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Promise Me, guys

That y’all aren’t going to drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or while so tired you can’t safely operate a vehicle.

So many people die on New Years and New Years Eve because they think they’re ok to drive, or are so sure they’re awake enough that their reaction times are ok, and they wreck their vehicle. 
They get hurt, they hurt others, people turn celebration into funeral arrangements or a day to figure out how to pay for a hospital bill.

I know 2016 has been one motherfucker of a year, just make sure ending it doesn’t end you.

If you drink at a friend’s house, or at a party, go to a bar– what have you– arrange an uber, tell a designated driver to cut your ass off no matter what you do, so on. Hell, if you’re at a friend or family member’s house tell them you now own the couch or a section of the floor till the later AM. 
If you do some drugs, same thing. If some shit goes down and you feel a bit too fucked up to be at someone’s house, get the person who should have been staying sober in case of emergency to take your ass home. Don’t drink and do drugs because if you mix uppers and downers that’s how you fuck yourself up and end up in an ambulance. Alcohol and downers like pot will also fuck you up, don’t do it.
And drugs that fuck up your reaction times in general– do not drive while you’re under the influence of them.

If you know for damn sure you cannot get a ride, will not be able to sleep where you are, and know shit’s going to happen– please, please remember that if you get behind the wheel, you will endanger everyone if you drive under the influence. 
If you get in your car, get in the back seat and sleep there, put blankets and pillows in there or something so you have a New Years camp out. 
Go get breakfast. 

Just for the sake of yourself and others– do not drive while impaired!


In long island there is a LOT of FENTANYL cut heroin going around. Please be careful and start out with a doing small, I mean very small to test it. Of course I’d rather nobody use but I’m being realistic and encouraging the use of harm reduction. Addicts with large tolerances are dying and overdosing off of a very small amount of dope cut with fent. Please spread the word!

How to take drugs safely

So my city had a music festival this weekend and I just found out 2 people died and 57 were taken to the hospital. Now I use to use drugs and I do not anymore but I have a few pointers because I feel like the bigger drugs become and the new drugs we are creating where young teenagers are getting their hands on them and don’t know how to use them properly. Everyone wants to talk about not to use drugs but, no one wants to talk about how to safely use them if they choose to:

• DRINK WATER. DRINK TONS OF WATER. Have a bottle of water on you or accessible to you at all times! THIS IS IMPORTANT because you will get hospitalized and can die from dehydration. My friend smoked so much weed once and because she didn’t drink water she was rushed to the hospital from being dehydrated. And that’s only marijuana. Especially important if you’re at a festival.

• don’t mix drugs. Even weed and alcohol together just causes the spins. “Candy-flipping” sounds fun but it also sounds very disorienting which could lead to a bad time.

•don’t try to keep up with others, take things at your own pace. I promise you know your body more than anyone else and if they pressure you into taking more when you feel at your peak, tell them to fuck off. Because over dosing doesn’t sound fun and it can also lead you into a bad trip

•do it with people you trust and know very well for all of your first times. First of all, if anything goes wrong there is someone there to take care of you. Second, you trust where you’re getting it from. Third, can save you from terrible situations like rape or being robbed

• have a good playlist if you’re at home but if it’s acid don’t plan it because your music will base off your mood and if it’s Molly, you won’t stick to one song anyways

• trust me on this one and don’t shoot anything up

• if you feel yourself starting to think about whatever drug you’re doing too much, stop doing it. Addiction isn’t fun and someone out there cares about you and doesn’t want to see you go through that. (Except for weed but make sure you’re not lazy about it, you can be a productive stoner)


PSA from Nicole.

You, your drug blog, and drug community are valid, posting your drugs is okay, posting your struggles is okay. I know its a great coping skill for some and a super way to connect with people who understand your struggle perosnally. So much inspiration, education, awareness and support are in the drug blog communities on tumblr. Don’t take what the haters say to heart they don’t understand and obviously need serenity if they feel the need to attack us and make cruel statements out of ignorance or built up anger. Just hope the universe grants them the setenity they need and don’t forget you are valid and you are loved.

anonymous asked:

"No I don't wanna be safe! I wanna injure myself by not wearing a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads! And also, I'll skate in the most over-the-top way possible so I can cause injuries to myself more!"

“That’s madness! Don’t you want to be hip and cool like me!? You can’t fight justice if you break all of your bones! Be Saiyaman Safe!”

Open letter to tweaker nation

I don’t usually do this, but it needs to be done. You need to quit glorifying hardcore drugs, people read this shit you put up, they see it too. You do what you want with your life, but don’t pull other people down with you. If you want my honest advice you need to kick your shitty habit. Weed and alcohol, this I can understand. But you are doing meth, this is something that has been proven to do long term damage to your body and your brain. More importantly its going to hurt the people around you, whether that be your family, pets, friends or significant others. Hate to go full mum mode on you but its your life you’re fucking up, I just have the job of worrying about it. What happens when you get caught? What happens when you have a fucking convulsion? What if you OD? Don’t even begin to tell me you are an expert, you clearly don’t know shit about your own body, I do though, and I can safely say as a Med school student that this shit will fuck your life up. QUIT WHILE YOU’RE STILL BEAUTIFUL!