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There is a hole in my heart where once Breaking Bad was.

One of my favourite quote spoken by my favourite character from my favourite series. Too many favourites?!

Well, the quote always buoys my spirit when life seems downtrodden, love-less and lustreless.

This honestly breaks my heart. Jesse Pinkman is my all time favourite character, the amount of changes and the length of his journey is spectacular. The way Aaron plays him and the way Vince wrote him is perfect. What an amazing piece piece of acting


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Hi everyone! We’re back after the week away. There’s not much to say besides, “Don’t lose too much blood.”~ It was really hard translating this while maintaining a straight face, especially when it seemed endless. =.= Hope you get through it safely. *rolls back to reality*

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PANCE tips

Finally passed the PANCE! It has been a looong road. I wanted to tell you guys some info about the exam to give you a little less anxiety, because some posts that I was reading freaked me out. But there is seriously no reason to freak out. The passing rate for first time takers is 94%. So congratulate yourself because you passed :) When I walked out of the exam I said to myself there is no way I failed that test. Just be confident, your school and self-studying prepared you for the exam.

The questions I would do are PA easy, Kaplan, and LANGE. My exam was comparable to PA easy questions. I would definitely do the 2 NCCPA exams they provide you on their website. They are 120 questions each, and cost $35 each. It is worth the money. They are retired PANCE questions. As a grade they give you where you fall on a bar graph in each topic, so you don’t get a number score back. If you feel comfortable doing those you are set. It is KEY that for all the questions you do, read the explanations as to WHY you got it wrong. Also do that for questions you were not sure of but guessed correctly. I had a notebook and wrote information down to questions in each topic that I wanted to remember or did not know. Also do a practice full length exam so you can get the feeling of how long the exam really is. However on your actual test day it will go by so fast you won’t even feel it or care about the time :) It is just an adrenaline rush for 5 hours.

Focus on the big topics: Cardio, pulm, GI, musculoskeletal, ENT, and Ob/gyn. Pharmacology is a big percentage also. They love drug-drug interactions and side effects to watch out for. If you know these topics well then you will be set. Know basic EKG and X-ray readings. I made index cards for the Drugs. Cardio, psych, GI, GU, drugs, and antibiotics are big.

The book I used to mainly study from was PANCE Prep Pearls by Dwayne Williams. He was my professor and my emergency medicine preceptor. He is amazing and his book is just as amazing. It has everything you need to know, including the drugs, MOAs, Side effects and contraindications. I would also look at surgery recall for the anatomy and surgery questions.

It really helped me during the exam and as I was studying to look at the answer choices first before answering the questions. I wish I did this throughout PA school. It helped me figure out what they were asking and what they were looking for in the correct answer.

A mix of reading and questions is the best way to prepare. Questions, questions, questions!! Do blocks of 60 questions at a time. You can start off as doing the questions un-timed, but once you get closer to the test date you should be doing them timed. You will do very well ! Happy studying :)


Chantal has been joined in the wings by Gus, Veronica and that arsewipe Amos. Freddie is wringing his hands and speaking in a trembling voice, leaning in close to the microphone the way Roy told him to, his eyes shining with emotion. Or from the line he snorted in the bathroom twenty minutes ago.

Freddie: I want to apologise to my family, my team, my fans, my sponsors and my management for the poor decisions that landed me in rehab in the first place. I disappointed you all and I’m sorry. I can’t turn back the clock but-

The rest of his words are obliterated in a fresh explosion of yells and cheers and applause. Freddie waits for the noise to subside. It takes well over a minute. Roy summons all his willpower not to look at his phone under the table.

Freddie: I want so badly to repay your faith and support. And I will. On and off the field, I promise I will keep the faith. It starts RIGHT HERE! IT STARTS RIGHT NOW!

Don’t Stop Believin’  thunders again from the PA system. The roof is going to be lifted off in the frenzy. Even Gus looks moved and is blowing his nose. Roy regrets not bringing earplugs. After the pandemonium settles Freddie takes some questions from trusted journalists. Roy spent several hours this morning coaching him on his answers and he manages to sound both articulate and self-effacing. Then somebody asks him how he thinks The Lllamas are going to win against The Zebras on Sunday night. Freddie wrinkles his brow.

Freddie: By scoring more goals?

Roy joins in the waves of laughter. He is possibly one of only three people in the room who realises that Freddie’s answer was in earnest. Roy can afford to laugh, anyway. The press conference was a triumph, Freddie’s star is burning brighter than ever, and apart from that mysterious episode in the shower this morning he’s feeling rude with health and joie de vivre. He smirks at Amos, whose pathetic golfer’s press conferences would be lucky to attract more than seven people. Suck my dick, fucktard.

The conference is winding down, Freddie chatting informally and having his photograph taken with besotted fans. Roy steps into the foyer to read the text sent to him an hour ago by Naomi. I’m heartbroken. You haven’t rsvped yet to my invitation. 

He starts typing a reply but within seconds his hand is shaking uncontrollably. He jabs uselessly at the screen for a few seconds before the phone drops onto the floor and he says all the swear words he can think of under his breath for thirty seconds before bending down to retrieve it. Except Amos gets there first. 

Amos: Oopsie-daisy. Drop something, Goddard?