MY FAVORITE SONG: May 18th, 2016

Mike Poster & The Brain Trust - “Drug Dealer Girl” (A Matter of Time)

Before he kicked the young upstart Big Sean off of his track “Cooler Than Me,” soared off into pop stardom, and then fell back behind the scenes, Mike Posner was a college student at Duke University. Whereas Asher Roth’s story was that he had recently left college to pursue music, Posner was making his dreams happen while he was still living in the dorms. 

Mike Posner’s name circulated the blogs some time in 2008, and that’s when I first heard of him. It took a bit, but I finally decided to check out his mixtape A Matter of Time. I was fascinated by the fact that he was in college while he started making waves on the internet. It was my dream scenario, as I would be embarking on a journey to college myself within the next few years.

Posner is your complete package, as far as making music goes. Not only does he write lyrics, but he produced and recorded his own tracks as well. I identified with that independent attitude. “Drug Dealer Girl” was always my favorite Posner song. It showed that he had a knack for pop songwriting, which would ultimately land him a major label deal and countless radio spins.

The music video features Rosa Acosta as the drug dealer girl. She goes around the college campus handing out secret Brain Trust pins that serve as the tickets to a Mike Posner show later that night. It was an interesting concept, and it inspired to me to want to film a music video at school.

One of my old friends Nate had this running joke where he would mispronounce rappers’ and musicians’ names. He used to call Mike Posner: “Mike Ponser,” which sounds really funny when said with a Filipino accent. Even though I knew how to properly pronounce it, whenever I read his name, my brain pronounces it “Ponser.”

As far as “Cooler Than Me,” I have a pretty interesting story about that one too. But we’ll save that for later…

Drug Dealer Girl

Out on the lawn. It’s a bipolar day out. Sunny then windy and shady. Loves it :)
Finally motivated enough to read my textbook for Biopsych. Listening to Posner of course.

Oh, it’s kind of chilly. Bunch of TKEs out playing basketball. Don’t they always?

So nice out. Can’t believe the weekend is already over. 2 more weeks of school then Finals week then SUMMER! Whoa, freshman year nearly over. :(

Okay. Back to Biopsych. :/