drugs are for queers

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OK kids, here is a fun and wholesome Dionysian activity for the whole thiasos!


  • pick a dead rock star who you enjoy as a musician and human being
    • any dead rock star will do, but the more iconic the better
  • listen to all their music
  • research them and their band as much as you can
  • decide they were the incarnate avatar and/or beloved of your god and/or goddess

Okay, you should be good to go!


  • have a glass or two of wine if you can stomach it
  • smoke some weed if you’ve got it
  • turn on some music
  • lie in bed for the length of an entire album hearing the voice of God


  • spending an entire fucking month totally wrecked with grief over a celebrity death that happened a quarter-century ago

snupersmashbros  asked:

honestly the amount of people that still insist heechul is straight baffles me he straight up said "im not interested in girls~" what more does it tAKE

EDIT: if you want info on everything in this post WITH SOURCES, check out THIS POST OVER HERE :D

I mean, Taeil also said he wasn’t interested in girls (or something to that effect) before catching himself and Zico said Taeil wanted to kiss him and people still think he’s straight.

Yoongi wrote lyrics about giving head to guys and girls and people still think queer fans are making everything up with their evil queer headcanons and queer agenda to make everyone queer.

Jonghyun talked about how he gets guys’ phone numbers when he’s drunk and someone revealed that Zico sits on older men’s laps when he’s drunk (and he also took a picture of himself nuzzling Jay Park’s stomach) and Jimin hit on male fans via twitter and Aoora writes sexually explicit songs that are pretty obviously about guys fucking him but nah everyone in kpop is super duper 100% cishet.

Cisheteronormativity is a hell of a drug.

for the many of you who have been asking about my vietnam war era hamlet ideas: i finally typed up a little something to share with y’all about my future directorial plans. i plan to keep shakespeare’s original text in the production, with minor changes and/or cuts as needed. (the only major cut would be gertrude’s death, i think it’s important for her to be alive at the end, and you’ll see why.)

this production focuses on the conflicts between younger and older generations, american hyper-praise of masculinity and what it means within the concept of war, and what happens when people put trust into political institutions blindly. this production also exploration of sexual identity and queerness, drug use, and how war affects all aspects of life.

(sidebar: these are all original ideas of mine, so if you end up using them, citation/credit is necessary. if you end up doing a vietnam war era interpretation of hamlet after reading this, please tell me, i want to hear all about it!)

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@lameeejaneee was super sweet and tagged lil old me, so y'all get to see me stoned and confused by technology 😂 I’m passing it on to @persephonegoddessoftheunderworld @floralwitchprincess @thesmokinglesbian and anyone who needs to take a minute to themselves 💛

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omg are you a fan of the endverse cas/dean smith thing because i gotta tell you that would be my bread and fucking butter if it weren't for the fact that it's SO DAMN RARE. like dean smith is already 100% certified grade A queer and also a bit of a ninny. an uptight queer little ninny. and cas does drugs and has orgies. and can u imagine endverse cas completely wrecking dean smith sexually while trashing his super clean apartment and smoking in bed while dean haldheartedly protests because i can

I actually CAN’T imagine that, exaggeratedly uptight Dean Smith/exaggeratedly trashy Endverse Cas isn’t something I’m hugely into, I want them to MEET IN THE MIDDLE: 

- they meet at yoga (Cas is the instructor) (the first time he walked in Dean was like ‘is this some sort of joke, this guy actually smells like patchouli’ but by the end of the hour he’s like ‘fuck, fuck, I take it back, oh my god, I can’t see’) 

- one day after a class Cas is like ‘coffee??’ and then makes Dean feel like a complete froof by ordering black coffee right after Dean’s gluten free triple soy macchiatoagogo or whatever

- they go out for coffee a few times and it’s kinda flirty and one day they go back to Cas’s place for some very flimsy reason (The Kinks vinyls? who knows) and Dean is braced for it to be like… full of bongs and roommates with dreadlocks and incense but it’s actually nice. like it is full of incense but it’s nice


- Cas is even more chilled when he’s high and Dean just gets very slow and smiley and tactile and definitely gives Cas a very slow, very smiley and tactile blowjob

- then he goes home and has a crisis, eats a carb and mainlines a whole season of Drag Race because he just got high and sucked off his yoga instructor, what the fuck, what the fuck

- forces himself to show his face at yoga, is very red throughout, can’t really blame it on the downward facing dog, tries anyway, hangs around in the coffeeshop across the street afterwards and doesn’t even pretend he’s not waiting for Cas to leave yoga so he can accidentally leave the coffeeshop at the same time and accidentally run into him accidentally

- takes Cas back to his place and Cas fucks him on every horizontal surface AND up against those unnecessarily huge windows

- the end

“I hate nostalgia. God, that is the worst feeling. Nostalgia will fuck you up. I remember back when I was little how people would describe nostalgia as a good thing. Nostalgia is not a friendly emotion. It is vicious and cold and painful. Nostalgia makes you long for impossible things. It makes you want to go back to a time when everything was better. Back before you got broken up with, before you kissed your skin with a blade, before you dropped out. Before your parents argued all the time and before you fell in love. It puts an ache in your belly that will never go away. No matter how many drinks you gulp down or how many cigarettes you blow through, it will be there. Nostalgia doesn’t leave you.”

I’m not addicted to drugs. I’m addicted to glamour! 💉

I attempted a look from the movie Party Monster. It didn’t come out how I wanted cause the blood I made thickened up too fast and I couldn’t make the drip marks around the brain. I also didn’t have anything other than clay to make the brain portion but it actually looks decent in photos. I’m not strong at sculpting so I was like yeah I guess that’s a brain right? 😜