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Diabolik Seven Deadly Sins AU

While watching Sin: Nanatsu No Taizai, a thought few past my head: What if the Sakamaki boys were demon lords? Well, here you go! ;) (I may have stole a few ideas from the SDS vocaloid series…)

Shu - Sloth

- Most of his followers were victims of abuse, bullying, stressed or lost a very dear loved one and have fallen into a deep depression

- When collecting followers, he will go the human’s dream to reach out to these people and offer them a ‘haven’ where everyone is ‘happy’ and they don’t need to do any sort of work

- He doesn’t even bother to collect followers from the human world because they usually come to him

- He will make his followers fall into a deep slumber and send them into his ‘haven’ until they wake up

- Once his followers die, like all the other sins, would be sent to the Inferno in hell where they shall pay for their sins. His followers would be punished by wandering in a never ending maze full of highly concentrated sulfuric acid which is extremely painful to the skin

- His special item, an item signature to the sin and the demon lord, is a clockworker’s doll

- After signing a contract, the person will be given a weaker duplicate of the doll and will be able to make others go to sleep, suddenly make them fall into deep depression which if too serious, will make them commit suicide and even brainwash people if they have the doll in their possession

Reiji - Envy

- His followers are usually deprived from love and are highly envious of others. They crave to be better than others and get frustrated when they are not. They also have a craving to get something someone has but they don’t

- Like all the other sins, he would reach out and gain followers though dreams. He visit dreams of people having a highly unhealthy amount of envy

- Due to his cautious nature, he won’t approach the envious if he sees one in the human world unless they come to him

- After being sent to the Inferno, his followers would be punished by having their never satisfied and jealous eyes painfully and brutally clawed out by a winged beast. They could never ever see what others had because they could never appreciate what they always had

- His signature item is a pair of poison-tipped scissors

- After signing a contract, the person will be given a duplicate of the poison-tipped scissors, just not as powerful, which will be used to kill any person they’re envious of and they will even get away with it

Ayato - Pride

- As the demon lord of the original and most deadly of the seven sins, he is the leader of the seven deadly sins

- He actively looks for followers to keep his throne

- Those prideful are consumed with vanity and need to be beautiful in all circumstances and must be accepted by other people. They also have a high sense of self importance and have to be important and greater than others

- Potential followers would always try to search for him in order to get the appreciation and respect they think they deserve

- His followers would be showered in painful acidic rain in the ‘inferno’. The demon lord would watch and laugh at his followers as they screamed and begged for forgiveness as they paid for their sins

-Once he gets enough power, he plans to go to heaven and eliminate the Seven Heavenly Virtues and God sending him to hell and making him a demon

- His special item is a mirror

- After signing a contract and receiving a duplicate of the mirror, the person will be able to make people love them or fear them, just by making them look in the mirror. When looking in the mirror, they will be able to talk to the demon lord if he is available

Kanato - Gluttony

- He would make regular visits to the human world to gain followers

- His followers are not all gluttonous for food, there are also compulsive gamblers, alcoholics, people addicted to gaming or drugs. A craving and uncontrollable urge turned into a serious gluttonous addiction

- Instead of reasoning, he would force the gluttonous to join him. They don’t have a choice anyway because they need it

- In the Inferno, his followers would have their bodies decapitated and eaten by a beast before being resembled again as the cycle and pain continues for all eternity

- His special item is a silver plate

- After signing a contract and receiving a duplicate of the plate, the person will get whatever they desire appear on the plate

Laito - Lust

- He would often visit the human world to get followers

- His followers are consumed by lust and sexual desires. It would be no surprise if his followers have raped someone before

- He easily gets followers because they have an insatiable need for sex

- His followers will be punished by being forced to walk through an endless ring of fire that will constantly burn

- His special item is an aphrodisiac

- Once someone has made a contract with him an received the aphrodisiac, they will have their desired body and face and any man or woman they desire will lust for him or her once they drink it

Subaru - Wrath

- He doesn’t collect followers and just waits for anyone to feel any sort of anger and feel the thirst for revenge

- His followers mostly contains of murderers or people who constantly hurt themselves due to hatred. They often create genocides and try to kill the government if they think that they are unjust

- The punishment for the wrathful will be to be encased in an ice capsule and will be distorted in all conceivable positions. The demon lord will sometimes past by the inferno and watch his followers suffer for their sins, laughing at how pathetic humans are

- His special item is his silver knife

- After forging a contract with him, the person will have incredible strength and can kill anyone easily as long as they use the duplicate knife

Kino - Greed

- He collects followers by making them see him in his lair in the human world when they want to make a contract with him or join him

- His followers are greedy for material wealth and tend to be wealthy business men, thieves and robbers that are willing to do anything for money, even if it is to deceive, manipulate or even if they have to resort to violence

- The punishment for his followers is that they will have to swim in a huge never-ending tidal wave except instead of water, the ocean is boiling hot gold

- His special item is a gold brick

- After forging a contract with him, the person will be able to get money easily by manipulating, robbing, killing, kidnapping, and any other means

Once again, I was inspired by the vocaloid Seven Deadly Sin series and the anime series, Sin: Nanatsu No Taizai. It is a highly sexual Yuri anime but I do recommend you check it out because under all the fanservice, you do have some pretty decent plot. Also definitely check out the vocaloid series becase damn.

It’s way more interesting than it seems I’m just bad at explaining ;-;

Please send asks because I’m really excited to do this