Triptych; Chapter Eleven

CHAPTER 11 AAHHHH GUNS AAHHHH BAM AAHHHHH!!! Just like last time, the post that I used to help me write this story is right here! The other chapters are linked below!

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After Suga left, you were reluctant to do anything. To strip and put on a dress like this, to walk around in heels as tall as that, to face what you were going to face. You were fearing the worse, and anything could happen. He could have been over exaggerating, or even under exaggerating. You had no clue what was going to happen, so for the time being you had to follow the professionals orders and hope that you don’t die in the process.

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  • Has anyone else had that heavy druggish feeling when you try so hard to not take your life. You just sit there, numb, unfeeling? How do i get rid of it??