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As I dug into the story, I found a 2003 article and a 2011 article in a textbook by Slovenian academic Miha Kozorog. His research suggested salamander brandy was just a creation of shady, drunken bootleggers who used the poison in the salamander’s skin to give their hooch an extra kick. The fuck-wine myth of salamander brandy came from a Slovenian satirist named Blaz Ogorevc in the late ‘90s. He wrote for a magazine called Mladina, which, as best as I can tell, is a more political, Slovenian Cracked.

Blaz Ogorevc is something like the Balkan Hunter S. Thompson, without guns and dynamite but with a lot of satiric stories involving substance abuse. So while he’s not an inherently unreliable source, he’s exactly the kind of dude who’d spin a tall tale about tree-fucking under the influence of magic liquor. Had Cracked been fooled? There’s nothing we take more seriously here than fact-checking, so I stole Editor-In-Chief Jack O'Brien’s credit card, booked a flight to Slovenia, and spent a week finding out.

Most of the young people I met in the capitol, Ljubljana, had stories about salamander brandy. A few claimed to have tried it, always at a party with lots of other people, never with any evidence. Some people said it was just another sort of liquor; others wove lurid stories of intense drug trips. I think most of them were lying, or at least exaggerating. But as I got further out of the city, in the medieval town of Skofja Loka (the apparent world capitol of salamander-endruggening) I ran into stories with more specific details.

Robert Evans Investigates The Truth Behind Salamander Brandy

This is Mod H. I’m the mod who posted awhile back I posted about my dad going into recovery and whatnot. Anyways I have a quick question that I’m having trouble finding the answer to and until I can get him into a specialist we won’t know what’s going on but anyways…

My dad quit drinking and doing drugs and after he got clean he lost his vision. I find a lot of info about losing vision while using but couldn’t find anything about losing vision after getting sober. Like it wasn’t a subtle vision loss either. He’s always needed glasses but after getting sober it got so bad he can’t drive and he can’t even see me if I’m standing a few feet in front of him. He says it’s all a blur. We’re working on getting him into a specialist but it’s taking a while because we have medicaid and have to go to certain doctors. 

Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone knew why this might have happened or if there’s any explanation. I’ve really been searching for info on it but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. 

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S'okay, I've been stoned blogging for the last ... 2 hours or something like that. My favourite date with my fiance is going out for sushi and drinking sake at the only Japanese restaurant in town. It's to the point they know us by name lol

Ah I hope you’re having as much fun as I am!

It’s my favorite date too!! We have a sushi place right next to us, a couple blocks away from where we live!! It’s so nice. I have a nearby library AND a nearby sushi place!!!!

GOSH GOLLY I love sushi tbh

I’ll Show You Crazy Pt. 4

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Words: 1,656

Warning: Smuuutt

vine credit: shut up ho (you gotta check this account out it’s amazing)

“So, Mister and Miss J,” Our new client says as he sits across from us, “Nice to finally meet you two famous criminals.”

J and I smirk with confidence. I play with my fingernails on my left hand, taking note that I need to repaint them later.

“Oh I’m sorry, Misses J.” Our client corrects himself after seeing my very sparkly ring.

“Miss J.” I correct, “It rolls off the tongue better.” I explain, using hand gestures to add emphasis.

I lean on the bar counter with puppy dog eyes. “Whiskey, please.” I adjust my all diamond necklace J and I stole the other night as I wait.

“I got it.” The client from earlier pulls out his wallet as he sits next to me. I turn to him with a judging look as I get my drink. He places a $5 bill on the counter for the bartender. “What? Don’t accept mannered men?” He flirts at me.

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