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  • Halsey: reckless nights, driving around the illuminated city of L.A. / sneaking into old, abandoned motels with your friends that you’re probably never going to talk to again after high school, but you still say the term BFF all night / cigarette filters in tiny liquor bottles, stained with lipstick / chopping off your hair in a bathroom that isn't yours and not cleaning up afterwards / young love and genuinely believing it’s the end of the world when it ends after a week, finally believing the people who warned you / burning an american flag and throwing your more-than-half-full bottle of jack daniels into the flames
  • Melanie Martinez: alphabet blocks spelling ‘go fuck yourself’ / your stuffed animals showing up in places you don’t remember placing them / pastel nail polish that messily gets all over your fingers and hands / old photos of babydolls with a lazy eye and bashed-in faces / finally realizing the grim, origin-meanings of the nursery rhymes your parents read you as a kid / watching tom and jerry on drugs / knee-high socks with lacy tops and rip all along the fabric / getting the big-kid swing all to yourself because no one wanted to go to the park with you / tearing the heads off of your animal crackers and gummy bears
  • The Neighbourhood: standing at the beach at 5 pm, shallow waves crashing onto your feet / burning money you know you need and using it to roll blunts because you want that rich-illusion / driving through california in a white convertible, with palm trees all around you and a girl you just met sitting next to you, while holding her shawl over her head before letting it fly off into the wind / hawaiian shirts and faded, ripped jeans / leaving a small party early and coming home to your expensive suburban condo, falling asleep alone / the ghost of nicotine on your tongue after brushing your teeth
  • Twenty One Pilots: colder weather and leaves fallen off every tree / painting vent-quotes on your walls with black and red paint when you can’t sleep / sitting in the school cafeteria with your childhood best friend, jamming on a ukelele / dark thoughts at night that you turn into poetry / secret handshakes that only you and your soulmate know / scribbling out your monsters with a black pen on a three-hole-punch notebook
  • Lorde: demolishing stereotypes, the popular girls kissing the nerd girls, jocks showing up at theatre class / games of spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven / throwing on your drugstore lipstick and fishnets and catching a bus to a sketchy, glow-blog-material club that doesn't require ID / sinking under chlourine-plagued water with your best friend and yelling something, floating up and trying to guess what the other said / going to a house party on a saturday while sticking to white wine and your friend that dragged you there, but ending up actually having a really good time / not giving a shit about sports but going to a highschool football game to get out of the house
  • Lana Del Rey: marilyn-liner and fake lashes / oldies movies playing in the background / emotionlessly breaking expensive jewelry that your ex bought you / loitering at liquor stores until you're asked to leave / getting into a stranger's car solely because they're cute / getting drunk off moonshine and dancing on the pole in the center of the T even though you have no experience
  • Marina And The Diamonds: purposely popping your bubblegum as hard as you can when someone asks you to stop chewing so loud / poisoning a milkshake at a 50's style diner / the sound of pouring a handful of diamonds against a mahogany floor / pastel pink leather jackets with a number of feminism pins all over it / a beautiful bouquet of flowers from all the lovers you met with, 1-5 for each day of the week.

this is my fratsona. his name is Chad and he’s a business major with a minor in economics. he’s a part of the phi kappa pi clan and has +16 speed when he unironically wears his adidas brand weed socks

you know, it’s crazy. for the longest time i was so jealous of your cups, your bed, your socks, the drugs you consumed, and even god. some of the most simplistic things. although now, i have something new to be jealous of. something much more complex.
i am no longer jealous of the cups you drink out of because now you’re sharing your drinks with her and your lips are touching hers. i am no longer jealous of your bed as for you’re intertwining your legs with hers and she’s the one who keeps you safe at night. i am no longer jealous of your socks because now she locks her soft hands with yours while walking through crowded places and is there with you every step of the way. i am no longer jealous of the drugs you consume because now you’re doing drugs with her, getting high, and even then she can still manage to make you feel higher than the drugs. i am no longer jealous of the god in the sky as for now she’s the one knowing all the integrate parts of you. you know, it’s crazy. now i’m dealing with something much more complicated.

Advanced English Vocabulary Part 3

feral (adj.) wild, savage

“That beast looks so feral that I would fear being alone with it.”

flabbergasted (adj.) astonished

“Whenever I read an Agatha Christie novel, I am flabbergasted to learn the identity of the murderer.”

forsake (v.) to give up, renounce

“I won’t forsake my strong moral principles for anything.”

  • forsaken (adj.) describes something that has been given up or abandoned

furtive (adj.) secretive, sly

“Claudia’s placement of her drugs in her sock drawer was not as furtive as she thought, since that’s the first place most parents look.”

haughty (adj.) disdainfully proud, snobby

“The superstar’s haughty dismissal of her co-stars will backfire on her someday.”

  • haughtiness (n.) arrogance, pride, the quality of being haughty

hypocrisy (n.) demanding from others what one does not give or deliver

“The priest preached tolerance and love for all people, but was a judgemental and prejudiced man himself.”  

  • hypocritical (adj.) describes one who behaves with hypocrisy
  • hypocrite (n.) a person who is hypocritical

impeccable (adj.) flawless, without error

“If your grades were as impeccable as your brother’s, then you to would receive a car for a graduation present.”

impertinent (adj.) rude, insolent

“Most of your comments are so impertinent that I don’t wish to dignify them with an answer.”

  • impertinence (n.) rudeness, the quality of being impertinent

implacable (adj.) incapable of being appeased, impossible to calm

“Watch out- once you insul Grandmother’s cooking, she is totally implacable.”

impudent (adj.) casually rude, insolent, impertinent

“The impudent you woman was given a detention for her comments during class.”

  • impudence (n.) rudeness, disrespect, insolence

incisive (adj.) sharp, direct

“The discussion wasn’t going anywhere until her incisive comment allowed everyone to see what the real issue was.”

indolent (adj.) lazy (NOTE: not to be confused with insolent)

“Why should my indolent children be allowed to go to the party when they can’t be bothered to clean their rooms?”

  • indolence (n.) laziness

inept (adj.) not suitable or capable, unqualified

“She proved how inept she was when she forgot two orders and spilled cider in a customer’s lap.”

infamy (n.) notoriety, extremely ill repute (fame for bad reasons)

“The infamy of his crime will not lessen as time passes.” 

  • infamous (adj.) describes one with a bad reputation, one who is notorious

inhibit (v.) to prevent, restrain, stop

“When I told you I needed the car last night, it wasn’t mean to inhibit you from going out.”

  • inhibiting (adj.) describes something that restrains, that holds something back

innate (adj.) native, inherent, something one is born with

“His innate musical talent made him a piano prodigy at a very young age.”

insatiable (adj.) unable to be satisfied

“My insatiable appetite for Italian food was a problem on my holiday to Japan.”

insular (adj.) separated, closed off

“Because of the hostile terrain between the two cities, their cultures have remained insular from each other despite how nearby they are.  

intrepid (adj.) brave, particularly in the face of danger

“After scaling a live volcano and narrowly escaping its eruption, the explorer was praised for her intrepid attitude.”