drugs are good

No matter what you’ve done in your past, to yourself, or to others, you will be able to make things right. You are a good person. 

Σ'αυτή την πόλη εχω την φάση μου,  όταν με πιάνουν τ'άγχη μου αδειαζω το κεφάλι γεμίζοντας το τασάκι μου..


In my history class, we were debating about breast feeding and all the boys were like “ew gross women should go in the bathroom or not do that in public” and I never talk in that class, but I felt compelled to input my opinion so I said “men think the display of a woman’s body is good until it’s no longer for their pleasure” and everyone just shut their mouths and looked at me

I’ve never seen so many boys open their mouth to defend themselves and have nothing come out in my life.