drug binge

Hey lovely people, if you are finding yourself about to relapse from sobriety please remember to

1) be careful

2) remember your tolerance isn’t much of anything anymore

3) be with someone in case anything happens
And most importantly

4) ***please start small with your drug use again. Don’t start where you left off. Your body can’t handle that and it could end terribly. I know you think you can handle it but you really cant ***

Be safe, friends! We love you.

Things I’ve noticed in Pluto in Sagittarius adults
  • We’re all vaguely spiritual, you’ll even see atheists take an interest in tarot and mythology
  • We’re much more playful than our big Pluto in Scorpio siblings but don’t partake in as many drugs or binge drink as much as they do/did
  • We casually smoke weed and tend to treat it like it’s coffee or a cigarette, something that hasn’t been normalized in a long time
  • (In the US) We’re most likely to be the first generation to be fully invested in global affairs as a whole, not just on the national level
  • (In the US) We’re also the generation that’s grown up around/lived through the most mass shootings 
  • (In the US) Many of us haven’t been alive long enough to know what it’s like to not be at war with another country 
  • We’re very into the idea of communal living and building a family based on bonds instead of blood 
  • Pluto in Scorpio and Sagittarius have developed deep interpersonal connections through our technology but Pluto in Sagittarius are exposed to more efficient tech and more sites and apps available to us to do so
  • We will commit to a purpose or an ideology but have a hard time committing to people 
  • So many of us are casual geeks, you could mention RPGs, gaming, or anime to any of us and we’ll be more than happy to talk to you about it!
  • Many of us are optimistic nihilists, pessimistic nihilism is soooo last generation
  • You’re weird if you don’t have tattoos
  • We’re more open to homeopathic remedies and will likely mix certain practices with professional medical treatment
  • We use politics as a way to identify ourselves and others
  • We have less sex but are more likely to explore and experiment with our sexuality 
  • We can and will turn anything into a joke (sometimes this is great but sometimes it’s our worst trait)
  • Like Pluto in Leo we’re very opinionated and aren’t subtle about it
  • Our individual music tastes are so broad that we no longer try and define it by what genres we like but by what genres we dislike 

Feel free to add more