drug pipeline


“History is not just stuff that happens by accident. We are the products of history that our ancestors choose, if we’re white. If we are black, we are the products of the history that our ancestors mostly likely did not choose. Yet here we are all together, the products of that set of choices. And we have to understand that in order to escape from it. -Kevin Gannon; Professor of History at Grandview University [From the film "13th” on Netflix]

  • *People are disrespecting the requests of the Standing Rock water protectors by refusing to help with chores around the camp, refusing to clean up after themselves, coming to the camp dressed up in stereotypical Native attire, taking photographs in areas that are off limits, and disrespecting the ceremonies, culture, and land, bringing drugs. So much so that the Standing Rock water protectors have released statements on the matter and listed guidelines on their websites on how to be respectful ON THEIR FUCKING LAND and quit treating it like Coachella Music Festival.*
  • Some asshole: Okay but at least they are there! Who cares what they're doing on the land as long as they are there showing solidarity! Let them get high and dress up, it's not that big of a deal.
  • Me: Shut up.

On May 20, about 100 stock analysts gathered in the ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to hear good news from top executives at Johnson & Johnson: The company had 10 new drugs in the pipeline that might achieve more than a billion dollars in annual sales.

For 129 years, New Brunswick has served as the headquarters of J&J, America’s seventh most valuable public company. With consumer products from Band-Aids to baby powder, Neutrogena to Rogaine, Listerine to Visine, Aveeno to Tylenol and Sudafed to Splenda, Johnson & Johnson is the biggest and, according to multiple surveys, most admired corporation in the world’s most prosperous industry—healthcare.

But the real money—about 80 percent of its revenue and 91 percent of its profit—comes not from those consumer favorites, but from Johnson & Johnson’s high-margin medical devices: artificial hips and knees, heart stents, surgical tools and monitoring devices; and from still higher-margin prescription drugs targeting Crohn’s disease (Remicade), cancer (Zytiga, Velcade), schizophrenia (Risperdal), diabetes (Invokana), psoriasis (Stelara), migraines (Topamax), heart disease (Xarelto) and attention deficit disorder (Concerta).

For more on the horrible side-effects from Johnson & Johnson’s drugs including a boy with 46DD breasts read on here.