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A drug temple in Nebraska? ‘Priestess’ convicted on pot charges

YORK, Neb. (Cannabist) — A Nebraska woman who testified that her home was a temple for religious use of marijuana has been convicted of four drug charges.

Online court records say 53-year-old Brenda Hines, of York, was found guilty Wednesday of three similar charges of possession for sale and one of maintaining a place for drug trafficking. Hines was acquitted on one charge: possessing drug money. She’s scheduled to be sentenced on July 13.

Witnesses testified that Hines and her ex-husband, Richard McLellan, shared a house in York and that Hines had “disciples” who went there to buy and use drugs.

Hines said her Temple of Zion reflected her religious beliefs and that God provided the marijuana she sold or gave to temple members, according to the York News-Times.

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The bodies of seven men with ice picks in their chests were left in a public street in 2013 by the notorious Knights Templar in Michoacan, Mexico.

Vicious Mexican cartel forced members to eat human hearts

As if decapitation and ripping apart live victims weren’t bad enough, the horrid Knights Templar drug cartel also forced its members to eat human hearts, according to a government official.

The Michoacan state syndicate is arguably the country’s most horrific organized crime gang.

The region has been crippled for nearly two years by fighting between vigilantes and syndicate gunmen. Chaos in the agricultural state has worsened in past months as rivalries erupted between various factions of the self-defense groups.

Even by the murderous standards of Mexican cartels, the Knights Templar is particularly gruesome. Its members are known for cutting off the heads of those they consider enemies and sometimes boiling people alive.

Its former spiritual leader, Narzio Moreno, aka El Mas Loco (The Craziest One) was notorious for his love of knives and guns and was one of the world’s most-wanted cartel leaders. Mexican authorities twice reported killing him — once in 2010 and again in 2014. It was his decision to add cannibalism to his syndicate’s arsenal.

Making members eat a human heart as a test of loyalty was part of Moreno’s way of finding traitors.

“The ritual ranged from dismembering people they intended to kill to sometimes serving up the heart,” Alfredo Castillo, Michoacan’s federal security commissioner, said on local television this week. He did not elaborate on whether the practice is still in use.

If you smoked Colombian weed in the ‘70s and '80s, Tony Dokoupil would like to thank you: He says you paid for his swim lessons and kept him in the best private school in south Florida — at least for a little while.

Dokoupil’s father started selling marijuana during the Nixon era, and expanded his operation until he became a partner in what his son describes as the biggest East Coast dope ring of the Reagan years, smuggling marijuana into the U.S.

But Dokoupil didn’t know this until many years later, because his parents didn’t tell him. His mother continued to keep the secret after his father disappeared from their lives, when Dokoupil was 10. When he did find out, he wanted to know the whole story.

Son Of A Secret Smuggler Digs Up The Truth About His Dad

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Senator Marco Rubio's Brother in Law: A Convicted Drug Trafficker

Barbara Rubio and Orlando Cicilia declined an interview with Univision Investiga. Mario Tabraue who was sentenced to 100 years in jail had his prison term reduced by 90 percent and is now free. He returned to the business of exotic animals which on occasion he has provided to Univision Entertainment programs.

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Senator Marco Rubio has provided generous details about his family, expressing time and again during his successful 2009 U.S. senate campaign that he was proud of his parents’ efforts to build a better future for their four children in this country.

But there is one family episode that the Senator does not want to talk about. Univision Investiga has learned that in 1987, Rubio’s older sister Barbara was caught up in the year’s most significant antinarcotics operation in South Florida.

According to public records, federal prosecutors in Miami ordered the seizure of the home where Barbara Rubio lived with her husband Orlando Cicilia. Prosecutors suspected the home was being used for activities that violated drug laws. Another property owned by the couple, located in what today is an office building, was also subject to seizure for the same reason.

(Senator Rubio: Image from politico.com)

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U.S. federal agents have uncovered two drug-smuggling tunnels underneath the U.S.-Mexico border, both surfacing in San Diego-area warehouses and equipped with rail systems for moving contraband, officials said on Friday.

The discovery led to the arrest of a 73-year-old woman accused of running one of the warehouses connected to a drug smuggling operation, according to a joint news release by four federal agencies.

The tunnels were discovered as part of a five-month investigation by the so-called San Diego Tunnel Task Force.

Federal law enforcement officials said the first tunnel, which connects a warehouse in Tijuana, Mexico, with one in an industrial park in the border community of Otay Mesa, is about 600 yards long and is furnished with lighting, a crude rail system and wooden trusses. The passageway is accessed via a 70-foot shaft secured by a cement cover and includes a pulley system on the U.S. side apparently intended to hoist contraband up into the warehouse.

The second tunnel was even more sophisticated, built with a multi-tiered electric rail system and an array of ventilation equipment.

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