a drink
2 ———————————- took you to see a movie
3 ———————————- vandalized your house
4 ———————————- introduced you to his family
5 ———————————- bought you a puppy
6 ———————————- cheated on you
7 ———————————- asked you to marry him
8 ———————————- sued you
9 ———————————- bought drugs from you

Pick An Animal

Tiger ———————————- after painting your portrait
Peacock —————————– before making you breakfast-in-bed
Otter ———————————- after finding out you’re pregnant
Llama ——————————– before setting your home ablaze
Wolf ——————————— after watching ‘Titanic’
Koala ——————————— before making-out with you
Whale ——————————– after selling his soul to Satan
Raccoon —————————– before buying a wedding ring

Title: The Week Before The Funeral
Summary: Adam witnesses a drug deal gone bad right after the death of his father and ends up getting kidnapped by Nigel and his gang. Luckily for Adam, it turns out that Nigel has a huge soft spot for him.

Explicit, around 22k. Link to AO3

I’m so happy to be posting another fic of mine! Reblogs are much appreciated as they spread the story around <3


In the name of the Father…

  • Clergy Appreciation Day: Jason Todd (Alternative Reality)
Today is Clergy Appreciation Day (8 October) and I thought that it would be apropos to do a photoset of the only Robin that’s ever heard the calling.

In the Flashpoint Timeline, Jason Todd was a former thief and drug addict before joining the cult of Brother Blood. After dying and mysterious resurrected, Todd swore to turn his life around and devoted his life to God. He became a priest in Gotham City, where he tends to his flock and the very unusual that seems to be attracted to the city.

Image Source:
  • Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint #2–3 by Eduardo Francisco
Hirst has a woman problem.

If you want to avoid spoilers, then leave!


Aslaug was not a favorite. I get that. She was not a good mother after Harbard came to the picture. She negletcted her foster kid, Siggy, was distant to her other sons and overlooked Ivar´s sadistic tendencies. HOWEVER, Ragnar left for a number of years after he became a fucking drug addict, and before that he was distant, at best.

When he dies their sons go to great lenghts to “avenge” his death:

Originally posted by saettrenoora

Aslaug´s death is all but forgiven by Sigurd and Hvtserk…


Okay, Porunn was also not a favorite. Vikings are harsh and her post partum depression obviously was something unheard. But Bjorn shuns his daughter afterwards, even though he could have arranged proper fostering and HE gets the chance of starting a new family with Torvi.

Not convinced?

Floki is a mentally and emotionally instable man, but, after the death of his daughter, he gets a chance to raise Ivar and develop a bond with him.

Helga? No, Helga is destined to be a loser, so she goes crazy, adopts an orphan GIRL, who will…well…be the end of everything for poor Helga.


I will not make a list, but go ahead and name me a single girl in this series that was shown to be born and survive? You will not find her, because she does not exist.


Kwentrith and Siggy senior were killed off because the actresses had other projects, I do understand that. However, Hirst has been writing female characters as either warriors or lapsed mothers for a long time now. Gisla was an example of politically active woman , but her development stopped the moment she became Rollo´s wife- from that moment on, she is being portrayed as either loving or nagging, but always in relation to Rollo.


I said it before, but I will say it again: the first 2 and half seasons of Vikings were incredible efficient in portraying strong women building positive relationships with one another, having agency and a sense of community. No cat fights, no bitching around, no jealousy.

But also the deaths of women are events that leave no impact in the story.

Siggy gave her life to save two of Ragnar´s sons. Her death only served one purpose: to freed Rollo. Not even Hvitserk or Ubbe were able to remind the viewers that they are only alive because of that woman´s sacrifice. Hvitserk only said “ we almost died following Aslaug on that frozen lake”

Sigurd is shown to be traumatized by being left behind in Kattegat. He goes on and on about Harbard, about Ivar´s being breastfed. He never mentions finding little Siggy corpse.

Kwentrith was killed by Judith, who knew she was pregnant and who had previously betrayed her already. We don´t get any scene of Aethelwulf lamenting her death. Magnus, her son, is sent away after being discovered that he WAS NOT RAGNAR´S- but he is still Kwentrith. I see that Aethelwulf was actually saving this child life, because he has a claim to Mercia and Ecbert would definitely kill him now, but the way the scene played was telling “ Tell them that you are Ragnar´s son”. NO MENTION OF HIS MOTHER.

Aethelstan, on the other hand, dead since season 3, is still there. His death led Ragnar to drugs , he is mentioned by Ecbert all the time, to the point of exhaustion. To be honest, Aethelstan was not even that interesting, but hey, Hirst thinks he was, so we should all agree.

The problem is, in my view, Hirst cannot write 20 episodes. He caters to the “ kick ass” male fans and he has hinted that History presses him to write “ less Saxons, more Vikings” , but even part of the male audience is getting restless. Ragnar, Aethesltan and soon Ecbert are dead. We should move on to Ivar and Alfred, but if the series wants to go forward, Hirst has to do better. The way things are now, we will not see Aethelflaed, the Lady of Mercians, daughter of Alfred, woman of great intelligence that was responsible for reclaiming a big part of England from the Viking invaders.