drugs bad

So earlier I asked my mom over text message if I can borrow 30 dollars for groceries since for the last 3 days I haven’t ate more than a handful of crackers,my mom replied back literally with in seconds so no way in hell,you are only asking for money cuz you want drugs,your such a disappointment

Well thanks,I have never lied about reasons for wanting to borrow money and I have never stole anything from her either,you know maybe I just want some damn food

Not all drugs addicts are bad people

whom else here gay and unstable

I’m starting to get bad again.
I’m starting to get sad again.
I’m replacing feelings with sex again.
I’m replacing everything with drugs again. Why does this keep happening?
Why can’t I be happy?
Why is everything shit again?
Why can’t I breathe again?
Because of all those pills I took
Because of all the whiskey
Because of all those hits I took.
Because of all the needles.
Because of all the cuts.
I’m getting dizzy, fuck it’s blurry.
I feel like I am trapped.
I know I’m getting bad again…
Someone make it stop…
—  8 am and i haven’t slept