drugs & hugs

Things Hufflepuff Do

Hufflepuffs watch sad movies just to cry.

Hufflepuffs cuss so much.

Hufflepuffs use stupid phrases like “hugs not drugs.”

Hufflepuffs get way too excited about babies.

Hufflepuffs mumble.

Hufflepuffs love their imperfections more than their perfections.

Hufflepuffs are addicted to flowers and plants, it’s not just a stereotype, it’s a way of life.

Hufflepuffs are salty as hell.

Hufflepuffs dance and sing if they suck at both.

Hufflepuffs plan things that will never happen.

Hufflepuffs make off hand comments or realizations when uncomfortable.

Hufflepuffs doodle unrecognizable items.

Hufflepuffs like dogs more than people.

Hufflepuffs talk to inanimate objects.

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Whatever anyone may be feeling about tonight’s ep and the sequences that follow I feel like we’re all in need of a hug so here’s a hug from the two people who are the sole reason for the endless pain and emotion we encounter on a daily basis

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