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One Direction (and Larry) happenings from February - May 2015

> Louis and Harry having a “toilet break” TWICE on stage

> ‘Always in my heart’ reaches one million

> Harold

> Louis became an egg

> Niall and Melissa rumors

> “I’m gay it’s pretty unfortunate”

> ”Loueh” “Oii Oii”

> Zayn cheating Rumors

> Zayn takes a “break” from the tour

> Elounor break up

> Louis “cheating” pictures released

> Zayn officially leaving One Direction 

> Louis’ twitter argument with Naughty Boy

> “I like vegetables” “Broccoli”

> Football with a towel (Louis and Harry) on stage

> “I think HIS is a better word”

> Louis helping Harry with his solo

> Larry Coca Cola AD

> One Direction leaving Modest! drama

> One Direction official twitter unfollowing Modest!

> The Sony leak

> Louis being more active on social media

> Zayn shaved his hair

> Zayn going to the Asian Awards and taking pictures with fans

> Louis posting in B&W on Instagram

> Louis clubbing

> Niall, Liam and Louis at the Gatsby Ball

> Louis gets his own record label

> Louis drugs scandal

> Louis and Liam fly to LA

> Louis and Harry supposedly out in LA together

> Naughty Boy and Louis twitter argument over a MacBook filter

> Zayns’ tweet to Louis

> #OhNoNiall

> News of one direction presenting on the Billboard Music Awards


> The Late Late show with James Corden

> Billboard pictures of Harry and Louis sat together for the show

> Harry and Louis NOT sat together

> #OhNoLiam

> Other Coca Cola ADs with all of the boys (except Larry)

> Louis pictured with Taylor

> #AlwaysInMyHeartLarry

> Niall and Jade rumors

> Britain’s Got Talent with Niall and Louis

> Harry supposedly bought Louis a t-shirt

> Louis and Lauren spotted together

> Zerrie break up rumors

> Rumors of Zayn returning to the band

> #OhNoLouis

And that’s it so far. Add on things I missed or send me an ask so that I can include them in the correct order. This just proves how much the One Direction Fandom go through…

It’s not the salt shakers on our tables that explain why Americans consume way too much sodium. It’s the processed foods we buy in grocery stores.

A new analysis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that 70 percent of the pizzas, pastas and meat dishes (think frozen entrees) we purchase in chain grocery stores exceed the Food and Drug Administration’s “healthy” labeling standards for salt. Americans also get a lot of sodium from soups, cold cuts and bread.

So, who’s getting the most salt from packaged foods?

Researchers had a hunch that shoppers in Southern states might be filling their carts with more salty foods. Their reasoning? The prevalence of high-blood pressure (aka hypertension) — which is linked to sodium consumption — is higher in the South. (And, hey, the South has a reputation for foods like fried chicken and salty biscuits.)

Sodium Sleuths: Do Southerners Eat More Salt Than The Rest Of Us?

Photos: iStockphoto; Deborah Austin/Flickr; Beckman’s Bakery/Flickr; iStockphoto; The Pizza Review/Flickr

Why America incarcerates people, in one chart

I always cringe when I hear people claim that most inmates are in prison for drug offenses. Completely not true. If we are looking at state prisons, which is were most people are incarcerated and reform is more necessary, violent offenders make up almost 54% of the inmate population. That means if we wanted to reduce our state prison population by 50% (which you will hear candidates say), we would need to release all drug, public order, and property offenders and we would still come up short. Offenders usually have more than 1 previous arrest for a crime, so labeling people “drug offenders” distorts their previous criminal history. 

It is very true that the number of drug offenders has increased dramatically since the 1970s, but it is nowhere near the truth that most people in prison are nonviolent drug offenders.