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show: hey pay attention here while creepy nurses bring in IV bags full of this new memory-erasing drug

show (a little later): and now wiggins is going to literally point out the special drugs he’s been mixing up for sherlock in an IV bag

show: but, uh…

show: don’t worry about that second one, it’s probably nothing

Review of Watch Dogs 2

I really really love Josh Sauchak as autistic representation in Watch Dogs 2! However, I do have a few minor criticisms as well. There is also a minor character that is a black trans woman in the game, which is portrayed respectfully, but she is voiced by a cis man. 

While Jonathan Dubsky (the actor who plays Josh) is not autistic, the actor read an autobiography of an autistic man who did not realize he was autistic until later in life. He chose to listen to autistic voices rather than allistic “professionals” when preparing for his role.

When I actually met Jonathan Dubsky at a convention, he told me that this role was really important to him and that he took it very seriously. He even worked with the writers to change things they originally wrote, which he believed Josh wouldn’t do. Possibly because it was either inaccurate to the character’s motivations, or stereotypical and ableist.


Josh Sauchak is an adult with Aspergers who is part of the hacker group DedSec. Josh is seen as a very important member of the team. I personally find him relatable, however, there were two cutscenes in particular in which I started seeing him as a bit stereotypical, which I will explain later in the review. The game uses functioning labels a few times, but Josh mostly refers to his own autism as Aspergers. His autism is mentioned three times: once during an audio diary about him, once during a cutscene, and once in the DLC.

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Blacks often get labeled as drug dealers since they make up majority of the prison population. People often tell blacks that they’d stop getting incarcerated if they’d stop selling drugs. Research shows that more whites sell illegal drugs than blacks, yet, blacks are arrested more often. That’s something many blacks should bring up.

Another thing to remember is that blacks aren’t the real drug dealers. Illegal drugs arrived in the black communities through President Reagan and the CIA to fund the war in Nicaragua. It was also to end activity by the Black Panther Party. How ridiculous is a president selling a dangerous drug to his country to battle another country? When people say blacks are true drug dealers, remind them of Reagan and the CIA. Think of the amount of drugs it takes to fund a war.

Let's Talk About COX

Everyone has some kind of NSAID in their medicine cabinet whether it be Advil, Aleve, or Aspirin. These drugs are so common that they are often not even considered drugs and so people freely take more than they should or give them to their pets. Understanding how these drugs work not only helps explain why the directions for using them are so specific, but also shows how really amazing it is that we even have them. So, let’s get to the real reason you are here- COX.

Animal and human cells are sort of like water balloons. The “balloon” part of the cell is the membrane which is made up of lipid molecules. The water is actually still water but also filled with lots of different organelles, proteins, enzymes, and other things that make the cell work. Located within the cell membrane is a special lipid called arachidonic acid (AA). Usually AA just hangs out in the membrane not doing a whole lot. It takes an enzyme called phospholipase A2 (PLA2) to free the AA from the cell and let it get to work.
PLA2 is itself “turned on” by other enzymes but to make it simple, it is activated when there is an injury of some kind. It breaks the AA free of the cell membrane so that it can then be turned into other useful molecules.

Usually AA can be turned into three different types of molecules: prostanoids, leukotrienes, and epoxides. We are only going to worry about prostanoids today.
Prostanoids are a group of molecules that do lots of different things in the body including create inflammation, dilate blood vessels, activate platelets, de-activate platelets, protect the GI tract, make sure the kidneys have enough blood flow, and other important for living type things.

Here is where the COX comes in. COX-1 and COX-2 are enzymes that convert arachidonic acid into usable molecules. In very general terms COX-1 is responsible for making housekeeping type molecules, the ones that protect the gut and keep the kidneys working. COX-2 is the enzyme that makes the inflammatory molecules. In reality it isn’t that simple and box COX enzymes overlap in function but we are keeping it simple.
COX converts AA into PGH2 which is then further into five different prostanoids, Thromboxane, PGD2, PGI3, PGF2, and PGE2. The prostanoid we care about right now is prostaglandin E2 (PGE2). PGE2 is an inflammatory mediator and is responsible for the classic signs of inflammation: redness, swelling, pain, and warmth or if you wanna impress your friends using Latin: rubor, tumor, dolor, and calor.

PGE2 has four different receptors that it can bind to, each one doing something a bit different. EP4 is the receptor responsible for causing pain and inflammation.

*Head explosion* I know, it is a lot. Let’s summarize. Injury causes PLA2 to free arachidonic acid from the cell membrane. COX-1 and 2 convert AA into PGH2. PGH2 turns into PGE2. PGE2 binds to receptors on cells which then cause inflammation and pain.

Now we can discuss medications. Corticosteroids like prednisone work by blocking PLA2 way at the beginning of the pathway. This means everything downstream is stopped. There is no production of prostanoids, leukotrienes, or epoxides. Steroids are like bringing a bazooka to a knife fight, they work but there is a lot of collateral damage. We cannot use steroids for very long because of the severe side effects they cause.

NSAID’s are COX blockers. Some block both COX-1 and 2, others are more selective and mostly block COX-2. This prevents formation of PGH2 which prevents all of the prostanoids down stream from being formed. Celebrex was a popular human NAID that preferentially blocked COX-2 which sounded great. However it prevented the formation of PGI2 which was a vasodilator and anti-thrombotic, this caused many people to die of heart attacks. This doesn’t seem to be an issue in pets but blocking COX does lead to GI ulceration and renal damage in some animals. Aspirin irreversibly binds to platelets and prevents clotting which can be a problem in humans and animals in addition to causing GI ulcers.

A fairly new class of drugs called Piprants has been developed and they specifically target one of the receptors that PGE2 binds to. This leaves all of the other molecules available to do their jobs and only prevents pain and inflammation. This means the drug is safe for dogs with liver or kidney disease and shouldn’t have any GI side effects. Hopefully something similar for humans is produced as well.

So that in a very complex nutshell is how NSAID’s work and hopefully now you have a greater understanding of just how important it really is to follow all drug labels. And you now you can tell all your friends about your COX.

*Disclaimer- NEVER give OTC pain meds to your pets. Many are toxic to them and the safe ones require different doses than what humans take. Always consult with your vet first.

Opioid crisis and pain patients

The nation’s struggle to get the opioid addition crisis under control has backed many of us pain patients into a corner.  What does the opioid addiction crisis mean for pain patients?  Pain patients are forced to live in increased pain because doctors have cut the amount they prescribe in half.   Many have been dropped altogether because out of necessity they have taken more medication than their doctors have allowed, and even those who take their medications as directed are treated like drug addicts by doctors and pharmacists.  Now CVS has taken it upon themselves to limit a pain patients narcotics to a seven day allowance.  

What has not been addressed in the nation’s attempt to corral opioid addition and overdoes is the alarming number of suicides by pain patients who slip into severe depression because they cannot live with increased pain and the stigma of being labeled a drug addict. 

Leaving this up to the states is no solution.  While a pain patient in Colorado is getting by with 120 mg of opioids a day, Indiana forces patients to get by on 60 mg.  And with regard to the CDC guidelines, many doctors are misreading the guidelines altogether and taking patients that are stable on higher doses of opioids and tapering them down or taking them off opioids altogether, even though this was not the intent of the guidelines.  These new laws have left pain patients in a state of constant fear, will this be the day the government cuts us off, or makes the small quality of life we glean from opioids even smaller.

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Kather looks up from his recipe at Steel’s outburst and then back to the chocolate, mini marshmallows, sugar and other ingredients for hot chocolate cookies before him. He was using Steel’s kitchen for the day and to show his gratitude he thought he’d make everyone in the house a snack. He’d read about this recipe in a book and figured now would be the perfect time too try it. The slightly chilly air and the changing leaves outside seemed to set the perfect mood for this snack too. There’s a moment of pause as Kather thinks before he speaks
“Let’s save that for after I make these cookies okay? I don’t think trying a new recipe while high is a very good idea. Until then do you want too help me bake? You can have the first cookie.” Though everyone knew Steel would get the first cookie no matter if he helped or not.

 There comes a time in a man’s life when they have to make a choice. And that choice is between doing what’s right by any means or doing nothing at all.

 Now, Steel knows very well that no matter how hard they insist that those cookies should have grass sprinkles, they can’t win a fight against Kat. For one, because Kat is very cute and has that one disappointed face that makes their heart shatter and he shards penetrate their stomach. For another, because they fear his all-mighty ‘please Steel?’ in that soft and tender voice that could give Narcissus’ feels! -Steel is convinced it could, even though Narcissus has never confirmed that himself.

 Either way, they know they’re at an obvious disadvantage, but this time they’ve come armed with the ultimate tactic to succeed; he’s going to sneak up behind Kat, wrap an arm around them and pull them against him.

“Man, guess y’r right. But, y’know what, it’s gettin’ kinda chilly here, right? Maybe y’should go get yourself one of my jackets. Choose any one ya like.”

 Perfect bait. They just had to be patient and plant a few kisses to his cheek to distract him. And when he left….

…that fine ass purple haze was waiting in their pocket.

The acceptance that there’s room for you in this world, there’s room as a human being, in the state that you are in now. Because this need to fix people all the time, and that’s why I’m kind of rejecting a bit when it comes to treatment, because this need to fix someone, because then it needs to be defined, what is it that needs to be fixed, how quickly should it happen. And what I didn’t get and what I really think would have helped me to get was to get the acceptance that with these feelings, you are still a full human being, and there is room for you.
—  Metta Ellingsdalen, Leaving Psychiatric Labels and Drugs

anonymous asked:

Quick question about your "curse on white pride" post; whats so wrong about being white and being proud of your heritage? Veneration of ancestors is a huge part of heathenry, so why attack someone because they have white ancestors and aren't ashamed?

okay. fine. i’ll explain it publicly, and hopefully no one will ask me again; a quick note to everyone though - this is the only post where i will discuss/explain this. If you want to have a conversation with me about it, or you just want to bitch and moan about what i say then you’ll have to send an ask OFF of anon, or use the PM system so we can talk (or trade insults, whatever) privately.

I am sourcing my information from here

“Contemporary scholars agree that “race” was a recent invention and that it was essentially a folk idea, not a product of scientific research and discovery. This is not new to anthropologists. Since the 1940s when Ashley Montagu argued against the use of the term “race” in science, a growing number of scholars in many disciplines have declared that the real meaning of race in American society has to do with social realities, quite distinct from physical variations in the human species. I argue that race was institutionalized beginning in the 18th century as a worldview, a set of culturally created attitudes and beliefs about human group differences

read that carefully, and consider the implications. That the entire concept of “race” that we are so familiar with is nothing more than a social construct; made and maintained entirely by our imaginations, and certain peoples’ (read: white peoples’) comfort with the groupings that it places them in.

Now i’ll give you one guess who came up with this asinine fever-dream; if you guessed anyone other than those responsible for the British/American slave-trade then no prize for you.

“Race and its ideology about human differences arose out of the context of African slavery.“
“When some Englishmen entered slave trading directly, it became clear that many of the English public had misgivings about slave-trading and re-creating slavery on English soil. It was an era when the ideals of equality, justice, democracy, and human rights were becoming dominant features of Western political philosophy.”

Now because of all those pesky citizens standing in the way of the ever so wonderful capitalist ideal of the “free market” something had to be done to calm their protest. Was the solution outlawing slavery, and giving honest pay for honest work?? You bet your ass it wasn’t!
Instead, those wily slavers and politicians began a long campaign to besmirch the image of “The African” (this would not only justify the enslavement of Africans in the public eye, but would also pacify newly-freed “white” slaves who were demanding a place in society with land to go with it by placing them above someone else in the social hierarchy which, up to that point, had been based entirely on Classism.)
The first shot fired was that Africans were, after all, just heathens and so it was the European moral duty as Christians to save their souls (by enslaving them, and putting them to work in “the service of god”, of course!)

“The major catalyst for this transformation was the rise of a powerful antislavery movement that expanded and strengthened during the Revolutionary Era both in Europe and in the United States. As a consequence proslavery forces found it necessary to develop new arguments for defending the institution. Focusing on physical differences, they turned to the notion of the natural inferiority of Africans and thus their God-given suitability for slavery.”
“By focusing on the physical and status differences between the conquered and enslaved peoples, and Europeans, the emerging ideology linked the socio-political status and physical traits together and created a new form of social identity. Proslavery leaders among the colonists formulated a new ideology that merged all Europeans together, rich and poor, and fashioned a social system of ranked physically distinct groups.“

“Thus was created the only slave system in the world that became exclusively “racial.” By limiting perpetual servitude to Africans and their descendants, colonists were proclaiming that blacks would forever be at the bottom of the social hierarchy.”

“From its inception separateness and inequality was what “race” was all about. The attributes of inferior race status came to be applied to free blacks as well as slaves. In this way, “race” was configured as an autonomous new mechanism of social differentiation that transcended the slave condition and persisted as a form of social identity long after slavery ended.”

I don’t think i have to quote anymore from that page (although i HEAVILY suggest you read through it yourselves - it’s not excessively long it’ll take you 5-10 mins, tops), i believe my point should be pretty obvious by now;

Racism was created as a new form of Classism (that’s right; an entire social structure - all encompassing; government, work, education, socialising. And that’s what it STILL is, today.) wherein “White” was the new “Upper-Class” and “Black” was the new “Lower-Class” and to be proud of being “White” is no more than saying “I’m proud that I am socially considered better than Black people, Latinxs, etc.”.

”But Merlin!” I hear a white person protest from the ether “White people can be low-income earners/lower class too! And POC can be High-income earners/Upper-class, after all, we just had a Black president!” To which I respond, READ THE FUCKING PAGE! But then calm down and explain that while this white person is technically correct they’re forgetting that it’s not so much about where individual POC and White people are positioned economically - it’s where they’re positioned in the public mindset.
An excellent example of this is the media; when a white person goes and shoots up a school, a church, etc. the media will show pictures of said white person smiling with friends or in a graduation outfit, or some other positive image and have descriptions of them as “nice, quiet, friendly, etc. etc.” and the reasons behind their actions are given as some form of mental issue.
But when it’s a POC not even having been found guilty of committing a crime, but having been shot by a cop and accused of committing a crime the pictures are of the POC in a hood, maybe throwing hand-signs, most likely with a serious face (interpreted as “intimidating” or “menacing”), along with accusations of drug use/possession, and labels of “thug” etc.

and if you aren’t willing to acknowledge that there’s an issue, and confront it - you ARE part of the problem.

TL:DR - don’t be proud of being white - the history of whiteness from it’s beginning to now is all bad, and all shameful. If you wanna be proud of your ancestry be proud of your ancestors; Be proud that you’re German, or Italian, or French, or whatever else. But none of those things equal being white, and you shouldn’t cling to a concept that says you are more important than everyone with a different skin-colour than you.

(disclaimer: this is my view alone (as a bi-ethnic German/Jew), and should never be used to invalidate or speak over POC and their opinions)

Changed: Part 10

Part 10: Seen

Summary: A/U in which the Reader is married to and has a child with Soldier!Steve.

Pairings/Characters: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader, Bucky x Natasha, Sam x Natasha, Peggy, OC Daughter – Emma

Warnings: Angst. Funerals. Death. Language. General Sadness. Smut. Panic attack. IDFK READER BEWARE.

A/N: Ok. Another short chapter. Hang in there. It’s about to go down, okay?BTW. THIS IS UNBETA’D and NOWHERE NEAR WHERE I WANTED IT TO BE SO BE GENTLE. 

Sitting alone on the couch, a dull ache washing over your heart.

What was that? Was Bucky cheating on you? Did Bucky fuck the babysitter? No. It couldn’t be. Could it? He’s the perfect man; loyal, intelligent, jaw dropping. Let it go.

Tapping your foot against the hardwood, your mind races, visualizing the worst possible scenarios.

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People with disabilities can achieve anything that nondisabled people can. We can be the president, lead industry, teach, engineer, paint, write — these are things we have done already. I firmly believe seeing and engaging with disabled people helps combat internalized stigma.”

- Rebecca Cokley is the Executive Director of the National Council on Disability and a champion of disability and human rights.

Check out the in-depth Q&A with Rebecca below!

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