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I need help...

I’ve been clean from Meth and Heroin since August 13th. Almost 6 months. Im doing really well, though I have been living in a halfway house in Atlanta the whole time. Im not ready for the real world yet. I don’t know how to be out in the real world, with no accountability, and not use. I NEED this program.. But last week they asked me to reach out to my family for help as far as paying my back balance.. Which currently, is $1022. I have a job, but I only make $8 an hour and only get about 30 hours a week. Our rent is $185 a week. So I am literally only able to pay 2 weeks rent every paycheck, and Im not even touching the back balance.. If I can’t get my bill paid, I can no longer stay. This place has been my safe haven.. I have built a real network of sober people. I have a sponsor. Im working the steps. Im really doing this thing. Im horrified at the idea of being put out.. So I guess the real point I’m trying to make us this: I NEED HELP. If there is anyone out there, anywhere, that can possibly help me pay even small incrimants of this bill, I would be truly grateful.. Im not even asking for our right cash, I can give the direction business information, and a direction payment can be made to them..

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Time to blow clouds💨

Late night tweaker crafting time!

Today we made….

A pretty efficient meth bong👍💎🔥💡💨💨💨💨😂

Supplies needed: electrical tape, tubing, a Powerade, Gatorade or other empty drink bottle of choice, very sharp knife or other tools of the like. Juice or koolaid to flavor bong water is optional! (Probably forgot one - but oh well - FUCK it!) 😁


been feeling too down lately so its time to get a little high