What is a drug?

I personally believe that the definition of “drug” varies from person to person. Anything addictive, psychologically or physically, could be considered a drug. So while there are “typical” drugs, like meth, cocaine, or alcohol, other drugs can include even actions, such as eating non-food items, self-harm, or tactile experiences. Even other people can take the form of a drug in one’s life, as human affection can produce a high. It really depends on who you are and what may/does affect you. My personal non-pharmaceutical “drugs” are art, my cat, and the internet. I consider them drugs because being away from any one of them causes me to feel lethargic and anxious, if not entirely ill.

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Don't quote me on this, but im pretty sure braincells regrow and divide and do all that normal celly stuff, so its ok if you lose some. (Some being the operative word). And I think If I could could get high with anyone, it definitely be you.

That’s… sweet? You’d probably wanna get high with a pro to be honest. I would 900% laugh at everything.