drug of a nation

What will actually reduce drug use and deaths caused by drug use:

  • accurate information about drugs and addiction
  • information on harm reduction
  • focus on solving the problems that lead people to turn to drugs

What will actually contribute to the problem:

  • fear-mongering
  • innaccurate info on drugs and drug use
  • demonizing addicts
  • making it near-impossible for addicts to get jobs and change their situation
  • treating drugs as some forbidden fruit, essentially romanticizing them
  • isolating addicts from the rest of society- singling addicts out as if we’re the problem and deserve to be shunned (looking at you @knowtherealcost
Fuck the pain away.
I mean fuck it, drink it, shoot it, smoke it, snort it, cut it, binge it, purge it all the fuck away.
Get high.
It’s what we do.
—  Nic Sheff, We All Fall Down: Living With Addiction

don’t you ever fucking dare look down on me for being an addict. i didn’t choose to get addicted, i chose to get high. stop acting like you’re so fucking high and mighty because i do drugs and you don’t. i did what i had to fucking do. i had no one. drugs were the only thing in my life that remained constant. so fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you.