• *People are disrespecting the requests of the Standing Rock water protectors by refusing to help with chores around the camp, refusing to clean up after themselves, coming to the camp dressed up in stereotypical Native attire, taking photographs in areas that are off limits, and disrespecting the ceremonies, culture, and land, bringing drugs. So much so that the Standing Rock water protectors have released statements on the matter and listed guidelines on their websites on how to be respectful ON THEIR FUCKING LAND and quit treating it like Coachella Music Festival.*
  • Some asshole: Okay but at least they are there! Who cares what they're doing on the land as long as they are there showing solidarity! Let them get high and dress up, it's not that big of a deal.
  • Me: Shut up.
Promise Me, guys

That y’all aren’t going to drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or while so tired you can’t safely operate a vehicle.

So many people die on New Years and New Years Eve because they think they’re ok to drive, or are so sure they’re awake enough that their reaction times are ok, and they wreck their vehicle. 
They get hurt, they hurt others, people turn celebration into funeral arrangements or a day to figure out how to pay for a hospital bill.

I know 2016 has been one motherfucker of a year, just make sure ending it doesn’t end you.

If you drink at a friend’s house, or at a party, go to a bar– what have you– arrange an uber, tell a designated driver to cut your ass off no matter what you do, so on. Hell, if you’re at a friend or family member’s house tell them you now own the couch or a section of the floor till the later AM. 
If you do some drugs, same thing. If some shit goes down and you feel a bit too fucked up to be at someone’s house, get the person who should have been staying sober in case of emergency to take your ass home. Don’t drink and do drugs because if you mix uppers and downers that’s how you fuck yourself up and end up in an ambulance. Alcohol and downers like pot will also fuck you up, don’t do it.
And drugs that fuck up your reaction times in general– do not drive while you’re under the influence of them.

If you know for damn sure you cannot get a ride, will not be able to sleep where you are, and know shit’s going to happen– please, please remember that if you get behind the wheel, you will endanger everyone if you drive under the influence. 
If you get in your car, get in the back seat and sleep there, put blankets and pillows in there or something so you have a New Years camp out. 
Go get breakfast. 

Just for the sake of yourself and others– do not drive while impaired!

Any weed masters here know if a bong with two mouthpieces would still be functional/effective as a regular bong? I’m working on some headcanons about big, stinky wizard rips and I don’t know enough to just spout out these powerful ideas like gospel


I have a love for meth that no one can understand.
And nothing in this world can make me feel the way she can.
Since the first time I met her I knew she was the one.
Never questioning or judging me despite the things I’ve done.
No matter what I’m going through, I know she’s always there.
Like two peas in a pod, I think we make the perfect pair.
When I’m with her, I’m invincible, having not the slightest fear.
She fills my head with lies, so my problems seem to disappear.
And sometimes she leaves me lonely, so much I’ve wished for death.
And fills me with diabolical voices who scream madness in my head.
But like I said before and repeat but once again,
No one understands unless they’ve been through where I’ve been.
On the brink of insanity filled with anger, rage, and hate.
On the path of a dead man or another prison inmate.
But be that as it may, either prison life or death,
Nothing will ever break this bond of love for my darling Crystal Meth.
And as she slowly takes my life I bid farewell goodbye.
But you can bet your bottom dollar on my deathbed I’ll be high.